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  1. Thats so beyond awful, I don't really know what to say. Honestly I missed this post of yours, is there really not anywhere else he could theoretically be transferred too for this surgery? (Somewhere the hospital isn't as filled).
  2. This whole big can of worms is so tiring, definitely don't need to open another one. In the bigger picture 95% should be taken as a huge success - I'm sure many months ago everyone would've taken that gladly. Even 90% for that matter, honestly. I don't know... I hate all of this, I hate this 'debate', I hate having to debate fellow humans being classified as non-essential. And the heartbreaking part to me is that all the lives lost, all the businesses/livelihoods destroyed, the extreme division and hatred sown, exc. and there is probably never going to be a real explana
  3. Is the goal with this proposition essential a zero covid aim?
  4. Just add him to the list of politicians who have disregarded the public rules. If anythings clear in this its that the politicians view us as plebs & they don't care about leading by example.
  5. Fair enough. Quick on their feet sure, & you can get a feel for who they are - especially in some cases. Though I don't get much genuineness out of it myself. I'd like a format where the leaders can demonstrate a genuine understanding of issues, & genuinely explain how they are going to lead on those issues. (Even if there's still a debate & that's added on as part of the election coverage) We have a collectively funded state broadcast corporation, we could use it to inform & cover all our bases rather than just the US-style popularity contest 'debate'.
  6. The title had me thinking this was entirely unrealistic, but the idea of telling him to focus entirely on defensive play & not taking chances actually doesn't seem horrible. Myers isn't bad defending on the rush, he has trouble in-zone & even more trouble when the puck is on his stick under pressure. Maybe they can tell him to stop pinching so he doesn't get burned, but ideally if he can play 20+ mins bouncing between the 2nd/3rd pair I think we'll be okay. I'm looking at Hamonic more as the guy that could up his value to the team as he was starting to find his
  7. I guess we know where the SoCons lay What a mess the Conservative party is.
  8. Safe to conclude conservative is a euphemism for racist
  9. Yeah there's definitely people in that boat. I hope people would be willing to atleast get a consultation & further examine the potential health issues they fear being exasperated, if there is one. But then again they may just not trust what they are being told regardless. Some people just aren't going to be convinced. Its at a point where we either accept their free will or go tyrannical & force them to get it against their will for the greater good. This doesn't make alot of sense. All variants currently in our country have come from other cou
  10. I'm surprised how quickly Eric Staal's fallen off, seems like just a year ago he was still a productive player in Minnesota. Guess he's getting old tho. Chiasson is a nice add on a tryout. Solid move.
  11. Good competition for MacEwen. He's been kind of the forgotten guy here, but Ryan Johnson was on D&D and seemed pretty optimistic on his ability to rebound. I like this PTO.
  12. Yeah love the vibe around him. The other good thing with OEL is if (god forbid) the Hughes saga drags into regular season he's a career 0.5 PPG Dman thats been a #1 PP guy his whole career. Pretty good backup plan for that role.
  13. I imagine they would have to fight the PA tooth and nail over that one. Especially if its lingering effects from the vaccine, or even the outbreak. Maybe he goes on LTIR but no way the money owed would be in jeopardy. Although maybe not, the PA seems pretty incompetent.
  14. Maybe in the run up to the election you give each party an hour time slot, they come on separately every night, then the final night you have a debate where leaders could have watched each & had a chance to question certain parts where they have issues. Whatever they do there's gotta be a better way to get the parties views across in a fair & detailed way. Also completely agree on the platform being released prior - that would be an obvious thing & very helpful.
  15. Even the idealistic 'debate' part just amounts to childish attacks & attempts to make the others look bad with quick/snappy talking. Not really an attempt to dig in & flesh out the topics. Partly because of the control yes, but its also partly because its an out dated way; giving people 45 seconds to answer important questions that probably deserve 10 minutes. (And to the moderators credit I thought she did a decent job at times of cutting off the leaders if they immediately strayed from the presented question, but still.) I think in a podcast style where i
  16. For whatever reason I'm watching the debate now for the first time. So much cringe, kudos to anyone who got through this as I'm really struggling. Going forward they should abolish this monstrosity immediately & do podcast episodes/videos with each of the leaders to flesh out their views on the issues. This is ineffective, unhelpful to voters, and frankly insulting - we deserve a better way than this.
  17. See I still wonder if there's not valid concerns for teens/young adults given their likelihood of survival against the virus. But fine, that aside, at the very least if its mandated they should be able to sue if there are serious complications due to whats essentially coercion. Again I'm not pretending that every person will have these problems, but if its mandated against free will their should be some mechanism for recourse. This bolded second part I agree with. But it seems to be more of a 'get in line' sentiment than that, atleast on the internet, which only emboldens people. T
  18. Fair enough - that I totally agree with. Its just the comment before was 'hesitancy' (assuming of any kind) isn't legitimate, its simply 'anti-vax', and therefore intolerable. But I disagree, and for the reason I gave - I think people should have the opportunity to an honest consultation if they feel at risk rather than peer pressure & being labelled as the enemy of society. I also wonder about the 'too young' part & if that's being considered enough as it seems like the more severe complications (specifically heart issues) are occurring in younger (less at risk of covid) p
  19. Both those deals would be fantastic for the players. Especially Pettersson at 9m x 3 when you consider Barzal (7m x 3) and Point (6.75m x 3). That would be too much for sure on a 3 year term, if its 9M I'd be asking 6 year minimum. I view the bridge deal as what they've proven to be so far, entirely independent of their potential. Even Hughes at 7.5 is a bit high. There's been talk of a long term deal with Hughes, maybe the Canucks are smartly trying to convince him into a long term deal now (for the savings) coming off a lesser season. He was neck & neck with Mak
  20. I wouldn't go that far yet, Boeser wasn't there for day 1 of camp either. Brady Tkachuk is still unsigned, Nylander waited until December, exc. It seems to be a new age thing. It sucks but they could sign in a few days and everything could be just fine. By all accounts there hasn't been animosity between the two sides, unlike in Toronto w/ the Marner & Nylander negotiations. Its as much confounding as frustrating.
  21. So we've gone the better part of a decade in a long dark tunnel, we finally draft franchise players that prove they are good (including a Dman projected to be the best we've EVER had) and we are going to trade them away and start over? Its just not an entertainable option unless it goes Eichel/Dubois level nuclear IMO.
  22. Hopefully this just doesn't linger beyond camp. I agree with you that walking them right to UFA is worst case. Even getting only 1 UFA year would suck frankly.
  23. Do you think we should trade them, or just give in? (even if it means trading Pearson or Hamonic)
  24. What about personal health concerns? Maybe someone with underlying heart issues, history of that in the family, exc. Heart problems for young males has already been an identified phenomena - granted rare, but so is the likely-hood of covid death in that demo. Its easy to say protect communities - and not without merit - but at the end of the day if a young male takes this and has serious complications the 'community' isn't going to give one **** about that individuals health either.
  25. The thing that stumps me is there doesn't seem to be any animosity between the team & the agents. If there were fundamental agreements on the kind of deal (term wise) and just a massive gap that would've likely gotten out by now. Maybe the players side is taking this to the wire strategically to maximize the $$$ they may get. Or maybe they both want long term/similar contracts & that's thrown a wrench into it given we can't go long term with both. The speculation of whether Benning would trade someone to make room may not have come out of nowhere. P
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