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  1. I left Rogers to join Wind/Freedom. It all comes around
  2. I believe in Jett Woo Him and Rathbone are having chemistry
  3. I've seen highlights from Dallas Stars game and a lot of people don't have a mask in sight
  4. Their farm team is in Canada and Ducharme has been projected as the next guy in line The Canucks don't have a projected successor unless you think any of our assistant coaches would do a better job with the same roster And don't suggest hiring Julien. Hes a Torts/Willie D type of old school coach. We've been there done that
  5. In the r/hockey post of the firing, habs fans were complaining that Julien just rolled 4 lines, didn't utilize young players, and preferred vets Sound familiar? Cough, Willie D, cough Also,
  6. Just use the 2021 pick on a Dman. Our pick will be quite high. Luke Hughes, or Owen Powers, or other. Apparently the draft is heavy on D early
  7. What kind of rumour are we talking? Rumour from a legit source? Speculation from a legit source on what the equivalent value would be? or just people talking out their ass on twitter?
  8. They'll have a lot of postponed games to make up later in the season so we may find out. Probably better than 7-11 though
  9. Even with less scouting guys in the top 3 should still be good. Luke Hughes, Owen Powers
  10. Whether these are from people who post here (unlikely, since they vent by posting here) or not, this is still cringe of the highest order. Armchair GM's sending their suggestions, dreams, and complaints to Postmedia so that they can publish it, in the hopes that the owner of the team will care what you think is laughable. He cares that we're not happy because that means we won't spend money, but he doesn't care what each individual fan thinks we should hire as GM, trade away, or sign. And neither should you. There's a reason that the GM of an NHL team isn't an open hiring process we can send our resumes for. We'd suck at it.
  11. Id guess the only thing is he may never be defensively responsible enough (and face-offs, PK, etc) to replace Sutter as 3rd C behind Petey and Bo. He may be able to play on the wing but we need D so badly and Nashville has been a D factory
  12. To piggy back on this discussion of SJ Dmen in fantasy leagues: I have Burns and I was offered Ellis. Non-keeper points league. G=1 A=1 PPP=0.5 SHP=1 Shot, hit, block= 0.05 each Should I take it?
  13. Drance and Dhaliwal. You don't have to find ways to forgive every mistake management has made, but that doesn't mean beating the dead horse.
  14. We save cap from going from Holtby to Hutton. And since our numbers are bad anyway, we might as well pay less for the goaltending. Miller is more expensive than Virtanen, and I'd rather get a younger, better D-man if we're going to try and take advantage of a team with not enough protection spots on D. Overall, I agree the team isn't made that much better with this and trading Holtby so early in his contract is a bad look after we've left him to dry
  15. TIL Pettersson only has one friend on the team. Well actually, I guess he has zero friends on the team now.
  16. Duchene was picked in '09. That's 12 drafts to date, of which the Avs picked 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 4th as part of that span. Benning's only been here for 7 drafts, and never picked higher than 5th. I'm not surprised that the Avs' group of first rounders looks more impressive. I don't know why you're comparing Gaudette to a list that includes FIVE top 4 picks
  17. While some fans may understand these reasons, there are a lot more who just see how good Toffoli/Markstrom were against us and don't think about the expansion draft this summer or the team 3 years down the road.
  18. Toffoli gets zero points against Ottawa.



    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      That's because he gets all his points against us.

    2. Coconuts


      I'll laugh if he barely scores against other teams this season 

    3. ImConfused


      It's tough to have much offensive production against a juggernaut like the Senators



  19. His main issue isn't his defensive play (which is an issue). The reason he's been traded/waived from 3 teams already is he's racist, has attitude problems, and is not a good team mate (fights with goaltenders, racial slurs since junior)
  20. Chances that Boeser could win the Rocket Richard this year? He wouldn't need to stay hot for as long

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Good problem to have.

    3. Ghostsof1915


      If it happens that's fantastic. I don't want any more pressure on him that he needs. I'm just loving the level of play, and even some physicality. He's rounding into the forward we were hoping for. 

    4. J-Dizzle


      He's definitely elevated his game to another level. You could see it coming in the playoffs last year but it didn't quite click.... it's clicking now. Rocket Richard.... who knows. 

  21. Winnipeg: Laine Montreal: Mete Edmonton: Puljujarvi Calgary: Bennett The trade requests are spreading through the North Division
  22. Any combination of Puljujarvi, Bennett, and Virtanen could (value wise) conceivably be traded 1 for 1 with each other.
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