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  1. Cap Friendly shows a NMC https://www.capfriendly.com/players/alexander-edler regards, G.
  2. I'm assuming all the usual suspects for skaters/goalies as have been noted above. The big difference I see is that the team may want to take a closer/longer look at some of the new d-men. In order to do this they will need a greater flexibility with the roster (to avoid waivers on a guy they may want to keep, or perhaps assess assets for trades), therefore, Rathbone will start the season in Abbottsford (Ekman-Larsson, Hughes and one of Juolevi, etc will take the left side bottom pairing).. Perhaps after 5(ish or so) games he will be brought back up, or not.
  3. If I were a Jays fan, I'd want another arm (to go with Hand...), and a position player (for bat/glove) plucked from the NL, just to give a bit of a different look to opposing pitchers, and to allow for a few more options coming off the bench. regards, G.
  4. The Dodgers are the west-coast version of the Yankees. regards, G.
  5. A possible playoff team? Yes. A contending team, perhaps not. Goal is perhaps the most solid position for this team. If they are winning mostly, because of goaltending, then they will likely not go far in the playoffs (assuming they make the playoffs). There is a lack of talent/ability on defense. After Ekman-Larsson, there is a significant drop off, and isn't there some questions regarding Ekman-Larsson? Hughes may be able to generate some points (mostly on the power play), but 5 v 5 he still needs a lot of work. The Juolevi/Rathbone situation will leave a number of f
  6. So, this guy goes to a doctor, and he says, "Doc, I got a problem. For weeks now I've had the song "Green, Green Grass of Home" by Tom Jones playing in my head. Is this normal?" The doctor replies, "Well, it's not unusual...." regards, G.
  7. Depending on circumstances, even if Rathbone shows very well in camp he still might wind up going to Abbotsford, solely because he is waivers exempt. regards, G.
  8. This could be a problem for your team, however, I understand that the Jays have interest in a number of pretty good relievers, so not all is lost! You have the hitting, and the fielding isn't any more of a problem than it is for a lot of teams. And, these relievers will probably cost a lost less than Gallo as far as futures go. regards, G.
  9. New from Band Maid: Little known fact, at an amateur draft, Jim Benning was heard to say, "Why aren't more people listening to Band Maid?" regards, G.
  10. Well, to be fair, Hansen was a 9th round pick.... regards, G.
  11. Coming at what you have written, but from a bit of a different angle: TB has 12 guys in their lineup who were their own picks, 8 of them were selected below the 1st round (as @4petesake has pointed out). Who got selected ahead of these 8 guys in their draft year? (* too lazy to fully do this, but go through the draft picks and look at who was taken prior to the guy who has been kept, or you can take my word for it ) The point is, that if other teams are so much better at finding guys outside of the first round, why aren't they finding better players ahead of these guys
  12. I'm indifferent to them both. It looks like Smith can play on the right side. I'd be concerned over cap and term. regards, G.
  13. There was that period of time between 2001 and 2004 where Detroit had traded away all 4 of their 1st round picks, plus various a 2nd and two 3rd rounders in that four year span. They also traded their 1st rounders (and other picks) in 2006 and 1007. A number of prospects/younger players were also traded away. Those picks/prospects/players were used to acquire veteran players to supplement the core (which seemed to be ageless, and mostly immune to injury). A number of "over the hill" veterans were also signed. The Wings won a couple of Cups in that era, and were a playoff team/Cup contender for
  14. There is a certain amount of free will involved in signing UFAs, no? What is the Plan B if they don't agree to the Canucks friendly contract offered to them? Benning: "Hey Gabe, get in the car." Landeskog: "Nope." The great "Trade Schmidt (and Holtby) to Solve the Canucks' Cap Issues" fallacy. Trading Schmidt (and Holtby) could/might get the Canucks a d-man, but there is an assumption here that he would be better than what was being moved out. Why do people make such an assumption, that another team would be willing to trade a "better" pla
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