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  1. Correct, he was talking about the 2013-14 squad, That 2014 quote is always taken out context.
  2. I always found this comment to be a bit offside. Benning has picked some amazing players from unfavourable draft positions. We have never won the lottery, and he's managed to select the 1st or 2nd best player in the draft 3 years running. He can certainly be criticized for his trades and signings, and there's more than a good enough reason to disqualify him from his job,( not having enough depth , after 7years.)
  3. This is laughably false, Gillis had six 1st round draft picks (granted most of them were later), and three 2nd round picks . Where is his Brock Boeser, Thatcher Demko, Adam Gaudette,Nils Hoglander, Jack Rathbone etc. Other than Bo Horvat, Gillis batted almost 100% fail on almost all his picks Other elite teams at the time, (Hawks and Kings) drafted excellent 'impact' players after the 1st round.
  4. I was hoping to trade Jake and Gaud as well Only problem is, they have 3 meagre points between them..? The two of them are not 'legit right now,
  5. "That was a hint things were different, because in the years after Linden was hired he became increasingly involved in day-to-day hockey operations. In fact, it would be Linden on trade calls and making big hockey decisions. There were times when people in the organization would say “Linden is running this team.” At the time, it came as a surprise for some, who thought Linden was originally hired to be more of a figurehead." The Province, 2018 https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/jason-botchford-canucks-nosedive-likely-didnt-help-lindens-relationship-with-regime
  6. It's a reported fact that Linden was in on all the teams big trades and signings. Benning was equally complicit, as most of the players targeted, start, and end with him Both to blame. The last 3.5 years have been solely Benning.
  7. Sure they have, but only if they have a real deficiency at a certain position I wouldnt call a 1-2 punch of Pettersson and Horvat a deficiency. You trade QH, a 21 year old, elite PMD, who's best years are in front of him. Where are you going to find another one?
  8. Not having an elite PMD on your team means you wont win a cup either. Your plugging one hole, and springing another. Even Benning said that elite PMD's are the hardest to get in a trade, you have to draft them. The whole 'size' wins you the cup isnt true. Look at Tampa, the smallest lightest team in the league. The Brian Burke size and truculence era is over. Byfield is currently playing in the AHL, 1 goal and 3 assists in 8 games. He's not dominating over kids anymore.
  9. He's already proved he's elite. With the right partner, he could be the next Brian Leetch. Thats not an absurd comparison. Ollie Juolevi has got 90% of his game to improve before he's even in the conversation of a first pairing D man.
  10. I'd put my money on Hughes winning the Norris, than Juolevi being being a first pairing D man? Any day of the week.
  11. I'm not arguing against bold moves, but you dont trade a QH. This isnt 1995 anymore, the whole size thing isnt what it used to be. These players only come along once in a while, when you obtain them. You keep them.
  12. There's zero guarantee OJ could be anything substantial. Posters really need to hit the brakes on this player. He could be Hamhuis, or he could be Pouliot.
  13. No $&!#, we've only waited umpteen years to have an elite PMD. I think the last one we had was a broken Paul Reinhart way back. Ehrhoff wasnt in the elite category imo
  14. QH is precisely the kind of option that a lot of teams dont have. You trade him, you'd be in very tough to find a comparable.
  15. The word 'potential' is the elephant in the room , isn it? Big stud Jake Virtanen has it in spades.