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  1. I'm don't think that there's a certainty that McTavish goes in the top 6 or 7 either. Hopefully, some of the teams preceding us go off the board a bit. This is how we landed Hughes and Podkolzin
  2. Ranked #14 by CONSOLIDATED RANKING Ranked #5 by ELITEPROSPECTS.COM Ranked #15 by FCHOCKEY Ranked #21 by NEUTRAL ZONE Ranked #16 by MCKEEN'S HOCKEY Ranked #2 by NHL CENTRAL SCOUTING (NA Skaters) Ranked #9 by SPORTSNET'S Ranked #17 by RECRUIT SCOUTING Ranked #29 by DOBBERPROSPECTS Ranked #14 by DRAFT PROSPECTS HOCKEY Ranked #32 by SMAHT SCOUTING Ranked #17 by THE PUCK AUTHORITY Ranked #11 by TSN/McKenzie
  3. You go to any lottery teams hockey forums, and picking a goalie with your 1st round pick never goes over very well with the fanbase. However, as another poster alluded to, it could be the most defining pick your team could make.
  4. I'd go Edvinsson, Wallstedt, and Lysell, in that order.
  5. There may not even be a #1 D man in this draft..Definitely top pairing though..
  6. He’s ranked 12-14. Theres obviously flaws in his game. Calgary will likely draft him.
  7. Most of these guys will be gone by 9.There should be one available to the Canucks though. Mac T isnt even rated in the top 10 anymore, he'll probably go around 10-13 OA.
  8. Yesterdays combined rankings had him 14th. 1 Owen Power 2 Matthew Beniers 3 William Eklund 4 Luke Hughes 5 Brandt Clarke 6 Simon Edvinsson 7 Dylan Guenther 8 Kent Johnson 9 Jesper Wallstedt 10.Fabian Lysell 11.Cole Sillinger 12.Chaz Lucius 13.Aatu Raty 14.Mason Mctavish 15.Carson Lambos
  9. In combined rankings MacTavish is ranked mid teens.
  10. Seemed to me, that there were three parts to the season. The first 3rd, where they were abysmal, and relatively healthy .They pretty much sunk themselves out of a playoff spot, right off the bat. I have no explanation why this happened. The second 3rd, where Demko finally proved that he was the #1 goalie, and the team started playing a more cohesive game. They clawed their way to close to .500 before their COVID outbreak The third 3rd, where they were barely hanging on in some games due to post COVID exhaustion, and played out the garbage time.
  11. According to Elliott Friedman : Looking back at the 2015 draft, most teams concede the Canucks rated Boeser higher than anyone else. Regional scout Ted Hampson and current director of player development Ryan Johnson pushed hardest. Hampson handles Minnesota — where Boeser is from — and Johnson went to NCAA North Dakota, Boeser’s college choice. I’m not sure Vancouver was worried anyone would take him earlier than 23rd, but the Wild made them a bit nervous because it was his home state. This has turned out to be a huge steal for them.
  12. Brackett was in the Canucks organization for 5 years before being promoted to DOS, what gems did he discover before Benning? Benning implemented a system for the scouts to identify players in age draft back in 2014. I liked Brackett, and he was a valued part of the staff, but the 'Brackett made all the good picks' is a poor one.
  13. Wow, Peter Chiarelli must be &^@#ing genius for drafting Connor McDavid then?
  14. .So he never said 'we dont need to rebuild' then.? Pretty bad when you actually have to fabricate a lie to prove a point.
  15. The team did not make any moves to be a playoff team in 2017-18 or 2018-19 in free agency, or the TDL. They went all in, in the summer of 2019. Linden wanted a 4 year rebuild in 2018. Benning and ownership thought the team was close to contending for a playoff spot. The primary core pieces were there ( Horvat,Hughes, Boeser,Pettersson, Markstrom). Miller was added. Nobody is hailing Benning as a hero for getting the Canucks in the playoffs, all i'm saying is that he turned around a stale core for one last season (adding Vrbata, Bonino helped). My own opinion is that mak
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