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  1. I didn't mind his play, thought he could have gotten a foothold on some team given the right situation. Now it seems you either have to fit the top 6/bottom 6 mold or you are done. Not skilled enough for one, not gritty and defensive enough for the other. Yet you see the really good teams, and they're running 4 lines that can score, and back check, and you have to wonder, do we hinder ourselves with this role bs, or are we trying to make the best 4 lines we can, and hopefully we can outscore and excite our way forward?
  2. I had to look him up too. Just not that familiar with what would be a depth guy in another organization that I don't follow. I do remember him coming back after a year off, but had to go out and connect the dots. Wish him all the best, you made it to the best league in the world, and stuck it for a few years. Go out, discover yourself, and maybe find some happiness and meaning outside of the sport.
  3. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2021/06/stephen-johns-announces-his-retirement.html
  4. The problem with our team is that it is built around this premise. The top 2 lines score, and hold your power play units. The bottom 2 lines make up your pk and shut down. In today's NHL, you have to be able to roll 4 lines that can chip in, play defense, and not get their teeth kicked in when the top line from the opposing team jumps over the boards. If you have a good, solid, and offensively productive for bottom 6 players, bottom 6, that provides rest, and support for your top 6. What we have is a throw back to an ideology that just isn't applicable to the game anymore in a successful
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