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  1. Warhippy saw this coming and people were giving him s*** right until the day before this stuff leaked out lmao
  2. Agreed then. We share common ground here. Because you don't have proof. The only thing you can cite is something imagined by a poster on CDC. He did and they finally did send him down. The coach doesn't owe a guy with a "last on, first off" mentality a "chance" to play 18 minutes a night. I blame this on management for gifting him a spot 2 years in a row. Heck, they send him down the AHL and announce to the world it's only 2 games. Then they made some poor chap change his number just so Jake can keep his in the AHL for those 2 freaking games. What kind of message does that send? What has Jake done to earn this privilege other than riding a sky high shooting percentage in juniors 3 years ago off into the sunset. It's not about the overall effectiveness, it's about if the player is trying enough. Jake's work ethic isn't good enough for this league. Not only has he struggled with his conditioning, many have already reported how he barely makes it to practice on time and is one of the first to get off. If his work ethic was like Hansen's, I wouldn't be complaining. I'd be screaming at the coach to play him more. All I'm saying is look at other young players comparable of his age and see what kind of work they put in to get in here. Then look at Jake. It's pretty clear which kinds of players were gifted an NHL roster spot and which ones weren't. The ones that made it out of merit are either all producing (Laine, Matthews, Werenski, Nylander, etc) or are providing enough effort in other aspects of the game that makes them worth keeping around (Tkachuk, Forsling, Tryamkin, etc). Jake doesn't do this. Even a guy like Gaunce who has flat-lined at this level provides something in the sense that he can play center and can win over 50% of his draws. Overall this isn't a chicken or the egg dichotomy. It's pretty damn simple. Jake needs to go to the AHL because (1) he isn't ready for the NHL, (2) he needs to work on stuff like positioning, effort level and cycling, and (3) he needs to build up his confidence. He won't fix these at the NHL level and he won't receive that kind of coaching at the NHL level either. The NHL is a results based league and Jake doesn't get results in any aspect of the game (even his physicality has disappeared). The AHL is a developmental league and as a player who needs development that is exactly where he needs to be.
  3. You make it sound like the 5thline just sits on his computer all day and spams JV's twitter and instagram with hate messages. He is a god damn adult in a professional sports league. The problem isn't patience, it's the fact he flat out does not belong in this league and if he weren't a 20 year old 6th overall pick you would not praise him any more than a plug like Skille. People recognize this and is why they are saying to send him down and keep him there. Prove it. This myth was drummed up by rabid supporters on CDC who wanna pretend this is the same thing as Draisaitl and Prince Albert or the gongshow going on in Flint. It's fundamentally not true. Why didn't Philly demand Sanheim be moved? Why is Carolina not doing the same in the interest of their prized prospect Jake Bean? This team was a playoff team last year WITHOUT JV and had no problem developing those guys + others in the past like Victor Rask (also Carolina) and Martin Jones (SJ). It isn't the coach's job to reward a player playing no better than a plug who has a "last on, first off" mentality. Tryamkin sat in the pressbox for a month, worked his ass off in practice and got back in shape. He's now a regular. Jake goes to the media and whines about how he doesn't get to ride shotgun with Bo and Sven. Healthy scratch and AHL demotion. Jake's play in the defensive zone is Timbits hockey. The try isn't really there. It wasn't about Nylander and Marner being 2-way players or their overall effectiveness in their own zone, it's the fact even players like them put in more effort than Jake does overall. Funny how you don't talk about Tkachuk and Bennett. This kid's intensity isn't anywhere near theirs. It's why the coach makes him ride the pine and it's not because he can't score.
  4. I remember taunting someone saying they'd look like Karl Rove in 2012 once the election was over. I deserve a giant slice of humble pie.
  5. He's an adult in a professional sports league, not your child in kindergarten and it's not like he's sifting through CDC getting the feels reading through this thread. He was gifted a spot last year despite being outplayed by numerous players. He didn't do a good job justifying it other than a span of 3 weeks when it was garbage time. He played an average camp this year and still made the team despite having no more NHL/CHL dilemma. Just because Benning shoved a kid who's not NHL ready down WD's throat doesn't mean WD has to make Benning look good by playing him a lot. He's painfully not NHL ready and the funny thing is that it's not his hockey IQ or defensive play that's the root cause of the problem, it's his surprising lack of intensity. He plays the game with a 6/10 intensity. The funny thing is everyone calls guys like Nylander or Marner girls and suggest they aren't any good because they think those players are above putting in the work because they'll chip a nail while not realizing JV puts in even less in both ends of the ice. You know why Tkachuk and Bennett are such good players. Those kids put in the work. Both are incredibly talented, but their motor is top notch and they play with the same kind of intensity grinders like Burrows and Hansen do. It's why they're gonna be successful in this league even if they don't end up reaching their full potentials.
  6. He is not a 2-way player like those guys and this isn't a developmental league. If he honestly can't score better than he is now in the AHL then stick a fork in him.
  7. He should be put at LW and go down to Utica once Rodin is healthy.
  8. He was. People were saying if he was eligible for the 2015 draft there would be consideration of him being taken over Eichel.
  9. Trump insults Cruz's wife, insinuates that Cruz's father had something to do with the Kennedy assassination, plants a story in the National Enquirer about Cruz allegedly having 5 affairs and we're supposed to be surprised he didn't endorse him? What kind of disloyal p***y would he have to be to sell himself, his wife and his father out?
  10. I was speaking in general as you were referring originally to a post made by Gooseberries.
  11. An older player on an even more spectacularly stacked team with OHL prodigy John Tavares, Kadri and Del Zotto. What D partner did Juolevi play that even closely compares to Del Zotto. London had 1 godsend line on the team Juolevi played on while Carlson had 2 lines to work with along with a very capable threat on the blueline who could carry the offense in Del Zotto. That year was an exception, not the rule. If anything, that proves my point shows Juolevi has even more to show in his draft +1 year just as Carlson did. When they had Schremp, Bolland, Hunter and Kostitsyn in 2006 their highest scoring D had 14 points When they had Gagner, Kostitsyn and Patrick freaking Kane in 2007 their highest scoring D had 24 points. The 2005 Memorial Cup winning team had a 19 year old and a 20 year old paired together putting up points. A team stacked with talent including Cory Perry, Hunter, Schemp, Bolland, Prust, Methot and Girardi. The 2016 London Knights barely qualify to shine that team's shoes. As demonstrated, just because you have good forwards doesn't equal defensemen loading up on points in London. The players who did were all at least a year older and/or were on more deeper teams and none of the London D that DID put up points were draft eligible 17 year old imports like Juolevi. Juolevi played on a very good team, but it wasn't as deep as the 2005 and 2010 London teams. He didn't he play with someone on the blue-line as good as some of those players had and it wasn't his role to purely produce offense like Jake Bean. He had to be used in every situation and thus his numbers are a bit more understated compared to other top ranked D. I agree with you that he's not a Karlsson or a future Lidstrom, but that doesn't mean his OHL number somehow signify that he doesn't have the chops to be a Suter or a T.J. Brodie (medium #1 or higher end #2).
  12. London D don't typically score much. Look at Zadorov and Matta in their draft years (had Horvat, Tierney, Griffith, Namestnikov and Domi in those years). Matta (32 points in draft year, highest scoring D on London that year) walked in a year after being drafted and was practically a 30 point defenseman in the NHL and Zadorov (25 in 60) is also a highly regarded prospect. A stats comparison like that is very superficial. OJ is tied for 2nd highest scoring D-man in 6 years for London and did it as a 17 year old import. The only guy who beat him was a 20 year old 4th year player in 2010. Looks just fine to me.
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