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  1. Do you mean Barzal, not Makar? Makar hasn't signed a new contract yet
  2. If the deal hinges on a guy being available at 33rd, how can we trade the 9th overall? We'd have picked at 9 already before knowing that he's still there at 33rd.
  3. I know he's not big (even though he's the biggest of the Hughes Brothers) but does he play soft? Gudbranson was big but didn't use his size. Romanov is smaller but he bodied Petriangelo
  4. I'd love Burrows to get his name on the Cup
  5. He didn't take significantly less. This is a commonly spread misconception. At that time, he'd played 3 seasons 2013-14: 63 points in 82 games 2014-15: 38 points in 64 games 2015-16: 52 points in 72 games He signed a $6.3million AAV for 7 years based only that. He chose not to go for the bridge contract, this is true, but he didn't take any kind of huge discount based on his production up to that point. In 2016-17: 53 points in 82 games. Not that much improvement and nothing mind blowing Then: 2017-18: 97 points in 74 games 2018-19: 99 points in 82 games 2019-20: 93 points in 69 games 2020-21: 65 points in 48 games. He blew up into a well over point-per-game player who is criminally underpaid. But he didn't sign his current contract based on his current rate of production.
  6. I heard on the radio that CBJ wants a center (they lost Dubois). We don't have the center depth to trade away
  7. Why didn't we claim him? Can never have too many good goalie prospects and he'd be a bigger potential future piece than Vesey or Boyd
  8. Two firsts is too expensive to move up in a crapshoot of a draft. We may get someone as good at 9th as at 2nd just because players haven't played/leagues haven't run this year
  9. Since Horvat was drafted in 2013, I think we'd be okay
  10. Wasn't expecting this. Haven't heard anything about him since the draft. How many contracts are we at now of the 50 max?
  11. I read on reddit that it was 5-2-2 but there was no source
  12. I think McAvoy is the real lost opportunity of the 2016 draft. 5th overall would have been a reach on him but he is really good
  13. Chychrun had a great season this year. It seems like you're saying we shouldn't have liked him
  14. You usually don't see European contracts that long since most players aim to try for the NHL if possible, if they're good enough to warrant that kind of contract.
  15. Hes already released an apology. I believe that it's a genuine apology, I just don't buy his excuse Positive for rum? what? He should've said it was a reference to covid (since Stewart was pictured at a party). That would've made more sense
  16. Chatfield plays RD, does he not? Juolevi is a LD. D can play their off sides, but Green doesn't seem like the kind of coach to do that unless he has to
  17. Ironically, this all fits to describe Pearson too and everyone hated that Benning re-signed him.
  18. They don't need to get one. The only franchise we should care about needing to get one is the Canucks. I could give a rat's ass if MacK or Landeskog never get a Cup
  19. The Canadiens definitely did not cheer for Boston. They thought Chara was a murderer.
  20. I don't want the Avs to win because I'm jealous of their rebuild and salty that Makar is better than Hughes Go Winnipeg
  21. When do you input the password? I was never asked for it
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