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  1. Lockwood = Motte 2.0? Feels like he'll be playing games this year. Hopefully Gadj can too.
  2. Used to play men's league there and can vouch the ice is really nice & the lighting was great. You nailed it. And of course it was awesome being a beer leaguer playing in a pro rink. It's a really nice building.
  3. Jay Beagle always lead the bag skates, don't recall him being a better skater or more impactful in-game than Bo Horvat. Not ready to read alot into this.
  4. First game Sunday? So exciting, finally hockey to watch/focus on.
  5. Thats so beyond awful, I don't really know what to say. Honestly I missed this post of yours, is there really not anywhere else he could theoretically be transferred too for this surgery? (Somewhere the hospital isn't as filled).
  6. This whole big can of worms is so tiring, definitely don't need to open another one. In the bigger picture 95% should be taken as a huge success - I'm sure many months ago everyone would've taken that gladly. Even 90% for that matter, honestly. I don't know... I hate all of this, I hate this 'debate', I hate having to debate fellow humans being classified as non-essential. And the heartbreaking part to me is that all the lives lost, all the businesses/livelihoods destroyed, the extreme division and hatred sown, exc. and there is probably never going to be a real explana
  7. Is the goal with this proposition essential a zero covid aim?
  8. Just add him to the list of politicians who have disregarded the public rules. If anythings clear in this its that the politicians view us as plebs & they don't care about leading by example.
  9. Fair enough. Quick on their feet sure, & you can get a feel for who they are - especially in some cases. Though I don't get much genuineness out of it myself. I'd like a format where the leaders can demonstrate a genuine understanding of issues, & genuinely explain how they are going to lead on those issues. (Even if there's still a debate & that's added on as part of the election coverage) We have a collectively funded state broadcast corporation, we could use it to inform & cover all our bases rather than just the US-style popularity contest 'debate'.
  10. The title had me thinking this was entirely unrealistic, but the idea of telling him to focus entirely on defensive play & not taking chances actually doesn't seem horrible. Myers isn't bad defending on the rush, he has trouble in-zone & even more trouble when the puck is on his stick under pressure. Maybe they can tell him to stop pinching so he doesn't get burned, but ideally if he can play 20+ mins bouncing between the 2nd/3rd pair I think we'll be okay. I'm looking at Hamonic more as the guy that could up his value to the team as he was starting to find his
  11. I guess we know where the SoCons lay What a mess the Conservative party is.
  12. Safe to conclude conservative is a euphemism for racist
  13. Yeah there's definitely people in that boat. I hope people would be willing to atleast get a consultation & further examine the potential health issues they fear being exasperated, if there is one. But then again they may just not trust what they are being told regardless. Some people just aren't going to be convinced. Its at a point where we either accept their free will or go tyrannical & force them to get it against their will for the greater good. This doesn't make alot of sense. All variants currently in our country have come from other cou
  14. I'm surprised how quickly Eric Staal's fallen off, seems like just a year ago he was still a productive player in Minnesota. Guess he's getting old tho. Chiasson is a nice add on a tryout. Solid move.
  15. Good competition for MacEwen. He's been kind of the forgotten guy here, but Ryan Johnson was on D&D and seemed pretty optimistic on his ability to rebound. I like this PTO.
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