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  1. 4 lines and 6ds and solid goaltending. Over top line stars and flash and dash. Colorado found that out too. Vegas just worked them.
  2. Hopefully for once they will get ranked accordingly in the Men's Fifa World ranking. They are good enough to be a top 50's area soccer country in the world. Yet they lag behind Iraq and Jamaica because of the ratings system. If a tiny nation like Iceland can go it. Canada has no excuses. They finally have some legit players like Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David who play for top teams in some of the best leagues in the world. They also have Cyle Larin who plays in Turkey. That is a great trio up front to build around.
  3. PK Subban looks like he is already planning his post career move getting into ESPN as an NHL analyst.


    He still has 1 more year left on his deal with NJ and his play has fallen off a cliff already.

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    2. Coconuts


      At least he'd be a media member who knows what the hell they're talking about, having played at the highest level and thrived. Unlike some of the current hockey media around the league. 

    3. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      He has 72 million reasons to retire.  Thank God Montreal got a stud back for him in Weber.  Weber will probably see out his contract and play until he is 40.  Subban will probably retire this summer after he collects his $6 million bonus.  No point in grinding it out for another year for only $2 million when he can get his TV career going one year sooner.  

    4. Quantum


      He's definitely going to get a fulltime gig with ESPN when his playing career is over. But he is only 32 and has one more year left on his 9 million dollar per season contract. I suspect he'll sign a couple of smaller deals to chase a cup and when he's eliminated each year, he'll go to the studio.


      Draymond Green does this in the NBA. He plays until his team is out and when the Warriors are eliminated he goes up and does commentary work for TNT alongside guys like Shaq and Charles Barkley. He's great at it and it's clear he'll also make the move to be in front of the camera full time when all is said and done.


      PK is a great personality for the NHL and I wish more player's were like him in terms of showcasing there personality on and off the ice. Too many players try to be too stoic and it's not really working with today's Social Media.

  4. The sticks these days snap like twigs because players love to use the low flex to create a whip action. Need a pretty long stiff shaft to rip shots pushing 110 MPH. Other than Weber nobody really bombs shots out there anymore. Canucks haven't had a cannon since sugar Sami Salo. Paterson is the goals guy. Who will be the Canucks third line center to create more offence and scoring then is the biggest question. Canucks don't have the assets to acquire a 4.5 million plus player unless they can move on Nate Schmidt.
  5. not a big fan of wpg or the habs. Either will be a stepping stone for the next team they face....
  6. Tampa is the clear cut favorite for that reason I hope Carolina can at least wear them out a bit and extend the series.
  7. Bednar chewed out the bois expect Big Mac to have a big game to match the energy that Vegas has in the building.
  8. Loving the Islanders blue collar pack mentality 2 way game finishing checks blocking shots winn ing faceoffs key saves. They just grind it out. No big name skill other than Barzal the team all battles and roll the lines. J gee freaking Pagesu what a mega playoff performer shades of Daniel Briere. Love that they are giving Boston a taste of their own medicine fighting back and running them. WOULD LOVE TO SEE CLUTTERBUCK AND MARTIN sandwhich that pudgy faced Drew Doughboy wannabe McAvoy and put Jeremy Lauzon in his place too.
  9. Regular season hockey is basketball on ice. Even the so called emotion and nastiness of playoff games in today's day and age are a joke compared to even 15 years ago. The 2 fights in the Islanders vs Bruins game didn't have any punches at all land on the face and led to weak take down efforts. People are hating on the Islanders for being a boring and difficult team to watch for being a hardworking grinding team that plays solid team defence blocks shots, wins faceoffs, finishes checks and gets solid goaltending and just enough offence to win despite being outshot and o
  10. Montreal,Nashville,Seattle, New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks,Florida Panthers, Teams icould see him finish his NHL career on before he moves back to Russia.
  11. Who knows what his status is though? Will he be stuck in the KHL for another 3 years or not? If you only have to wait 2 years for him he could be a huge steal as a poor man's Datsyuk defensive wise if he can add more to his game offensively and be more consistent he could be very good.
  12. Caps always had a ton of skill but have too many passive players like Backstrom and Kuznetsov who lack intensity and urgency in their games. Martha is just another big body with skill who doesn't have that intensity consistently. I thought they got rid of those demons under Trotz the forwards back checked blocked shots and were willing to sacrifice to help the cause. This Washington team this series looked more like the top heavy all run and gun lazy days on d of Mike Green and Alex Semin years. Washington needs to find a good goalie in nets as
  13. Brooklyn winning that Larry OB. as long as the big 3 stay healthy....
  14. Felt Washington would show more backbone, defensively were not good enough and goal tending was average at best. Felt this series could go long, 6 or 7. Backstrom,Ovechkin,Kuznetsov,Oshie, Wilson, and Mantha all under performed. Actually Oshie was good like always. Good heart and hustle played center as a wing until Kuznetsov got back. Bruins hustle and team defence and better depth in the top 9 and d core showed. Lauzon and Miller played excellent as the shutdown pair vs Ovechkin. Capitals looked like back in the past min
  15. Segachev-Savard is a top pair on most other teams yet they are the third pair on Tampa! Maroon-Johnson- Joseph is a third line they use as their fourth! The depth is unbelievable they literally have zero glaring holes if healthy. How is this possible that the 30 other teams allow this?
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