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  1. Indeed there is more than stats that come into play but trust me when I say that most don't look at more than that, for one, when we do hit the playoffs and we all have seen it in the past, when we have had our typical smaller, quick, skilled teams.. we get SMASHED! Other teams take liberties and our boys have gone down to injury or went invisible because we had no pushback.. fast forward to today, people are still whining about Myers yet we need more than his playing stats from him especially in the playoffs, we need him to be 6'8, yet most people forget that and want him traded. how stupid c
  2. Stop using logic.. people will just get mad, most knee jerk reactions without using brains starting with the media rule here on the CDC.. get with the program! lol I surely hope you don't, it gets old fast and you stop laughing and just shake your head...
  3. actually I disagree with the "might be" the problem, I'd almost bet money it IS the problem after playing there for that long and losing heart for playing a bit, I probably would have too.. Anything could be an act but he seemed genuinely excited to come to Vancouver and I'd be too. Except for really bad media, probably hands down the worst in the entire NHL but if he can ignore it, which I'm sure he can, because no one is perfect they'll pick on something for sure... Anyway as long as OEL plays with heart, pretty sure it'll be good to see an ex Norris candidate on the back end wh
  4. ok that's an easy one, you can only be lead to be "your" absolute best which may or may not be good enough but helping someone get to that point of being right to the limit of their ability is something Clark is very good at that but in the terms of realism, you can only work with what you have right?
  5. You litterally have to stop reading my mind, that's classified information ya know? Actually I think a part of it for JB is the outside chance that Clark could find a diamond in the rough.. might turn into a 50/50 AHL starter and decent NHL back up material on the top of his game anddddd you never know, Clark has pulled a Thatcher out of his hat before well if he does anything remotely close to that we might have a injury call up when games are on the line in the standings, one can hope.
  6. At this point I can't help but think that just down the road from Abbotsford is one of the best goalie coaches in the world who will surely have time to work with him and with proper honing, where exactly is his ceiling? I'm confident that Ian could almost turn anyone who is at least really good to a back up in the NHL, this is our ace in the hole when it comes to G in the system, we need Clark and he's one of the best off ice hires in franchise history.. glad that man is here, not somewhere else especially now that he can work so close to our G prospects in Abby, pretty happy about that but I
  7. if he was 2-3 inches taller and 20 pounds (with a mean streak) and a bit better of a D game he'd be worth that for sure and more but people need to chill, he'll be on a bridge deal, you can bet JB has already spoken to his agent already on it, probably had a brief conversation enough to say what would be offered (ish) and yes a bridge deal back loaded for 3 years I'd think, same as Petey I'm sure. Agents know what's going on and do what they think is best for the player but know the status of the team and it's cap as well, so I believe Jimbo when he says it won't be a problem getting the cap
  8. I think the only thing you missed is Jimbo addressing the size issue with good serviceable NHL'ers and that's worth more than people remember, we won't be steamrolled anymore, plus players we got needed a change of scenery and linemates to get rejuvenated (OEL) and the minor league pick-ups give us depth.. check this out.. DEPTH.. weird hearing myself say that and this team, been watching for so long and how many years lack of it killed us time after time, and for only the 2nd time in franchise history or so (imho) a bigger team so Petey and co. don't get pushed around like Twins did.. JB did
  9. agreed BUT Hughes shouldn't have to be going up against 1st lines, he's still learning the ropes and should be 2nd line match ups instead, that's a lot to ask of someone his age.. he was bound to hit a wall last season and then he was roasted on the boards and Vancouver media, geez... however I like what JB just did but I don't think I would give Garland that much but whatever, I would have offered a mil off a season, hopefully he'll look like a steal when (crossing fingers) the cap increases... but at the end of the day, we're a bigger better team than last year
  10. That's the main point, thought it was a no brainer but Mr Arrowhead probably missed the memo or will make some excuse for it..
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