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  1. Yeah I read that and was going to post it but it's seems a no brainer, if we don't try out the new guys how will we know so I think JB might stand pat and just wait and see, good article though explaining it with comparison's.. I'd do the same I think if I couldn't unload anyone but I bet JB's tempted to let JV go for a pick and give Hoglander a spot to lose, and of course sign AG and then see how it goes.
  2. I'm reading 3.1 Mil in cap for us in 'NHL Numbers"
  3. It kind of strikes me as odd that this would surprise anyone or come as news, if we signed Train then it's just one more asset to put in to the pool when the Kraken come calling.. seems like a good idea to me.
  4. Well it's not a bad thing evaluating how the prospects are looking, especially on D, not only for current roster spots as they come available but for depth when enevitable injuries occur (knocks on wood) ATM it looks ok as far as that looks right now, but that can change but as long as there's a single PMD in of them, that's all we really need.. we can't just depend on Hughes and Smitty to carry the puck out rather than the typical off the boards or glass where we only have a small chance of our forwards retrieving it and then have it right back in our own end again Obviously, there's only so many times we can get away with that in goals against in playing the odds and sooner or later we get bitten and that happens way too much.. That's why we gave up so many shots and that needs to stop, not with a slowing it down from happening quite as much now that Smitty has arrived, I'm actually hoping OJ will be that guy but someone has to step in at any rate..
  5. Well, Podz is due here next year and he's already everything Jake yet isn't.. the way I see it, last chance cafe for him now IF he's not signed and traded away next season or before that if he he's not showing enough maturity by skating into camp with a chip on his shoulder, in shape, and a new determination not to F it up, then he will stay IF he shows up every night like that, but when the new Russian rocket 2.0 shows up, and Jake hasn't taken huge steps to keep his roster spot, then it's gone, Jake better pull out his inner bulldog and control it (A game) to be even close... Skill wise, Podz has an arsenal where Jake has his shotgun.. in this case Jake you'd better get 2.. I'm stoked about Podz obviously but a Jake with 5 times the skill and 5 times the determination, makes Jake expendable and we win an ELC in a flat cap for who knows how long might be a be a difference that goes a long way if cap stays flat.. who knows right? But wow.. I keep watching videos of Podz and he reminds me a lot of Pavel Bure AFTER the elbow to Churla especially that there was no way he was going to let anyone get between him and the puck, and then the skill to put it in the net and that's what makes Podz into the pitbull like that too..
  6. Why? Who is going to protect Hughes? You think guys aren't going to try to Sedin him? That WILL happen... If you think it won't your mistaken
  7. That's about it in a nutshell, I've tried to explain that numerous times to people but some just don't get it.. why? I have no idea.. well wait, I do know it's a bit to do with the media that didn't get it either, ok most, not all but good observation, encouraging to know that not all people miss it..
  8. He forgets the joke of a team we had after 2012 onward.. just a good seasonal team that never made it far and had next to zero depth.. and a core that was broken after Boston beat us up.. pretty thankful there's only Eddie left from that era. Everyone like to blame the current guy when the previous guy left next to zero to build on except for aging players with ntc's that weren't really mentoring anyone to speak of as the draft cupboard had be sold dry for so long that many of us here have never seen much success farm wise, let alone it being ranked in the top 3 I think it was lately, but this is a real team for a change with guys about to be brought in to take roster spots which is fairly rare here but scarcely believable actually, a nice change but people can stop thinking the sky is falling because it's clearly not, we just have a couple more seasons before our window is right there with a good shot and not a fluke season success but built over the long haul.. We're due, has it been easy along the way? Nope but freaking out over the past and it's failures hardly helps, but a cautious hope, nothing wrong with that...
  9. The HOV lane on the highway should be open to everyone, there's never enough vehicles on it to warrant it's existance. Be nice for another lane and maybe, but probably not, make it a express lane for people heading out to at least Surrey to ease the congestion with only those getting off before the bridge across.. meh.. like that's ever going to happen...
  10. Rumour has it, that salaries are dropping, fear of covid cap freeze is making players realize that there's a chance the cap might stay as it is for awhile, and if it does, no longer do teams have more money coming in to match salary raises as the cap rises as it does usually, with the long term contracts already in place, teams will be more picky on cheaper contracts and having more ELC's so I can see that happening.. arbitration with Jake might be in the Canucks favour if the market value of contracts drops. I suppose supply and demand scenario applies but the demand is capped but the supply isn't and more competition for it, seems to me that it can't help but happen.. Will it drop sharply enough as signings happen before the 28th to affect JV's projected 20 goal market value? No idea... but it's possible I guess, I remember the gas crash when covid started as the fear of lack of demand if the world was going to sit at home, was a trigger for it at the realization, same sort of thing, but I'd say it's still up in the air if people can't fill the seats, and when if it can return to normal but I don't see the cap rising at all until it happens, players are already signing for lower $ but question is.. how low will it go? And when? Interesting times...
  11. You know, I think it's just lack of maturity but I also think he got read the riot act after the run was over, the exit speech, whatever they call it, so if he shows up like previously, show him the door in a trade or for a draft pick or something, if Jake's maturity level didn't rise from last year after going through finding out what kind of shape you have to be in.. would say it all..
  12. By whom? Bo? Lol Bo tore into him pretty hard already... He might be first in line for it...
  13. Ok so your JB and it's your decision what to do with shotgun Jake before Oct 28th, his salary arbitration date or after. I.E. do you wait and see, sign him and trade him OR do it before? Sign him and wait and see what kind of shape he shows up in training camp and how he performs? Would you give him a final shot on a one year show me more deal, to see if he can make top 6 or do you simply throw all the developing into the wind, use the cap elsewhere and give Hogs (ELC) a shot with Bo? Or offer him a bit less and make him a 3rd line guy IF he can pull it all together and play like a tank "consistently" Just scenario's and there are many more.. What call would you make?