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  1. The Jets made the first round once in the middle of a 6 year period, also inheriting prime assets from the Thrashers The Av's one playoff appearance in a 7 year period, by the time Sakic became GM, he inherited a young elite core The Leafs had prime assets (from umpteen years out of the playoffs) before their Shanaplan teardown rebuild These teams had prime assets before their rebuild,Canucks had players veering on retirement, and no prospect pool worth mentioning. They also had an ownership and President that wanted the Canucks to be a playoff team.
  2. Sure they're good players, but the original point I made was that Benning made some amazing picks without being in a favourable drafting position.Zegras is good, but what about Pod kicking it to another level in the KHL playoffs? Pod set a playoff record for points for under 20, as a 19 year old.
  3. Ok,lets make a list of players selected before our selections Michael Dal Colle,Connor Bleackley Ilya Samsonov Jesse Puljijarvi Cale Makar Filip Zadina Trevor Zegras
  4. Haydn Fluery Travis Konecny Matt Tkachuk Cody Glass Adam Boqvist This is equal?
  5. but 'anybody' can pick the best player (or second best player) for 3 consecutive years, without winning the lottery ,or picking higher than 5th?
  6. The core has been rebuilt, and was done so within 4 years. I'm assuming that you're one of the 'every lousy team drafts good players' crowd?
  7. Anything above $3Mx 3 years would be absolutely preposterous Even that $3M is way to high.imo
  8. I've noticed that you have propensity to 'plug your ears' when someone has a rebuttal for your agenda driven claims. You did the same thing in the other thread when I brought to your attention that Benning was not making the key decisions in the direction of the franchise in 2014.
  9. You keep saying it doesnt matter who made the mandate ?, or even care to know what transpired in 2014, yet blindly place all the blame on Benning. Hiring Benning was Lindens call, and his alone. Ownership gave the keys to Linden to do as he saw fit. (in 2014).
  10. Agreed, that by 2015, they needed, a rebuild, but they did not Eriksson, Gudbranson etc, were 'win now' moves. They stopped signing high profile UFA's in 2016.(until they made a playoff push in 2019).
  11. Ownership had nothing to do with hiring, or interviewing Benning (why are you making this up?), Linden, alone, hired Benning. Benning knew full well what he was hired to do (rebuild on the fly), and Linden said one of the reasons he hired Benning was because of his scouting background. Benning will probably lose his job. and there's a lot of reasons why he should, but your zealous campaign to skewer the GM is laughable.
  12. It was incompetence, just pointing out that he wasnt the mastermind behind it. They had just sunk a gazillion dollars in re signing the Sedins in 2013, a proper rebuild was never on the books.
  13. It was signalled that there would be no rebuild before Benning was even hired. Not excusing him for his poor targets, but the 'rebuild on the fly' wasnt his mandate?
  14. They should have been rebuilding, but they were not. Who's fault is that?
  15. The schedule can be used as an excuse for a few games, thats it. The Canucks just were not very good in the first 15 games, Everybody (except Brock Boeser) was underachieving.
  16. I don't think they will protect Myers at the ED. I dont think they have to.?
  17. Sens are not nearly the pushovers they were earlier. Look how they did against the Flames, and today against the Leafs (they were winning last time I checked) I'd use Demko in 3 out of the 4.
  18. The Lightning made the playoffs once in six year span (ending 2012) Post Thornton Bruins turned it around with Chiarelli and Benning at the helm, building a SC contender (which it still is) Chicago's best player is a 31 year old, they've still go a ways to go.
  19. Correct, he was talking about the 2013-14 squad, That 2014 quote is always taken out context.
  20. I always found this comment to be a bit offside. Benning has picked some amazing players from unfavourable draft positions. We have never won the lottery, and he's managed to select the 1st or 2nd best player in the draft 3 years running. He can certainly be criticized for his trades and signings, and there's more than a good enough reason to disqualify him from his job,( not having enough depth , after 7years.)
  21. This is laughably false, Gillis had six 1st round draft picks (granted most of them were later), and three 2nd round picks . Where is his Brock Boeser, Thatcher Demko, Adam Gaudette,Nils Hoglander, Jack Rathbone etc. Other than Bo Horvat, Gillis batted almost 100% fail on almost all his picks Other elite teams at the time, (Hawks and Kings) drafted excellent 'impact' players after the 1st round.
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