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  1. Donald Trump’s Reported Praise of Adolf Hitler Is a Good Reminder of What He Values in a Leader https://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/2468252/donald-trump-adolf-hitler-praise-economy/ Wants to control the media, wants to control elections, xenophobic, ultranationalist, wants to imprison or otherwise eliminate political opponents, et cetera et cetera He's almost exactly like Hitler, just illiterate, uneducated, and suffering a significant brain injury.
  2. The Kama Sutra would be a joke. Im trying to think back of when I was that age and I cant imagine anyone would just burst out laughing, and I can't imagine anyone's first impulse would be to grant him/her the excuse of "Oh maybe he/she is just a historian or a psychologist or something, so thats fine" Im not sure that warrants nuking the whole thing, but man it would be messed up. If you want a difficult to accept yet extremely valuable historical lesson then teach your high school students that the Nazis borrowed heavily from Americas own overtly discrimin
  3. I agree there are factors that have nothing to do with religion fueling this conflict,, however I cant overlook the fact that the US backs Israel for reasons that are definitely religious. A significant number of American Christians literally believe that if the conflict escalates and Israel is victorious, it will cause Armageddon, and this is somehow a desired outcome. Don't ask me why these particular Christians are the ultimate nihilists because it makes no sense to me either.
  4. I still think the main problem isn't really how much money is spent, but how it is spent. If cops had mandatory education,, with (for example) a degree in Criminal Psychology (and/or relevant fields) as a prerequisite, perhaps they'd be much better off in situations that too often escalate into tragedies. At the very least a high school diploma alone doesn't appear to be enough.
  5. Trump: “I’ve done more in 47 months than Joe has in 47 years” Joe: “and now I will do more in 47 days than he has in 47 months!” Imo Joe hasn't had to be all that impressive to accomplish this. Much has just been reversing the damage Trump did.
  6. I actually post links out of consideration really. Ideally it saves people the trouble of digging into a claim themselves.
  7. The problem is that it's bad for the bottom line. People who insist on espousing unpopular beliefs in public are bad for business. If their employers ignore the controversy by keeping them on the payroll it's going to cost them. These people should have known better and shut their yappers rather then embarrass their employers for no good reason. If you are trying to produce a movie the last thing you'd want is one of your actors making sure everyone knows about why they think doctors should go to prison for performing abortions, or why mandating people to wear masks dur
  8. Why would Antifa instigate an insurrection for the purpose of aiding Trump? Do Trumpists suddenly view Antifa as an ally now? Thats how stupid this claim is.
  9. Me too I guess. At least it took multiple decades for that to happen once.
  10. News headlines on January 21st: Trump indicted by New York for bank and insurance fraud. Can't wait.
  11. One thing I'll never understand: Why do Trumpists claim America is the greatest, wealthiest, freedom loving, strongest militarily etc country in the world... And yet at the same time claim that pretty much all of its institutions, the media, economics, election apparatus, educational systems etc are covertly overseen and dominated by Communists, George Soros, Hugo Chavez, Darth Vader and the Tooth Fairy
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