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  1. Great game, very entertaining solid show to come back in 3rd down 2 goals to get a point. no complaints
  2. Juho will be a fan favorite on this team 20 games into the season.
  3. Freaking rights Great deals Well done Jim Benning Both players should be commended. They could have held out longer but chose team first.
  4. Yes. Kovalchuk walked away when his big money was about to kick in at 10mill per season because he would take home around 4 mill out of the 10 mill. He went back to Russia and was taking home more while being in his home country close to family and friends.
  5. 9 mill minus 20 percent escrow leaves 7.2 mill. Minus 5 percent agent leaves around 6.85.. Half of that goes to taxes. 3.4 mill take home.
  6. EP for Eichel EP looks like he wants to pull a Marner id rather get a big body 1C on this team jack Eichel is a beast no one will ever pick him up with one hand and slam him
  7. Love the player. 3 yrs too long to bring down aav cap hit. Great cap hit but will need to be bought out with 2 or 3 yrs remaining.
  8. Offer EP for Eichel straight up 1 for 1. Benning should take it and run if he can get BUF to agree.
  9. Yes. After lengthy discussions canucks did not officially send offer because by then it was known Weber would not sign it.
  10. I remember it well. Weber was in talks with Canucks. He chose to sign Philly offersheet instead so there was no need to make it. Canucks wanted to. Had discussions with Weber. Obviously no need to send him offer when it was known he would not sign.
  11. Poolman might end up being the best signing of this year's ufa class.
  12. Canucks offer sheet to David Backes was matched by Blues. Blues then offer sheet Berniet after Canucks traded for his rights..canucks matched.. Tit for tat
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