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  1. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Well well.... It may be time to revisit the Russel Wilson trade request from the offseason.... if the Seahawks were forced to deal him which I don't think they would do until they were absolutely pushed to the limit, or offered a deal they couldn't refuse like say they got 3 first round picks or some great young players.. woukd they pull the trigger? if I am Denver,Pittsburgh, or Cleveland I would be all over that trying to see what it would take to land Wilson. Deshaun Watson's sexual assualt charges make him a risky play right now for a team giving up an ass load of assets. Quality qbs are incredibly difficult to find. The NFL draft doesnt look promising this year so I wouldn't completely rule out a Russ trade if he is still unhappy about his lack of input in personnel the team brings in. Christ gramps you pushing 70 now or what? Fack sakes...
  2. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    He would be a good stop gap for Seattle played his best game of the season against them just last year in Seattle. His quirky laid back personality would fit great with Caroll. He can't be a huge downgrade from Geno Smith even though he doesn't know the offence. Probably just use him to run and playaction deep shots to Lockett and Metcalf and co.
  3. When was the last time they had a real good OL and a back with the speed,power, vision, or agility to take advantage of the holes? Maybe the nasty boys? Angus Reid, Rob Murphy and Jason Jimenez the latter were borderline dirty more than a few times. The BC Lions last good RB was either Stefan Logan or Martell Mallett!!! Andrew Harris was average in BC until he bulked up when he started juicing in Winnipeg.
  4. Small but not fast or skilled enough to outskill teams. Ideally they should be more like Vegas. They have a very nice black of the size and skill combo along with guys who can lay bodychecks and are willing to mix it up like Brayden McNabb. It helps come postseason ime when the hitting and intensity ramps up. With full crowds back you can intimidate with some big hits when your home barn fans get into it.
  5. The Lions need a real tailback..
  6. I bought LSPD a similar volatile tech stock at $150 and now it's dropped down to $120 today. There is a Yankee hedge fund shorting the crap out of it!!! It should be illegal to short companies we need the Reddit crowd to get in on this and squeeze these shorting bastards. This whole game is rigged. I am keeping my money in cash or maybe put a little bit in some good dividend companies once there is a bit of a pullback if anything at all. Not missing out this time like I did last year by waiting too long to get in before the full recovery. The market is too volatile right now for me. It was easy making money back in 2020 when the entire stock market was on clearance sale prices. Now is when we find out who truly is smart and understands what they are doing to make money long term. It is really hard to pick individual stocks if the entire market might flop even more as many experts are projecting. Don't think an ETF is necessarily going to minimize risk. Unfortunately the double whammy of having your savings sitting in cash while inflation balloons is only losing money as well albeit perhaps more slowly then a bad stock market swing...
  7. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    It's difficult to watch without any skin in the game to be honest. Not buying Hurts as more than a short term starter unless he rapidly improves as a pocket passer. Some of those throws last couple of weeks holding onto the ball way too long before he deals. His arm strength is also lagging at times tends to float a lot of his passes. Needs much better accuracy if he is going to be closer to the next Dak Prescott but so far he looks more just like another Tyrod Taylor. Good long term backup and spot starter just doesn't seem like he is showing the signs of a franchise qb yet.
  8. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    The most accurate kicker in the history of the sport first ballot hof undrafted as well. He earned that bounce....
  9. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    I think the AZ kicker tried from 68 and missed and the Jags guy returned the field goal all the way for a td CFL missed FG style definitely 2 plays on the same day that will be juxtaposed.
  10. I was trying to buy that Canadian tech company growth stock Nuveii on the dip .. put the buy order in and realized now a week later It looks like I got the wrong symbol and got some OTC pink shares and it shows up under the US flag even though it shows under Canadian holdings WTF????!!!! Does anybody know what's going or that uses RBC direct investing? Am I stuck with these shares or can I even sell them off? Will I get taxed by both Canada and the US now? Please tell me I didn't just flush all my money and half my remaining TFSA room down the toilet in 1 week. Does anyone what OTC and pink shares are... please someone talk me off the ledge....
  11. He must have talked to the team been doing that cringe points counting celly with that ohhh shiiit ending since he has been with the Lions.
  12. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Andy Reid who hates running the ball and Rbs who can't catch the ball wanted to draft him in the first round because he thought he was getting a potential 700 yard rusher and 700 yard receiver threat like the next Brian Westbrook or something. Gotta be a trial run. They need a better play by play guy also but this has to be about having Peyton Manning as the color guy on the regular MNF broadcast team at some point. They were able to convince Peyton to dabble in it but make no mistake ESPN knows Americans love Peyton and would boot out Riddick and Griese if it meant that Payton would do it live and if he was willing to travel. The current MNF crew is not even as good as what FOX or CBS has as their B teams. I don't mind Louis Riddick but sometimes I think he over does the analysis. He speaks 100mph a minute always tries to show how smart he is and how much he knows.
  13. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Feel like Dallas doesn't have the defence to hang with the Bucs. Wouldn't be surprised to see a blowout or closer score because the Tampa offence is rusty.
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