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  1. Hughes was partnered with Tanev in his rookie season. He wasn't a shutdown D then. Hughes needs someone dependable behind him while he's wheeling
  2. DK signed a tryout contract with the KHL Dinamo Minsk. He scored a goal and an assist in his first pre-season game. As long as this is good for his development, I'm okay with it. Will be stiffer competition than the CHL or Belarus
  3. Anyone else really jealous of NJ for their Hughes bros and of CHI for their Jones and Dach bros?


    We need to sign Emil Pettersson

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    2. VforVasili


      Not as jealous as they were of us for the Sedin bros.

    3. 6of1_halfdozenofother


      Familial relations doesn't always translate to on-ice chemistry.  Unless they're twins - somehow twins are able to read each others' minds, it seems.  :ph34r:

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Quinn for Hischer and a 1st in 2022. 



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  4. There is a lot more than a half a million dollar difference between Hughes and Makar right now. I wouldn't give Hughes any more than 7.5 and that would be locking him up for 8 years. If it's shorter, the AAV drops for me
  5. I'm no longer ashamed that I only recognized Ovie and Malkin. Doesn't the guy straight behind Ovie look like MacKinnon?
  6. they legit almost forgot to announce the Canucks pick

    1. JM_


      they were really nice to us. I thought for sure they'd have a great burn of some kind set up. Maybe they believe in karma.



    2. NUCKER67


      With VAN being last, I thought it would be Holtby. 

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      They shoulda' sung it, like Nat King Kole...


      So forgettablllllle..that's what you are

      Van list not credibilllle..see nary a starrrr


      That's why Jimmmbo, it's incredible

      Your ED stash, so cap-inedible...

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  7. Hughes could only be offersheeted next year if he signs a 1 year contract this summer which won't happen
  8. The UFA more likely to leave his current team is Landeskog
  9. We basically did. We announced new staff for Abbortsford which include trainers and equipment managers.
  10. Where's Wellwood


    Not being able to serve out the first set was gutting and then failing to capitalize on early break points in sets 2 and 3 was a sign of where the match was going to go
  11. Where's Wellwood


    Not in the same year. Both Raonic and Pospisil have reached the QF before though
  12. Pietrangelo as an established top pairing D UFA only got 8.8 million (10.8% of the cap) in a flat cap world. Hughes as an RFA who can't be offersheeted, with defensive deficiencies, isn't going to get anything close to that
  13. &^@# these refs, man. Totally in Vegas' pockets

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      And yet they still couldn't beat a team that took fewer than 25 regulation shots.

    2. Dazzle


      The non-call on the trip was fine, upon closer review. But that crosscheck in the numbers on the board. That should've been called. 100 percent. EASY &^@#ING call. The hook afterward was also a penalty. So if you're gonna call legit penalties like the hook, then CALL THE CROSSCHECK. Right in the &^@#ing numbers.

    3. Coconuts


      &^@# Vegas 

  14. Do you mean Barzal, not Makar? Makar hasn't signed a new contract yet
  15. If the deal hinges on a guy being available at 33rd, how can we trade the 9th overall? We'd have picked at 9 already before knowing that he's still there at 33rd.
  16. I know he's not big (even though he's the biggest of the Hughes Brothers) but does he play soft? Gudbranson was big but didn't use his size. Romanov is smaller but he bodied Petriangelo
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