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  1. I wouldn't go that far just yet... but if he can put up 18 beans a season on 4th line and tightens up his D game with some hard core coaching I'd be ok with it but not for a lot of money and if he can move up as he goes and get injury time on the other lines then he maybe ok with that as far as last shot of putting it altogether but he might not even be here if Seattle decides he's worth a shot, who knows but I doubt they'd go after someone else instead, maybe motte or Big Mac etc... but I think it's a bit early to say a career 4th liner just yet about JV but we all can agree the hourglass is ticking for him for sure and it's running out quickly
  2. for those who count that more than anything other than a "sport" I suppose so... I just think the weirdest thing about it was seeing Tan in a jersey other than a Canuck's blue and green but whatever lol I wish him the best...
  3. counting the days until JT is back, imo and I imagine I could be hated for saying thing but imo JT is our best player, Petey skills who will level you given a chance..
  4. Sounds like TG wondering about the goals Motte scored in the playoffs was something Motte could replicate but I guess it can't hurt to try anything until JT is back..
  5. Our best player is out and JV takes his spot but keeps on being being JV.. you'd think he'd come in from minute one gangbusters and level anyone in sight and OWN the puck mentality but noooooo... (yawn)
  6. a top 2 line on a bad team, 3rd line here unless something drastically changes but maybe not even 3rd line, 4th sure but it's perplexing... think he'd be all over this with JT being out, not sure what's going on in his head not to be a force out there and actually dominate when he really gets going.. sighs... frustrating as F!
  7. well normally he makes lil to no mistakes and buries his chances so obviously we miss that..
  8. they quoted most of what some fans were saying that the team took a step back opposed to last season. Bo didn't get into details of his thoughts on it as he was smart enough not to but kept it to "we will prove them wrong as use it as fiery motivation" instead of bothering with the defence of the fact he thought it was it's actually bull$&!#e which shows true leadership by disagreement of it once and then letting that part of it go and turning it into a positive but that's our captain.. NOT short on brains!
  9. So much for a step back hey? that was b.s. and I love how Bo responded to the step back statement the media told him about... He knows we didn't and can't wait to prove it by the looks of things!
  10. tends to happen with McD and Dri taking up that kind of cap space, not a lot left over...
  11. Well you still have to be wary of that, NJ was like that when they won the cup, they didn't have a great team but really good, they simply out worked everyone and won it, it was as simple as that.. hard hard and work boots on, foot to the pedal, was surprising but they did it.
  12. As I remember they all had us written off for years, won't make the playoffs, and same b.s. with TJ Miller was a bad trade and we got fleeced etc.. honestly, who cares what they say? meh.. same ole b.s. over and over like a broken record.