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  1. I admire your optimism. Clearly, Rathbone has leapt over him on the depth chart, and shown a lot more poise to his game than OJ. Hopefully OJ can win the #7 spot at camp.
  2. Benning has said that players will make the team on merit, so we'll see how that pans out ? Trading him at this juncture doesnt make much sense.
  3. Do you think he can outplay Hughes,OEL and Rathbone?
  4. He should probably get the minimum (under a $1M) on a two-way, one year deal. At this point he has zero leverage. May even have to go through waivers if he gets beaten out of a roster spot by Hunt.
  5. Oilers now looking at Hamonic as Larsson's replacement ? Never ends.
  6. I believe you It would just be nice to have info that debunks the debate once and for all.
  7. As long as we’re not trading the 9OA for Reinhart No thanks
  8. You've got to become a playoff team before you become a SC contender. Detroit is a ways off. You think they will get there. Opinions are always welcome. Yes we picked Podkolzin.Cant wait to see him play next season.
  9. Stevie Y has only been on the job for a couple of years, so its not on him, so I'm sure his job is safe.
  10. 5 years out of the post season for the Red Wings now. Still nowhere near a playoff team.
  11. Drances actual quote on 650 was "I think Benning has informed Schmidt’s camp that they will do whatever it takes to improve the club."
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