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  1. Does seattle have a coach yet? Gallant want attempt number 2 at an expansion franchise
  2. How will this affect the Tokyo 2020 olympics? If its still spreading. Zika situation in Rio all over again?
  3. You can't punish based on just the result. You've gotta punish the action.
  4. A conditioning loan is only 6 days? Seems like it should be based on number of games, considering the AHL schedule sometimes plays 3 in 3 nights and then not for a week.
  5. Kypreos is a tool. Just replace him with Bieksa full time already
  6. Where's Wellwood


    Anything is Pospisil! After reaching the final of Montpellier last week beating world number 10 Goffin on the way, he received special entry into a larger tournament in Rotterdam this week. He was unlucky enough to draw the world number 5 Medvedev in round 1 but upset him 6-4 6-3!
  7. So Luongo, Kovulchuk, Hossa, and now Weber's contracts have all hit walls. None of them finished up. Who's left? Parise and Suter?
  8. Even better. The less years he retires with left, the more screwed Nashville is if the league has any integrity
  9. Florida didn't do us a favor with Luongo, so I hope Montreal doesn't put Weber on LTIRetire and he just actually retires if Weber really is done. Maybe Montreal shouldn't have drafted 7 centres in 2018 and drafted some D too
  10. Like a loan to a swedish team? or we mutually terminated the contract with Canucks/Comets?
  11. Where it began And where it ended: I love the Brian Williams closing statements with the English/French duet version
  12. I get your point. Removing even one player move every player below them up the depth rung so somebody will need to be signed to replace them. I just feel comfortable that we can get an ELC (hoglander, Podkolzin) or cheap just off ELC (Lind, Jasek) or cheap depth (Goldobin, Bailey-type, MacEwen-type) to fill those holes.
  13. Baer is off the books when Pettersson needs his new contract
  14. We're already carrying too many forwards It's not like removing Eriksson puts us at a deficit of forwards already on the books So Leivo replaces Eriksson, then Ferland replaces Leivo
  15. Adding a new player that makes 2 million plus would be a net negative. We could just replace Eriksson with someone already on the roster, like Leivo (who already makes 1.5) So it becomes 2019-2020: Eriksson 6 million Leivo 1.5 million = 7.5 million In the 2021-2022 season: Eriksson 4 million (buyout) Leivo 3 million (assume his salary DOUBLES, which it might not) = 7 million. Still a savings. Or either Hoglander, Lind, Podkolzin, etc may be a low cost borderline 2nd line option by then.
  16. I had a dream that Benning traded Rafferty and Juolevi as a package. I woke up before I saw what for.

    1. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      I was even checking CDC about it in the dream and was scrolling line by line reading the thread title

    2. Coconuts


      Now that I think about it I don't think I've ever had a Canucks related dream

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i had the sam dream but it was baertschi and juolevi to pittsburg for lafferty and addison. i liked it.

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  17. I'm definitely not a proponent for that move. I've been on the 2021 off season buyout of Eriksson train for a while
  18. And look how that turned out for them. Teravainen is great. Chicago got a 2nd round draft pick in 2016 (Artur Kayumov) and 3rd round pick in 2017 (Keith Petruzzelli)
  19. If we buy out Erickson in the off season of 2021, the caphit is 4 million that final 2021-22 season of his contract, then 1 million the year after. Would the 1 million hit in 2022-23 be worth the 2 million savings in the tight 2021-22 season?
  20. I know hindsight is 20/20 but our 2014 prospect pool sucked. Gaunce, Cassels, Fox and Vey were consider 'elite' depth at Centre. Our roster looking ahead (this was in 2014, so lets assume this roster was meant to be in place for 2016) was: Shinkaruk - Horvat - Kassian Virtanen - McCann - Jensen Gaunce - Cassels - Vey Kenins - LaBate - Grenier That hurts. Only 4 current NHLers. Wow. and its funny that 3 members of our elite centre depth were all on the projected (beastly) third line. So much for depth at centre.
  21. He wouldn't be allowed to fly with a concussion, right? So this isn't the worst news?
  22. Haven't seen this here yet, and I searched for Judd. Good to see that Benning and Aqua are keeping good people around.
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