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  1. I'd say as far as top 4 D, that depends on this year's draft, there's 4 potential top 4 there but it would take another year past unless we somehow manage to get Owen Power but that seems unlikely but who knows, the other 3 as in Clarke, Edvinsson, and Hughes (I'm not sure if they can walk into a top 4 right away) so it leaves another season to see how it goes and then when we're finally at 2023, we should be looking at a much improved team, it had to start and end around Demko, then out on D which was our weakest spot but Nate helped that along but we still need a Dman that can play bottom si
  2. and pretty ridiculous some think that we don't need bigger players like him around so Petey and Hughes don't get run like the Sedins did
  3. no it was pretty evident he didn't get along with WD..
  4. like most players, depends who he plays with has a lot to do with it. However he's not done development so all we can do is hope we have another Burrows.. or better? hard to say.. he's pretty crafty with the puck but there's no need to throw a ceiling out there, but that being said, enter Podz... with Bo? ummm could be a lethal 2nd line BUT at this point who knows.. but I like the speed and tenacity of that line on paper, but what gets me going on it so much is that we need Hogs for that with Bo and Podz doing the heavy work.. one can hope..
  5. That whole paragraph made zero sense.. the sedins were kept to mentor Bo, Brock etc.. teach them how to be professionals on and off the ice and while keeping the team somewhat watchable, and how exactly do you circumvent league rules on contracts?! that say contracts expire when they expire and not before?! MG had half the team or more locked in, can you not understand this..
  6. Ummm... Linden was not fired, he stepped down.. MAYBE to save face from possibly getting fired rather than quit but at any rate he stepped down, not fired.. and it's conjecture at best, and the signings had nothing to do with it, you do the best with what you have and add to it as you as you go and if someone can't handle it then.. oh well...
  7. Don't you hate it when you have to school people all the time?
  8. Are you THAT new? Thanks for the laugh though, could always use a good one every now and then.. THINK about what your saying, exactly what happened here, happened because of the way the team was and it was ALWAYS fan pressure to sell the farm and win it all now, instead of actually building a team for once.
  9. Could you be anymore "yesterday" than that??? I don't think so, and there was/is only one albatross and he's LE, it's like he fell asleep here playing with the Twins, he scored 30 goals with the B's and should have pulled at least 30-35+ with the Twins but I would have done that deal all day long especially after he played on their line at the world championships, and then for some unseen reason that we'll never know, he nose dived and if you think ANYONE saw that coming, you'd be a liar... The mentors, were those we needed to help our young guys along by teaching on ice andddddd brough
  10. Are you on drugs? JT played up and down their line-up as needed and played with Stamkos and looked like he belonged on first line, a total first line player on any other non super stacked team.. It wasn't his talent that kept him off first like like you said, hardly, in fact I laughed when I read that, did you even watch his goals when he played in Tampa? Most were highlight reel goals, seriously if you didn't then have a look at "JT Miller's best goals" on youtube and then come back and tell me he's not a first line player.. that might change your "opinion" just a tad...
  11. TT was a covid casualty, no cap increase at all.. that was hard to take BUT TT not being here doesn't exactly hurt us either, and I'll defer that to Podz and while he's tearing it up on second line on ELC which is crucial because Bo and Brock will need to be resigned as well so saving every penny will be crucial, and we might want sign another high-end D as well but I don't see see it being an issue unless the league bans bridge deals which JB has learned to use. Don't get me started on LE, EVERYONE and his dog was screaming for a player for the twins and if I remember correctly, there
  12. Oh and he picked Demko, Petey, Hughes, Podz, Brock, Hogs, so these were all screw ups?!
  13. No I'd disagree though, he did what he had to do.. sometimes it didn't work, some times it did.. LE and JT Miller come to mind
  14. well compared to 40 years of the same ole bull$&!# without a farm and only 2 shots at it, that doesn't equate, plus Jimbo had to develop what he had with vets on the ice and that value won't be seen for awhile except when Bo took the reigns last year but he's been here for awhile so that was his goal, but in 2 years everyone in our core will be experienced enough even more by then and even Podz will have 2 seasons under his belt by then, but we'll have a good team with depth that will bring us a decent length window to go for it, until then, people should just take a chill pill and watch,
  15. In future news, the Canucks, mentors gone and 2023 rolls around, with cap back at par, both Lou's off the books, and depth developed at the farm and tweaks done as needed on D and bottom six filled with farm guys mixed with kept players that have locked down spots from performance, leading from now to then. leftovers casted off and for the first time in years of franchise history, not only having a very good team but quality younger players anddddd this season's 1st round pick as well and obviously it would be D most likely.. THEN things will be a different story and man I'm going to have fun
  16. well people are taking the cap thing much too seriously when there's an easy solution until we hit par with both Lou's off the books, the mentors all gone and job done, and then bridge deals with the major increases hit when the books are par in 2 years and that's why JB said 2 years.. it's not f'g rocket science!! but yet the media is stirring the pot and people fall for it everytime.. I still refer back to JT Miller and how we got fleeced, JB stole a first line player for what? CHEAP! but did the media see that? uhhh nope! and look how many fools fell for that one alone, well maybe not foo
  17. aren't all 3 of those guys exempt? haven't played pro for over the last 2 seasons? and the players left unsigned at the end of this season are exempt too I thought? capfriendly read it like so.. All players who have accrued two or less professional seasons at the end of the 2020-21 season, as well as all unsigned draft choices appearing on the teams reserve list, will be exempt from the upcoming expansion draft
  18. Sekeres? Seriously? lmao!!!!! omg he's part of the worst media in the NHL, here in Vancouver, and people actually take them seriously.. unbelievable.. smh
  19. what? JB isn't done yet ffs.. if by the end of the 23 season your still saying that I'd agree with you but now I don't even take such notions seriously, you want the old style management that iced a butter soft team that did great in the season and never had enough depth to go further than the first round sound appealing to you? how has that worked for us so far? and fyi, this team before JB took it over was laughable, AT BEST! A broken aging core all locked in.. I'm surprised we're even this far... but over the years, too much attention was paid to and acted on by fan pressure to win it all
  20. well i don't think it's a case of must have's, opposed to a settle for the best of what a team has out there unprotected, almost everyone on the team not named, Petey, Brock, Bo, Huggy, Nate, Tyler M, Demko, JT, and sadly LE.. will be put out there for picking.. who Seattle takes after that is almost anyone's guess
  21. are you serious? lmao! ok no your not but that was funny as F! lol but omg Jake!!! what next? ughhhh
  22. we need Pearson anyway, last mentor like JT Miller, in 2-3 years our young guys will have enough mentorship to make the transition but Pearson will be great for Podz as he develops into the NHL style of play.. so who would you pick if your Seattle's gm?
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