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  1. VGK need to get rid of salary to sign Pietrangelo. Schmidt's was the easiest.
  2. Gotta love the crazy comparables during draft time! Button just released his second mock draft (https://www.tsn.ca/jets-bolster-blueline-oilers-add-skill-up-front-in-button-s-second-mock-draft-1.1656063), and he has the following - I stopped at 20: Buffalo selects Hedman Seattle selects Horvat Anaheim selects TJ Oshie New Jersey selects Klingberg Columbus selects Seth Jones Detroit selects Ryan Miller San Jose selects Aho LA selects Morgan Reilly Vancouver selects Petey Ottawa selects Ryan O'Reilly Chicago selects DeBrincat
  3. Oh, even prior to being traded, he can be rude with the media depending on his mood. And he can be very, very rude even with regular Canucks fans who just happen to see him and happily greet him. As a disclaimer, I've never met Kesler myself, and I like him as a player. With regards to what I heard on the Canucks fans part, a friend who is as nice as one can get said that the other Canucks' players were pretty nice, but Kesler was just downright rude.
  4. Th rumour I heard is that the Kings were kicking tires on Eichel as well. Maybe the Sabres should be renamed to the Sale-rs. Ok, I'll stop now...
  5. Yeah, don't want to poison what seems to be a great locker room. That said, from what I've heard from others who dealt with him, Kesler was pretty bad when he was here.
  6. Definitely titled on our side. Reinhart even for 1 year only > #9 OA. Roussel is a negative.
  7. I don't get why our local media need to spend time talking about the riots 10 years ago. Isn't there anything more positive to talk about the Canucks and the fans during that time?

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    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I don't think most of us do, at least on CDC. 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Game 7 I so was hoping to have the Canucks win, and a joyous time, to make up for 1994. 

      Oh no....loss...and people behaving like complete morons. Two black eyes for the city. 


      I notice on D&D that they spoke with JP Barry and he basically said it's at an early stage in the negotiations. 

    4. Coconuts


      Our media is a cesspool, they thrive off picking apart the Canucks and when there ain't $&!# ti pick apart they'll make $&!# up to get clicks/sell papers


      I can only imagine what having media that's mostly supportive is like 

  8. If this is how badly we need a good RHD, should we try to move up as much as we can to get Brandt Clarke in this year's draft?
  9. If Eklund is available and Clarke isn't, I believe that the Canucks pick Eklund so fast.
  10. Never heard of that - he has produced at every level and helped his team win. In any event, as in every draft, there are questions about every prospect. The point here is: imagine if Jim Benning said, "because EP weighs only 161 lbs as a teenager, I won't consider him at number 5."
  11. As much as I like McTavish, I personally like Hoglander - Petey 2 - Podkolzin better, but I suppose to each his own.
  12. By "This", I'm thinking you're referring to Johnson's weight? He's listed at 6'1" and 168 lbs. In contrast, EP was at 6'2" and a puny 161 lbs when he was drafted. Not sure about you, but I'd be pretty pumped with getting an EP-like player a number 9.
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