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  1. I have been supremely impressed with Wentz. Havn't watched a game fully yet, but he looks like he's in control of the offense from what I've seen. And people are quick to point out his opponents and rightfully so, but there have been a few throws where it wouldn't matter who he was playing against, were just perfect deeps balls. Definitely looking like the Rams screwed the pooch on this one
  2. I know. Gotta support the boys though. gg GMen. Wasn't an entertaining game to watch, but hey, someone had to win I guess
  3. Good god this is an ugly game to watch. Just horribly played by both the Lions and Titans
  4. Stafford unlocks the truck stick on Perrish Cox
  5. I would say based on the talent on your team anything less than a 6 or 7 win season is a bust. You're not quite there yet to be a playoff team, but I think the Titans are a lot better than last year. I really like your offense. You have DeMarco (who I think is somewhere between where he was 2 years ago and last) plus Mariota is on his way to becoming a star. The defense I really havn't heard too much about though
  6. Thank you sir. I'm interested to see that game next week. Both of our teams I really don't know what to make of.
  7. Anybody know if NFL Sunday Ticket is doing the first week free like last year? Don't want to stream the first Lions game of the year on meh quality
  8. Another question for all of you fantasy guys out there. Got offered Ameer Abdullah for Deangelo Williams. Obviously Williams is the better player for the first 3 games, unsure though how much involvement he'll get when Bell returns though.
  9. Oh and also omg only one more sleep till regular season football!!
  10. So annoyed I was out of town/country for my fantasy draft. Team doesn't look that bad, but still miss the event itself. 14 person ppr league QB: Newton RB: David Johnson RB: Deangelo Williams WR: Jordy Nelson WR: Kelvin Benjamin TE: Eric Ebron (Will be replaced by Eifert on my bench when healthy) Flex: Matt Jones K: Blair Walsh Def: Rams Bench: Tyler Eifert, Matt Stafford, Devante Parker, Tevin Coleman and Isaiah Crowell Considering dropping either Coleman or Crowell for Terrelle Pryor but not sure. What do you guys think?
  11. Yeah I think Gordon could definitely be had for the right price for the Browns. He's now at the point every positive drug test is a year long suspension. Even though if I was the GM I don't think I'd take the trade because what you would get for him, like you said a conditional mid-round pick, is nowhere near worth it if Gordon ever figures it out
  12. Lions have signed Anquan Boldin. Even with no Megatron I am really liking the look of the new receiving core now. Tate, Jones and Boldin with Ebron. Plus Riddick and Abdullah coming out of the backfield. A lot of options for defenses to worry about
  13. Josh Gordon gets reinstated with a 4 game ban to start the year. Really excited to see if Gordon has still got it after being away for pretty much 2 years now. If Griffin can show a little bit of what it was it could be a fun little combo for Browns fans to watch next year. They're still going to win only 2 or 3 games next year though
  14. Holy crap best news I've heard in a long time. First real post presence we've had since KG left town, and in reality he wasn't doing much the last year or 2 he was here anyways. While Horford may not be a great player in any one area, he is very good in all, making him a great signing. Add on to this that Durant reportedly wanted him in OKC, us still having room for a max level player (please Durant ) and I am over the moon today. Almost forgetting about draft day
  15. Yeah it definitely isn't what I was hoping was gonna transpire last night. Was hoping for a trade that would give us an established star to truly be able to compete with the Cavs and even Raptors. Instead we basically just treaded water as an upper, middle tier Eastern team. How I see Jaylen Brown turning out is essentially just what Jae Crowder is for us. Honestly the pick I'm most excited about is a toss up between that Guerschon Yabusele pick and Demetrius Jackson. Yabusele has that unknown factor and from what it sounds like if he is able to develop should be a nice little
  16. Celtics going for consistency with the Jaylen Brown pick. They already have athletic guys who can defend, but can't shoot at every position. Obviously needed another one. Disappointed with their draft night as I was hoping for a trade, but I have faith in Trader Danny and Stevens
  17. On offense yes. Their defense will, umm, be interesting in the backcourt
  18. Yeah if I were to make a list of the top 3-4 defensive linemen he'd be fringe top 5, probably just miss the cut. I don't watch much of the Eagles so maybe I'm missing something here... Chip Kelly is gone so you'd think their moves might start making sense again.
  19. Damn Fletcher Cox now the highest paid non-QB in NFL. I mean he's really good... Don't really think he's worth that kind of money though
  20. Oh and also congrats to Peyton Manning for going out a Super Bowl champ. I did also of course hear about that.
  21. Hey everybody Been away and travelling/working for the last little bit in case some of you all were curious where your local Lions fan went off to. Glad to be back and start talking football again. So disappointed that this last year was my first time I didn't get to watch the Super Bowl in forever and I also was forced to miss my Lions annual Super Bowl as well (draft day). Can't wait to start catching up on everything that has happened in the sports world since I've been gone, only thing I really followed was I tried to watch a Raptors playoff game when it was possi
  22. Abdullah has had a couple nice plays, but hasn't shown anything that says he should be built around. Ebron is improving and could be that piece. I say trade Johnson and Stafford in the next year or two to give us some serious cap flexibility to make room. Plus you didn't include my favorite player and the guy who is the best on the defense and only played 11 snaps before going on season ending IR; Deandre Levy. Dude just has a nose for the football. Overall though I honestly do believe that the problems this team has is more due to coaching mistakes than player talent. The biggest weaknes
  23. The liuns are gud like my speling
  24. This Lions team is embarrassing to watch right now
  25. Pretty sure they already have extended Tannehill. Philbin will most likely be gone soon though. Also is Suh the new Haynesworth?
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