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  1. Well, that's where getting feedback on rule changes helps. You'd know how each GM feels about something, and perhaps they could offer a different perspective that may have been missed. This doesn't sound like listening for what it's worth. The exec team is certainly free to make changes as they see fit -- I just think this shows how reaching out to everyone ahead of time and getting feedback can go a long way before making an immediate change. You don't have to reply to this.
  2. Of course! This very long and detailed application would be great in our PMs, just so we have them all in one place
  3. Was anyone suggesting to make a change right before the draft? You mention that nobody is not listening, but considering the amount of GMs quitting, perhaps that's evidence that GMs should have been polled to get some feedback before implementing?
  4. Patrik Nemeth has cleared waivers Nick Holden has been claimed by NYI from WSH
  5. I only hire the best when it comes to interior design.
  6. Regardless of whether the rule is helpful or harmful, it does stray away from how the NHL operates. So I'm just saying it shouldn't be surprising for there to be some upset GMs, even more so when the rule is changed mid-season.
  7. Is it? That's what happens in the NHL, so it makes sense for expectations to be similar here.
  8. Seattle Kraken applications are now open If you are interested in building the expansion team, submit an application to @thejazz97, @Salter, @Jaku, and myself. Some factors to mention: - How long you've been in the league - How active you are in the league - Current and future state of your team There is no set date on when a decision will be made, but better to reach out sooner than later!
  9. If Pickup doesn't offer hits and blocks, and the league decides at some point to add them, I can get you hooked up
  10. He's struggled this year, likely needs a change of scenery. Unlikely to be claimed with his cap though.
  11. Thanks @Nail and everyone that helped out. The Flames were pretty brutal throughout the sim, but capped it off with back to back WCF appearances. One more to close it out... He said each sim's a gift and not a given right Leave no perk unused, leave your clout behind And try to understand the game's meta That first pick you make must have high upside If today was your last day And tomorrow was too late Could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you set each lineup like your last? Leave old players in the past Trade every pick that you have? If today was your last day
  12. To NJD: Filip Hronek, Kevin Shattenkirk To BOS: Brett Pesce