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  1. Benning has wanted PK Subban in the past and was blocked by Bergevin. If the Devils want to land Dougie Hamilton they will want to create cap space and lighten their books. Van needs a heavy proven top 4 d men who can play an abrasive shutdown game to partner Hughes. This is your chance Benning to finally land PK Subban...

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    2. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      I think if Subban is going to be motivated again it will be in a hockey market in a contract year on a playoff team.


      It's low risk for a 3rd as a 1 year rental would really show the Canucks are all in to make the playoffs and try to win a round or two imo.


      Don't see many other attractive options for now available..



    3. Dazzle


      PK is basically Virtanen on defense, minus the sexual accusations. I think PK is quite a nice guy, and he's very popular with the kids. That being said, he's such an attention seeker. I really don't think he'll fit in this lineup because he seems to value social media more than his on-ice performances.

      Hey, I'm not a hater. I could be wrong though. I hope PK does light it up next year. He's an ambassador of the game with his clean rep.

    4. morrissex95


      If the Devils retain half, I'll take Subban if they give me a 2nd round draft pick. There's a reason why smashville dumped him on the Devils. Would you rather have Subban or Josi? Lol, not even close. 

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