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  1. Thanks for this, excellent commentary. Here is a link to FiveThirtyEight's website which I highly recommend
  2. Its difficult to imagine a situation where it would make sense. (Although it is possible if the world was unstable enough) Any kind off proliferation on our behalf, as things are today, would almost certainly put needless strain on the relationships with many of our allies. After all, Canada has already signed a treaty promising we wouldn't:
  3. The whole SCOTUS thing was so maddening. Barrett's dishonesty and likely intent upon being seated was ugly to watch: Klobucher: If Trump shot someone on 5th Avenue in front of everyone, would you consider that a crime? Barrett: "Duh?!?! Me not know!"
  4. Well if Trump says so then it must be true! Unfortunately, the problem with diseases like Covid is that in many cases people who seem to have recovered can still have it creep up of them because their immune system goes into overdrive. In extreme cases our immune systems unleash what's called a cytokine storm which kills the virus, but also can kill us because it disrupts the way our body functions.
  5. Its also worth mentioning that the reason America has denominations of Christianity that are unique and not found elsewhere in the world is because they were too extreme for Europe.
  6. And they just do all of this right out in the open like its no big deal. Screw democracy, who needs it? What insane arrogance. However, I get the impression that this kind of thing only hardens the resolve of people who want to vote Trump out.
  7. At this point this is all starting to sound rehearsed, as if you are responding to some kind of strawman rather then honestly engaging with anyone on this forum. You're quite tenacious, but in this case I don't think its helpful.
  8. I wish you could appreciate how ridiculous this sounds outside of the folks you get these ideas from. Right wing militias are anything but isolated, and are in fact exceedingly uniform. White, Trump loving, racist, and more then ever clamoring for civil war.
  9. Ive been calling them Trump's Lemmings, but Insane Clown Posse works on so many levels.
  10. Donald and Melania have contracted covid. 30 days before the election. This is getting too weird
  11. This would be a huge improvement. I still cant believe they didnt do something so obvious in the first place.
  12. Strongly agree. The US has too many flaws to be a legitimate democracy. It takes a really long time to build parties to the extent they can realistically govern, but waiting a few years is far better then nothing.
  13. Half a billion in losses. What an unfathomably deep, mind-blowing hole Now Trump's sheer desperation to stay in power at all costs makes perfect sense. He thinks hes going to prison otherwise. And who knows? He may actually end up there now after all this time. You cant pardon these kind of crimes. At least he certainly wont be able to afford a decent defense attorney.