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  1. No it goes to show you can't fix stupid as a lot of people have been over this team since 2012 especially without taking into consideration the big picture and the circumstances and even worse the joke of a group of people we have in the media.. talk about the blind leading the blind, and stupid, if not stupid, then stubborn and refusing to think for themselves, instead take everything into account, not just things they hear and automatically think is correct and as laughable as it all is in a way, it's as lame as shyte, no this isn't looking at the team in rose coloured glasses either as THAT would equal homerism equal to the stupidity/stubborn BUT there are folks who do well at looking at the team with a critical but cautiously optimistic eyes, who, btw keep me coming back to see what's new and happily glad the summer shyte show is over but the smart folks are just watching the team and seeing where it will go now that the build is pretty much over. always remember drama kings/queens/trolls will always be with and the clickbait media but whatever, is what it is..
  2. and Bo would be a career 3rd line center? Edit: I first heard statements like that started by the media... goes to show they still don't know shi_, especially the JT Miller trade lately and I won't even start on OEL and Garland.. it will never stop..
  3. Every NHL superstar has made their share of mistakes, they just stop happening as much with experience...
  4. Well I'm glad we won, saw the new James Bond flick tonight instead but glad to see we pulled another off another win, one could almost feel like Bo was going to break out and show again why he has the C and glad he's on! As far as I'm taking it, this is sort of pre-season still and practice for the better teams coming our way soon but we're still a way of from anywhere near our potential but in time right?
  5. So your saying about OJ, if a young player plays like a young player and makes mistakes here and there then get rid of him right away? I'd favour JB's approach to giving someone a chance to see if he can overcome and injury which was clearly OJ's case, he may never recover to be able to pivot as fast as the NHL requires but maybe he does. We're a team that can't afford to gamble like that anymore, we're simply not a established team yet like others are that could give him a chance for a longer period of time. However a large part of that was the play of Rathbone who is the better player so it was the right call easily. You sound a bit like me before JB arrived and started to dismantle the broken team we ended up with from 2012 onward but if that kind of butter soft team with a new GM who was ok with a good regular that crapped the bed in the playoffs but filled the seats every night and made money as we did for many years I would have stopped watching and almost did because of it but JB came along and even though I wasn't happy with all his moves, I'm still watching because he's doing his best to ice a competitive minded team that is balanced with skill and toughness with depth so until the finished product has some time to get used to each other, the jury is out imo. And if JB had of been fired, that would have been it for me, back to the same ole b.s. I've seen for the better part of 40 odd years isn't worth my time watching.
  6. well that was me not setting my sights too high on any one player but trust me when I say I'm cautiously stoked to see Klim make our top 6 but even at a bottom 6 he'd add a bit shot of offence to whatever line he plays in but I'm thinking it's more of an on ice adjustment to the smaller rink the NHL has which means everything happens a lot faster but I'm quietly confident he'll be ok especially as time goes on. A ppg player who is new to the league is pretty impressive and I sure liked what I saw of him. Yeah has all the skills for sure.
  7. Sounds like a fair amount posters this past off-season Alf..
  8. glad to see another point, so far a ppg player and hope he keeps it up. Almost has to, usually ppg players can make it to the NHL on a 3-4th line at the least unless they can't do some of it in the bigs so nice to see Klim doing it and the rest is just wait and see but liking it so far.
  9. I know right? almost makes you want to go back and flame it again for old times sake.. I think in some tiny place inside my spirit will be laughing as long as I live. However! After seeing Burr in his first game with the Av's destroy Bjugstad on YouTube, the laughter was joined with a smile. Now there's shades of the Burr we know and love.. glad he's back in spirit!
  10. Burr got a really nice couple of facial hugs in hard with his fists... Seems to me he's wearing the name Burr very well so far
  11. Actually I was like after a push or 2 it would just go in and follow it but not like that lmao but whatever right? Another side note, Demko seems to be upping his game every night almost, signing him for 5 was a great deal for the team and hopefully in 5 years we have the cap space because if he becomes better and better, and I'm pretty positive he will, I hope the cap is a lot bigger because not only are we going to need it to re sign him but for us it would have been worth every penny and then some, he deserves it!
  12. actually I was kind of.. well not like laughing but he must have thought, omg "i'm NOT going to screw this up and in scared shi_less not to so push push push it ahead until it 2 feet away from the goal line.. I guess it got an eye roll out of me but was happy to see it go 4-1 and game over no matter what!
  13. when has it not stopped? Side note, imo OEL and Rathbone both looked great, OEL as advertised, and Rathbone, looks like a seasoned pro out there.
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