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  1. Who said anything about fans from other teams? They should be welcome too though. Not every Canucks fan will agree on each move. Yet we see a lot of hate thrown around over every opinion.
  2. Freddy Andersen, now with Carolina, could be moved.
  3. I can only speak on the posts I see. If the bolded is true, then they should have been reported. Using derogatory terms in retaliation doesn't help anyone.
  4. The majority of negativity I've seen over the past few pages have come from posts like yours and others saying similar things. That's weak and disingenuous justification imo. Should be able to have a discussion without name calling.
  5. The negativity did not start during covid times. I just said it's been here for at least a decade. If someone attacked you for supporting a move, they're in the wrong. If you retaliate by attacking them, then you have become the thing you hate.
  6. It's always been this way sadly, and is the case for every Canadian fanbase. I joined the forum in 2010, and there was a ton of hate thrown at the Sedins, Luongo, etc. and that was when the team was at its peak. Ironically I estimate there are more posts in this thread complaining about the complaints, rather than the complaints themselves.
  7. I agree, this isn't a terrible signing. I don't think it's fantastic either, fairly neutral. Halak struggled near the end of his tenure in Boston. He's capable of better, so hopefully the Canucks can get the most out of him.
  8. Some people can't handle the truth. Then when they resort to personal attacks, that's a clear sign they don't have a valid argument...
  9. You used Ovechkin as the example, probably not the best example to use. Any contract can be bad, including this one. Some fans seem to think that's an impossible scenario.
  10. Considering the contracts Poolman, Forbort, and Nemeth got, this is a good deal for Dallas.
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