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  1. Good on this Seattle feed for establishing up front that the Kraken line up tonight is basically NHL calibre and the Canucks is not. And that's due to us being a road team in our first pre-season game
  2. Confirming that Shaw Channel 355 is working as a free preview for me
  3. They have the same agent. The negotiations might as well be for both players simultaneously
  4. I don't know if you were aware but he already left Boston last year. He was a capital
  5. Friedman says cap may go up 1 million next year

    1. kanucks25


      6Y x 1M for Player Name

      LOL... I guess we can't say that name here anymore

    2. warrchief


      It seems unlikely though since the players owe a ton in escrow money. Would be nice though extra 1m will help getting Brock signed.

  6. Where's Wellwood


    Both Shapo and Felix were serving for a set in their respective grand slam semifinals only to get broken. Crushing. It took Raonic until his third GS semi to win one. Hopefully Shapo and Felix build on the momentum
  7. Where's Wellwood


    Raonic paved the way and made us believe. These guys have a higher ceiling than Raonic. A lower floor though, which is why shapo can't seem to rise higher than 10 (fails to take advantage of his seeding) and FAA has lost all 8 finals in his career. Consistency and winning even on their bad days will give them more opportunities to break through on their good days
  8. I would put Juolevi on waivers in a heart beat if we first claimed some other team's not injury prone, and preferably right-side equivalent to Juolevi
  9. Canadian Paralympic Committee releases 3D Printing files for 20 custom pieces to customize existing Lego figures to better represent individuals with disabilities and certain Paralympic sports


    1. JM_


      neat, thats great. 


      Do you have a 3d printer?

    2. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I don't. I wish Lego would get on board and just sell these (with partial (or all) proceeds going towards the Canadian Paralympic program).


      That paralympic website was careful to never use the word Lego 


  10. Ah, I only recall ever seeing PTO in the context of old washed up guys looking for a contract. Its good for job security that guys can have both. So if a PTO shows really good and is signed, then his AHL contract is voided?
  11. I hope Woo is good enough to outcompete guys like Bowey and Sautner for ice time
  12. I think AHL jerseys bought by fans don't have the ads but AHL jerseys have ads on them in game
  13. I don't mind the size of the patch. I'm concerned with how many different patches will be on the jersey. If it's just one or two patches on the shoulders or something, then fine. If it's 15 different patches scattered around the front and back of the jersey, then it'd be horrendous
  14. JFresh (a hockey analytics guy on twitter) is dead to me if he's so blinded by the numbers, he can't see that losing Rome hurt the Canucks in 2011



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    2. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      Rome hit was a momentum shift , losing him hurt because we were so depleted . But the real injuries that cost us were hammer, kesler. Both integral pieces .

    3. Pears


      @Silky mitts To this day I still argue Samuelsson was the biggest loss due to

      his experience in cup finals and winning one. 

    4. Silky mitts

      Silky mitts

      @Pears definitely sucked, we lost him so early too 

  15. That's so dumb. I can sort of understand reducing in door mask mandates and stuff like that, but not needing to quarantine if you actually have COVID? What's the point of testing if people testing positive don't have to behave any differently than people testing negative
  16. Imagine if after all that, the judges said "No, keep jumping"
  17. We all make jokes about Future Considerations often becoming almost nothing. On the flip side, does anyone know what the most value Future Considerations has ever become? Has Future Considerations ever turned out to be a 2nd round pick or something?
  18. The Avs have lost so much depth this off-season. I love it
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