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  1. very glad I stayed home tonight

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    2. The Wizard of AZ
    3. SpinDrive
    4. The Wizard of AZ

      The Wizard of AZ

      Not to be confused with Magic Bus by The Who. It's Arnold, not Tommy

  2. you're a little slow aren't ya?

  3. why the frack is the music thread locked?!! cdc is such bull

    1. EERO
    2. BruinsForCup2011


      LIEK ZOMGs

      What music thread

    3. Bertuzzi Babe

      Bertuzzi Babe

      Trying to sort it out for you guys!

  4. mmm NeoCitran and nyquil feeeeelin good

  5. I'm sooo sick. took a benylin day and I still feel like crap

  6. Shirokov - Hodgson - Schroeder would be a killer line for the Moose this season

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    2. kanucks25


      I was gonna say "indeed"...


    3. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      Great minds think alike ;)

    4. The Situation

      The Situation

      Aren't they going to run into to the ground except for maybe Schroeder who has the legs to escape it?

  7. saw Ryan Kesler walking by a mega bites pizza place today. he was lookin good

    1. PowerIce
    2. debluvscanucks


      which states that you must bring all players you see on the street to Deb for correct identification.

    3. Dyliep


      I saw O'brien and Bolduc shopping for wristwatches today!

  8. only a week in and i'm already super bored of school

  9. I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does

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    2. Vigneault's Timeout

      Vigneault's Timeout

      If you're quoting the Saddledome banner, please put it in quotes.

    3. EB²


      Brroken heart ?

    4. EERO


      haha noo just some song lyrics. And I didn't just discover the Smiths

  10. oh yea OV is all about the honeys for sure

  11. The 27th.. haha :) but yeah he was great! And that's cool :) Nice picture thing by the way. It's funny to see a millionaire like OV still picks up grenades... hahahahaha

  12. ah july 26 not august, my bad. Yea Drake is really talented and i do like some of his songs but it's not really my thing

  13. I did have fun, seeing as the concert was last month lol. :) But yeah, Weezy is dope! Drake is one of my all time favourite artists though, I'm in love with him & his music!

  14. I guess, I'm probably just more of a Weezy fan but there is definitely some major talent on that label. Have fun at the Drake concert should be a sick show.