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  1. Oh the JT Miller bit made me howl in laughter, we got him for a song, not only did he sit in the top of the league in scoring the team had another experienced leader who won't take crap from anyone... but they left the last part out and couldn't see that part of his value as a player... like f'n DUH!!! and most jumped on it and rode it like a horse... blind leading the stupid! geez some just refuse to think for themselves I guess but what idiocy, I laughed so hard and just shook my head and the even harder as he passed a lot of players in the scoring derby and the other right there at the poin
  2. the actual reporters are almost worse, take Jeff Patterson for instance, what a brainless jack ass.. he's painful to read, how on earth does he even get paid to write the $&!#e he writes???
  3. and feed on the stupid for clickbait or otherwise, be nice to just have the facts but that's just asking way too much... wayyyyy too much... nothing new for Vancouver media though, they lost my ear 20+ years ago and 5-10 mins of watching, listening, or reading anytime now makes me feel better about not paying attention to it. However it is kind of funny how many people actually fall for their bs and believe it..
  4. Sorry to hear that, I'll just have to continue not to listen...
  5. ummm I hope I'm not mistaken was him counting this season as one and then one more. Seems to make sense as LE and Luongo are off the books by then
  6. wait patiently for 2023 when JB has a more experienced young core, and more experienced depth from players on the farm, and Podz here... it's not just making it to the post season, it actually winning it so making the final tweaks are easy from here on in, seriously, the worst GM now or in the history of the NHL couldn't screw this up, even a assistant GM could do it. Are some too blind to see this fact? it's way past "some" but hey people can have nothing better to do than critique something that isn't quite finished all they like but it doesn't change it.
  7. I was going to ask the same thing, it will take a little bit for him to get used to new players and systems but hopefully he'll be a fast learner but if he didn't look out of place that's a good sign I'd say... be nice to get another steal..
  8. 2 years and it's irrelevant if Vesey sticks or not, Podz is here soon.. Bo Vasily and Nils is going to be one F of a line... quote me on that, not saying I'm not the first seeing it but I'm stoked...
  9. The JB haters are way past sounding whiney.. it's getting OLD, just saying!
  10. sorry but he's not leaving, Franco is behind him and it's his team, no one else's, he can do whatever the F he wants..
  11. people can always go cheer for the flames or oilers if you don't like JB... he's here to stay, like it or not.
  12. never believe anything until you see it..
  13. Happier that Vesey was signed actually...
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