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  1. Totally agree, this being the dividend that we get back for a whole season of sucking in 2015-16 is disappointing. Benning takes the 'L' here. Fortunately, the guy who took his spot was drafted and developed by the organization. You win some, you lose some.
  2. Juolevi is on the flight, but he's not playing?
  3. Juolevi would be claimed instantaneously.
  4. I think it's a lazy garbage write up .Its almost like he checked out HF Canucks first. Conversely, when your team has not been good over a number of years, these negative reviews are to be expected. Until you start winning , you just have to take it, and deal with it.
  5. Good write up, I definitely agree with your 3rd point. He seems to skate himself out of the play, and not give himself any space. He also needs to be quicker.
  6. You only have one PK'er on the Van LHD ?
  7. I didn’t know that Johnny Depp played on the Canucks ( 5 second mark)
  8. Dont know why you would get bent out of shape about iMac.? He's an old school reporter, not a sports journalist, (that has to manufacture narratives). Dont shoot the messenger.
  9. Button was always a Juolevi supporter. He's done a 180 here. Looks like this chapter has ended. Its a good thing we have other good young promising players that are on the cusp of being NHL players.
  10. As much as Juolevi is getting dumped on, and every mishap is magnified.I thought he a decent game last night.
  11. OJ has only played 125 total games in his pro career. That's like one and a half seasons in 5 years.A lot of that time rehabbing as well. This is why I don't think he will clear waivers. It would be a good bet for a team that is patient, to take a flyer on him. Not that I think he will be a top 4 D man, but he could be an NHL player.
  12. If you send Rathbone down and keep OJ up, you run into a problem recalling Rathbone. I don't completely understand the ins and outs, but its related to Rathbones bonus's. Thomas Drance spoke about it on SN650. Its not as simple as it sounds.
  13. Like the Canucks , the Flames had an off year last season...On paper, their team is still fairly talented..imo Gaudreau-Lindholm-TkachukMangi-Monahan-ColemanPitlick-Backlund-DubeLucic-Richardson-Lewisx: Ritchie, GawdinHanifin-TanevZadorov-AnderssonValimaki-Gudbransonx: StoneMarkstromVladar
  14. I’m not a fan of Yost,but his points are fairly legitimate concerns.
  15. He gave the Canucks a C. I was expecting far worse. His main concern is OEL might need babysitting . Also says most Canuck D-men need babysitting.
  16. According to Travis Yost,the worst D out of all Canadian teams. Not unexpected. https://www.tsn.ca/grading-the-defencemen-on-canada-s-nhl-teams-1.1691570
  17. Maybe they will bump into Jake going the other way on their stopover ?
  18. In my mind, they never really had enough young impact players on the roster in the first place ,before they started splashing out 1st round picks for 'win now' players. They never even had a proper #1 goalie until last season? I believe in building through the draft as well, but Guenther is 2-3 years away. By that time Horvat and Millers best years could be squandered.
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