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  1. I hope Vegas takes it, I hate the Habs.. I don't care if their Canadian or not...
  2. How about Nathan McKinnon about to re-up on his contract and again willing to take less specifically to help the team sign others to make them better, regrets a bit he didn't take a bridge deal but might go with that this time, we can only hope Petey and Hughes can at least do a bridge, can't really see them taking less maybe but it sure would help our situation if it started to be loaded for both starting the season after next and we'll be fine and I think that is exactly what is going to happen after JB started in on that with JV... Hope that continues!
  3. CoHo did not have the drive like Podz! I don't think we have anyone with his drive actually... Maybe Motte... MAYBE!
  4. Darryl Sittler vs Guy Lafleur was epic to watch... talk about back and fourth hockey full out, it was sooooo much fun to watch.. Dave Hodge I think announced it if I remember correctly, been quite awhile.. (side note) sometimes they even had light fog on the ice during a game and then they'd set up fans (excuse the pun) and it would finally dissipate then game on...
  5. Jake earned himself a ticket to being unprotected at the draft or they let him go completely if he breached contract if found guilty of sexual misconduct but he will be gone soon, unless he completely changes then he's pretty much gone...
  6. Bure comes out of retirement?
  7. I sort of agree, I think the bpa on D though, our core is set, we need to develop from here on in to our weakness and that's D and we can pick up a good consistent stand in until he develops... but we can never have enough depth or developing depth, we always get creamed with injuries so nothing wrong with stacking up unless a player gets passed to us which has been known to happen, otherwise staying the course and actually building for a change is amazing to see in the first place, usually we just dump our picks away in trades... that hasn't worked in 40 years and it's not going to anytime s
  8. In other news, JB hires Pavel Bure for a training period with Podz, steps in and makes a huge impact (no not like Pavel himself) but one can wish right? on both counts... praying he's training his a** off all offseason long... definately has the will to do it.. Make no mistake, we will actually gain a bit in cap space to Seattle as well then the ELC of Podz as well.. and see JB doing bridge deals to Hughes and Petey with a light first 2 years and then back loaded the last 3, and then to re-up Bo and then Brock but after that we will have money and maybe, just maybe be able to snag a top
  9. not so sure that's a good idea, both have gotten further around the curve and we all know how bad we seem to get banged up, and a horrific schedule.. I think anyone we get from 1-9 will help a lot, and if it's not a NHL ready player, we still have a year to see how he does in (almost said Utica) lol but who knows, if JB can pull off something, he will... and if we just pick 9th we might get someone fairly good.. as long as he has size speed and skill, I'm happy but HAS to have size, us getting pushed around in the playoffs WILL happen if we don't draft to that, we've all seen the same ole'
  10. and your serious??? or do you need to seriously give your head a shake?!
  11. Last time I looked the owner of a sports team can do whatever the F he wants to ...
  12. Wishful thinking... has size skill smarts and skating, we need that, especially at center.
  13. Well we're projected 9 as it stands but we might move up..
  14. Hi, so your JB, and facing the draft knowing your needing a high-end defenseman and a 3rd line center. So now what, 4-5 Dmen are in the top 10 who fit that from Owen Power on down, or do you scan for a center prospect for need rather than best pick available?
  15. At least JB's supporting cast was miles better than that... but if I'm tracking with you, you want the old soft team back? Yes it was fun to watch all season but then turfed out early in the post season, we can do that but there will never be a Stanley here, ever... we tried that route and failed horribly but media and fans who follow them want it back, sadly that never worked and won't anytime soon...
  16. Uh not really on the Oilers, the next older players were early 20's and your right, not very good, so had they quality players to assist them in mentorship, they would have been a different team today. If the right deal comes along he will go for it but the days of 4 year contracts to anyone except our core isn't going to happen.. just the way it is, the media just made so much of it like it was going to continue but it simply doesn't need to happen unless he does something on D where it's worth it, our top 6 is good, bottom 6 is the easier part, especially when after next season people
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