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  1. 4-2 win for the Canucks. Hoglander breaks thru and scores after his tremendous effort in the game vs the Oilers. Pettersson shakes the rust off and snipes one top corner, and Horvat is sprung for a breakaway and scores. The last is an empty netter by....hell, why not, Poolman playing in the last minute of the game, because, He looked damned good last night and could use a little currency the rest of the fanbase can get behind.
  2. Vegas, Oilers, Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, LA, SJ, Anaheim. Think we'll be on the outside looking in after challenging to the end for a wildcard spot. We'll look back on this season and realize we need net front presence, and a better defense, but we'll be happy with progression and point totals from some of our key players, as well as the development of Podkolzin. Savvy trade deadline deals will yield future rewards for the club, as we look to advance into the playoffs and beyond for next season.
  3. Everyone is busting Travis Green on Gadjovich being out, but remember, the GM puts the personnel on the roster. Yes, the coach plays who he thinks can win the game, but at the end of the day, the GM can say hey, use this guy and develop him. It becomes about what your focus is for the season. For many of the fans, we don't expect a stanley cup this season, but we do expect progression. But many of us are also willing to have some development time and woes, along with pluses to it going into this season. I for one, wanted a younger 4th line, that had scoring punch, youth, energy and physicality. I also look at this team and see a decisive lack of net front presence, which Gadjovich would have served. I would have made room for him on the roster, and would have had the young guys working overtime learning the other systems. I may not have the best win/loss ration 'this' season, but in the long term, I might have turned over our assets better come the TDL, and also would have had fan engagement as well as lack of backlash. Yes, we want to make the playoffs, but not at the expense of throwing away our prospect pool to do it. I don't know, maybe that's just my opinion. I would have loved to see Gadjovich, Lind *claimed* and Lockwood.
  4. I wanted to see a line of Gadjovich Petan and Lockwood with highmore as the 13th forward. They've all shown they actually have something to bring to the table, and thru the games I've seen them, have been noticeable for the right reasons. All of this for...we need guys who can pk, when we need to train guys to pk...and sacrificing our own picks and talent for a skill that is largely playing a system and reading off of players, which players with high hockey iq generally do anyways... I mean, do you really want to see the slop they're going to put in place instead?
  5. This is some definite bullsh#t when the team, who needs bottom six scoring, waives an option that legitimately makes a line a scoring threat. Gadjovich has shown well in every game that he's played in, and if you can't figure out your pk/pp units because you have a stupid dinosaur notion that bottom six plays pk, and top six plays pp, and your coaches can't figure it out, what the hell is going on? Our bottom six has been a blackhole for scoring the last few years, it is costing us games, and costing us progress. And if you think I'm mad now, just wait till you see me if he gets claimed. Waive freaking Macewan!! I watched him last game, and nothing he gave makes up for what we lose in Gadjovich. We need a guy who knows his role of getting in front of the net!! Deflect the puck and block vision. Oh wait, we lost last night, because we don't have anyone who goes and stands in front of the net who can actually do something while there other than stand slightly to one side so the goalie can make the save....
  6. Now, as for their contracts, that's something we'll have to wait and see on, but I'm pretty sure they're being held away from the rabid fans while it sorts itself out. And for all we know, they are waiting for that moment before the season starts where all the money can be put on LTIR so that they can maximize the term, money, etc that comes with the club being able to do that. This could all be part of the process, and I'm sure that we're going to hit the ground running come the start of the season, and the energy put into this will hopefully transfer to a good season overall with a team that looks and will play, far better than last years debacle.
  7. These young players, are a business. The business they are selling is their skills. These guys work hard, practice their craft, and the very best of them rise to a level of stardom seldom attained by many. They put their bodies on the line, face incredible physical duress, and sometimes leave the game in a far worse physical condition than many of us would want to contemplate suffering from our own day jobs. Yes, they get paid, and some get paid incredibly well, but there is a caveat, that if things go horribly wrong that's all they'll probably be good for making in a career that can span 4-10 years. While outside the rink, they are people. They don't deserve the trash talk and other things that come in the sport. Leave them alone, and let them do them, and let the business sort itself out. Keep it to the forums, and your friends, and the rink.
  8. Keep on checking on this thread and still nothing!!?? C'mon, it's supposed to be anytime now, so why not NOW!!!!! Can't they tell how excited we are just for training camp, let alone to see this team in action to start the regular season. I just bought my package to go to the coast and watch Van vs Winny on the 19th of November. C'mon already. That's a normal we're going to lose game, that's how much I believe these guys have turned the corner.
  9. Hoglander, Rathbone, Juolevi, Pettersson, and Hughes are who you build around. Podkohlzin is up and coming. You want to make trades with a focus on not just the now, but where you'll be contract wise in a few years time, and who you have coming in to replace from within the organization, as well as where your organization depth is weakest. Right now, the weak link in our team is defense. Our forwards and our goaltending are where you should focus on trading to address that. And you also have to realize, that sometimes the whole is greater than the individual parts, and if you start messing around too greatly with the whole, you might put together something that looks good on paper, but doesn't have the right combination and styles of play to work together as a cohesive unit. The greatest insight you can have is how each line will work together, what each individual player on that line does to make the whole greater than the individuals, who drives play, who is just along for the ride, what each player needs to have the greatest possible chance for success, and build that way.
  10. Choose one. Focus. You sound like you're playing a video game, which is cool, but will detract from what you're trying to do. Secondly, nobody is doing this unless you have an absolutely toxic locker room you have to fix. And even then, you aren't going to get the returns you think because players talk, as does management. It is a pretty big club out there. I'd focus on the Hughes trade, as it is the most likely to be able to be pulled off. The return here is something, but needs some work. I'd also stay off the Eichel train. Absolutely no touch till you see him back in action. Unless it is a couple of firsts and they're taking back Myers and give us a prospect on D, you are very buyer beware committing actual assets to this, because we just don't know how he's going to play with his injury. Any team that is thinking about this, is also thinking about that. Thanks for coming out, and hope you try again.
  11. Vancouver, B.C. - Vancouver Canucks General Manager Jim Benning announced today that the club has signed forward Jason Dickinson to a three-year contract worth an average annual value of $2.65 million. "Jason was an important addition for our forward group this summer and we're pleased to have agreed to terms with him on a three-year deal," said Benning. "He's a versatile player that can play on both the wing and at centre, and is also a strong penalty killer." That's a good signing, for a good player at a great price. That's the Benning we know and love when it comes to actually signing RFA's to good deals for good term/money. Now to get a hold of the UFA signing Jim Benning and smack him!
  12. The Greatest Canuck of all time is going to be the one that can actually be the one who leads us to Lord Stanley's Cup. Sorry, love the team, love the players as a fan of the team, but I reserve to hold out till they actually come together and win it all. I've been alive for all 3 cup runs, and damn it, I don't want to be like my father, who died before they got it. I hope to be there, in Vancouver, when they go all the way, and I'll have an extra beer for my father on that day.
  13. I am vaccinated. By this point, with the technological backbone we've created, we should be able to do what we've done. We have all the tools, information, and necessary tech to pull this off. And in this time schedule. Although it was fast in terms of other vaccines, what isn't taken into account was the vast amount of resources that we've had to throw at this, and the vast amounts of science we've had to push at this. The numbers also dictate that being vaccinated, at this point, gives you a far better chance of survival and lesser overall detrimental effects from the disease itself. The vaccinated who even get sick have a less than 1% chance of negative outcomes including death/long covid symptoms. Hey, that's pretty &^@#ing good, right? But the media doesn't talk about that. 80% of people are vaccinated, and the 20% who aren't, have reasons. There are societal, class, and ideological reasons for it. A lot of it is class driven. The lower class doesn't trust a system that has largely treated it like crap, and basically brow beats it given every opportunity, but does little to actually address the problems facing them. We need to deal with that. We are going to see sickness, and we aren't going to save everyone. That's just a fact. Life is a risk, George Carlin famously joked about it. Stop trying to save everyone, and save those you can. We'll deal with the other issues as we go, like we have always done. It is infuriating, but punishing people before even trying to effectively talk to them is kind of ....well, prejudice. Writing them off is also kind of prejudice. We figure out the language, we figure out what we need to do, and we address it. I'm a numbers person, but my reasons can generally only apply to me. But you have to ask yourself this, the system is set up to protect itself, and if the vaccine was the fear thing that people push, you really think the world without 80% of those 'sheep' is going to survive really well? Now think of the 20%.... Do the math. It isn't pretty.
  14. You aren't alone, and the fact that the general public has been left to squabble amongst themselves, and police policy themselves on each other, speaks to the void in leadership, and the easily exploited situation that didn't have to be. For the longest time, there has been a major communication issue on this particular issue, and no push back against power for lies, bad policy, mistakes, poor language decisions, and in general reactiveness to the issues, instead of proactiveness. And then you have a $&!#storm created by people with power on both sides that make the issue even worse. We needed solidarity, we needed openness, transparency, and fair and just policy. What we've constantly gotten is brow beaten by idiots who have no idea from moment to moment. Policy that was poorly written and generally facilitated punishing action against the middle and lower class, and allowed for the upper class to outright skirt or profit off of the situation. Medical stances that were largely politic, or misguided, and easily pulled apart by the general public for the farce they were. AND SO MANY LIES!!! Don't wear a mask by Fauci being the one that has caused the biggest problem as everyone seized onto it. This is natural, when all evidence points to a lab leak. And this is for your benefit, as we've seen the top 1% of the world's financial elite profit off of a pandemic for the largest upwards shift of wealth in the history of mankind as we know it.
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