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  1. Basically a poor man's Owen Power right shot version. Good mobility for his size needs to fill out. Going to a good program at BU in the competitive Hockey East division. I think he could be a round 2 or 3 target.
  2. Dot think he needs the AHL. He plays already in a men's league. Arguably the second or third best men's professional ice hockey league in the world. His playing style is north-south and he has speed and good size and a pretty good shot too now. Sounds like Virtanen so far. Where he has Virtanen outclassed is maturity,leadership, and being a responsible 2 way player. He is an NHL winger at the ready right now if he was eligible to play he would be able to contribute in the top 9 forwards.
  3. Craig Button said he saw shades of Brent Burns in his game! Elite prospect no doubt. 2 way potential as well. The top d man in the class of 2021 imo. His right hand shot vaults him to the top. Shame if the draft gets postponed to next year. He should go to Sweden or Switzerland to play against better competition ideally against men so he doesn't start to develop any bad habits and keeps sharp. I'm guessing his English is not great. Being from a poor family probably means he didn't get English lessons regularly in schools or on the side. He may miss the home cooking too much. A team like Tampa could take him that can afford to wait because they draft so well every year it seems.
  4. My fondest memories of offer sheets were David Backes and Steve Bernier situations. Along with Brian Burke and Kevin Lowe. They are not worth the effort and do more harm than good if you want to keep a trading relationship in the future.
  5. How rare are offersheets though? Feel like it is something that is an overstated threat.
  6. This gets me excited! I haven't been this excited over a Russian Canucks since Nikita Tryamkin. He sounds like a pro already. Already thinking about what car he is gonna be driving around in with Van. I see an Audi sponsorship..
  7. Corson Ceulemans is an intriguing study. Big right hand shot. Who can skate and plays a 2 way type game. Also is willing to play physical and actually use his size. Playing for the same program that produced Cake Makar. Is committed to join the Wisconsin Badgers for a few NCAA development years before he turns pro and adds more mass to his solid frame.
  8. Good quality top 4 potential all round d man are very difficult to acquire and keeping them is a hefty &^@#ing fee. Lefties are more bountiful than ever because kids are skating and playing hockey as young as ever. When you pickup a hockey stick it's more natural to have your dominant right hand on the knob since as a 2 or 3 or 4 year old the kid would not have developed the strength to use their left on top to control the knob and the right to flex the shaft. This is why we have seen this epidemic of young left handed d men take over the ranks. It is so difficult to find quality d in the first place but a right shot d man who has size and plays a 2 way game is virtually a unicorn now! A guy like Makar is going to make huge bucks. The fact he is a righty makes him ultra valuable.
  9. How is his English though? This is an important question after the struggles Canucks players have had in the past making Russians feel comfortable as part of the team and city as well. Hopefully Francesco has learned something from the Shirokov and certainly the Tryamkin experience. The Canucks need to be a more Russian friendly team if they want to attract more top talented Russian players. Will he able to assimilate to the North American culture is the biggest question along with being able to stay healthy over the course of an 82 game season playing his bulldog style game. He plays a very non traditional game for a Russian player. It is a more north south power game which is better suited on the smaller NHL ice. I am intrigued by the player. I just hope the Canucks don't fail supporting him off the ice as a person. After all, despite his maturity and being widely praised for his work ethic, 2 way game, and compete level he is still just a young kid. He will be in a foreign country with strange customs and unfamiliar foods etc. That transition will be as interesting to follow as the on ice one.
  10. Centers still at the very least have to win faceoffs and support down low in the d zone to help the d men out and can't just be purely offensively minded all the time. Winger is the easiest possible position for a rookie player to break into the league. Minimal pressure and defensive responsibility. Much easier transition than a d man, goalie or even center to adjust to. This is why we see the early success of Boeser and Hoglander. Next up is Podkolzin who is an NHL ready winger right now if it wasn't for his injury and contract in Russia. Playing wing will help speed up his NHL transition immensely next season.
  11. I think his ideal role is really on a contender. Should be an elite veteran 4th line center similar to what Jay Beagle was for Washington 4 years ago. If he is getting 2.75 a year to play 4th line center he would be attractive to playoff teams.
  12. Yeah? What about Nick Ritchie? Similar size power forward and draft position. Putting up decent numbers in Boston after a trade and leaving the west coast. Virtanen may be better shipped to a team like Florida where there would be no pressure on him. He will never live up to 6th overall just like Juolevi too. Doesn't mean he shouldn't have to shoulder any reasonable responsibility whatsoever. He should have expectations to contribute at a consistent 3rd line level at minimum. Production wise and overall game play and effort. His consistency is not there he lacks the hands and hockey IQ and maturity. He seems to not have a defined role in his mind on who is as a player and how he needs to play to be successful. He had 1 good season in junior where he looked like a sniper and his raw size, speed, and shot covered his deficiencies in all other aspects of his game. He hasn't grown much on and off the ice. But a trade us definitely the best for the Canucks and Virtanen. And no I never expected him to be the next Bertuzzi maybe J.J Dagneault because he was drafted as an already injured player getting shoulder surgery.
  13. #6 overall pick. Looking okay as a 4th line crash and bang energy guy? Wow the expectations have totally disappeared for the #6 pick in 2014. When MacEwen an undrafted guy is doing better in the same role wake and bake Jake should go.
  14. Not as big of a bust as wake and bake Jake or Loui Ericsson and don't get me started on Michael Ferland on long term disability now. Luongo's cap recapture Ryan Spooner buyout. How many bad contracts and money is Francesco and the cap going towards to guys who don't contribute to the team 1 iota!!! Put the guy in let him play he can't be worse than Yake.