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  1. At this point it might not be that much of a loss, one LE is enough on our team whose heart isn't really into it. That's a cancer that can easily go the wrong way if not checked. Vancouver has to be a place known for coming to work your ass off to have a roster spot. Not to mention if we can trade JV and someone else and maybe get a pick and save some cap space... I think that's the kind of thing JB would rather do anyway or a top 4 D.. idk, it's not like we're broke at bottom 6 forward that we can't let any go of. Meh I believe JB has learned enough to pull something off. It's not like he came here with any GM experience but he's doing much better now.
  2. Or send him to boot camp for the off season! Lmao! If only that could be done......
  3. C'mon we all know Seattle will be after Louie Eriksson...up yer Kraken with em, aye! Omg, If only!
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    Well I know what I'll be watching..
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    I read an article earlier about covid ravaging half of Podz team, but he tested negative Thank God! If I'm JB I'd be tempted to talk to Aquaman and suggest buying out the rest of Podz' season (if possible) and ask him so sit and help him out financially but get him away hockey altogether over there since they blew it putting it together unlike we did as in host cities.. I don't know about you but risking a piece that? As he could have been drafted top 3 but ended up lower because of his oversees contract. Not liking this at all! I'm pissed that anyone would be put at risk for the sake of the sport if it's "avoidable" and it was..
  6. That's old news.. Hughie won the Calder as far as I'm concerned and that's never going to change, after we win the Stanley in a cpl of seasons from now, no one will even remember this with Hughes doing a cup skate when it's his turn... End of story...
  7. Well thankfully it doesn't matter which really, Markstrom has done that for most of the season already and he's done it in the playoffs so either way we don't have to worry about our Goalie position and we could let one go for a top pairing D who can either play top pairing with Hughes or anchor 2nd pairing and move up in event of illness or injury (God forbid) to Hughes and whoever flanks him.. That's a big need, but probably next to our last need as our depth starts to take spots and then there's the BIG ass Russian I'd still love him here, nice to have a freight train that throws things out of the way like ragdolls, that was Brashear at one point and he actually play hockey but nowhere as good as Train, his passes are fine and a better skater than Brash, can he fight as well? No but not many could, ask Marty lol Anyway we need D, we can argue Demko or Marky all day BUT we can't hang them out to dry as we always have (the odd exception) and that's a big reason there's never been a Stanley here, not the only reason but a lot of it.. hope JB continues hitting it over the fence with deals and we get better so we don't waste the firepower we have
  8. I wouldn't be so sure, we can't sign and trade him? That completely impossible? At least that way he'd have a choice to go somewhere he could land in a trade where he might not land in free agency, the team(s) that he may WANT to play for a live might not have cap either but rather trade instead, much like our team right now. So never say never.. or he may stay for a discount we can afford, no one knows but him.
  9. Hope so but I doubt JB will do that since we need it for Markstrom/Toffoli/Hughes/Alien so saving but still upgrading is still possible but we can't hope to win anything without good D and a 200ft game out of the forwards, forwards have bought into it but D can't be ignored..
  10. Well we hardly need elite though, we just need a lot better than we have now on D and that wouldn't take elite by any means, we just need consistently really good.. as long as we don't get peppered in shots against and hemmed in most nights and hope our offense/goalie to bail us out.
  11. Ferland can be put on LTIR or maybe see him retiring before concussion issues go any further and affect him worse for life.. if that's the case I'd rather him retire, it was worth a try..
  12. Well we can't afford to give JV a raise anyway so he's gone, just the math killed it for him too and there's no way Podz becomes a whipping boy here, he's got the Motte drive and serious sick skills so I hardly think that will be the case... Good to be concerned yes but in this case I highly doubt it's a worry..
  13. Thinks Podz and then thinks Virtanen who again? Ok so had a few things to do so now time to edit and finish that statement, I was/is a fan of JV in a way but he still needs work in the head Dept which we haven't gotten finished with obviously or he'd have played more like we all know he can but still has to be consistent and we simply ran out of time on him but moving on from him to his replacement is something that excites me like the moment I had when I read we signed JT Miller and JB had surpassed my expectations and then some, on top of that, thinking of the future, he picked up Podz who needed development too but he wants the puck ALL the time and he'll do whatever it takes to get it which JV lacks, so walking in when we need him, Podz will be a huge help, that's an elite way of thinking the game in the raw but when honed to read plays and do damage, getting a player like that is a huge steal for JB.. and just like the Miller deal... Wait and see.. that kid has a skill set and mind set that will surprise a LOT of people.
  14. Actually not quite, he spent a lot of time with Bo who wants to win bad enough he'd happily show his knowledge from manny, and manny worked with Petey too obviously so with those 2 here for quite awhile I'd say for years but hiring him paid off so it was all win for both sides. We're fine dude... He left a Manny legacy so I wouldn't worry about it anytime soon
  15. Could have been worse.. think Bruins..