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  1. Perhaps, but Lindsey Buckingham probably couldn't rock that leather jacket and underwear look... regards, G.
  2. Whenever I see/hear Stevie Nicks, I'm always reminded of this scene from "Sid and Nancy": regards, G.
  3. Looks like it may be a bit chilly there. regards, G.
  4. Goes live at 0700 hrs our time. regards, G.
  5. I recommend going for a walk, especially on a day as nice as this one (Tuesday, 1200hrsish), and have as your company a friend who doesn't pay attention to hockey, or better yet a dog... who also doesn't pay attention to hockey. regards, G.
  6. So, I just got here. Have the "WeshouldadraftedTkachukinsteaddaVitanen" started yet? regards, G.
  7. Something to rev up before the game... Apparently, this song (following) was written specifically so that the band had something to practice/perform that was of comparable speed as the 3rd song on this list, which was being saved for unveiling as the theme for the opening credits of the 3rd season of "Log Horizon". Don't know, never seen it. regards, G.