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  1. Absolutely agree. This guy was so under appreciated during his lifetime. Whenever I hear this, I'm thinking violins. He had perhaps the greatest musician quote of all time, in response to someone's comment that he always looked so calm while playing. "I may look calm on the outside, but inside I'm screaming." regards, G.
  2. @Ghostsof1915 Found this on the interwebz. It's a collaboration between this group (Unchain) and Band Maid members Miku (song lyrics) and Saiki.(singing). On first listen, it's not really my cuppa' but it is interesting to see/hear group members pushing their limits. regards, G.
  3. Despite other fairly recent acquisitions by the Leafs, there is still a very strong belief in Toronto that d-men are just forwards who play on a line without a center. regards, G.
  4. Perhaps this has already been mentioned, but there has to be a Sami Salo reference in here somewhere. regards, G.
  5. The Apricots circa 2000. 2010.3.7 23:43 Kyushu Expressway-Chugoku Expressway : regards, G.
  6. Fast answers, on my out for lunch. Need fud. 1.) Perhaps I am overestimating, but I feel that being a bit "negative" (not my normal style) leads to happiness should things work out in the Canucks' favour. 2.) The incentive for a lot of the guys listed is that Benning overpaid them (ask around, it's a regular complaint ). In other cases, eg. Hamonic, he wanted someplace on the left side of Canada and that was not Calgary or (iirc) Edmonton. He was even prepared to take a pay cut in order to make things work. Will he be as willing to take a cheap deal for
  7. I was kind of neutral about Madden, but I always felt he really needed some extra weight/body mass to really be successful at the NHL level. regards, G.
  8. Unless Hammonic signs for a lesser amount than he is worth (again), I'm assuming that the team will need at least two new RD for next season. UFA targets: While the team might be able to get them for less than what the Canucks are paying Myers, paying for even one of these guys will amount to a savings of maybe $1 million (+/- but probably -), nothing to sniff at, but not anything huge. What is their incentive to sign "here" when they would likely be closer to being on a competitive team somewhere else? Term would (probably) be a problem in some of those cases (eg. Savard at 4 yrs?
  9. I can't say that for this last year and some I've been following the guys on the farm. I'd have assumed that Rathbone would still be in the AHL next season, for further seasoning. Will Rathbone be ready to play an entire NHL season (of however many games)? Assuming he was kept up with the big team for next season, this would leave the Canucks with a starting left side of Hughes, Juolevi and Rathbone (with Schmidt, ? and ? on the RD side). Seems rather inexperienced, some might say vulnerable. If the Canucks signed on a free agent LD (for example Edler, at a lesser than current deal
  10. Assuming Seattle did take Myers, what asset(s) would you be willing to use as trade bait for a replacement? Motte? Lind? A high pick? RD aren't inexpensive in trade, nad usually seem to be more so if the other GM recognizes your team's need. And signing free agent RD (probably) won't be inexpensive, however, the Canucks can probably get someone who is of average ability. Any thoughts on who the team should target? regards, G.
  11. Okay, so the Canucks protect Juolevi and Schmidt and ...? regards, G.
  12. A battle of the bands.... regards, G.
  13. I wouldn't have gone with Vatanen if he had one more year on his deal, and met the draft requirements (an extra $2 million on the cap). As it is, Bowey will likely be with the Canucks next season (barring some kind of player move), on a minimal contract. The deal is better than the Nattering Nabobs of Negativism would agree. regards, G.
  14. ... and the ability to protect both Schmidt and Myers... which is important to some. regards, G.
  15. However, if the goal was to get a guy who could fill the need for a d-man to be exposed in the expansion draft, Bowey fills that need, Vatanen does not. Assuming Bowey doesn't get picked by Seattle (which is likely) he has a minimal contract for only one year. regards, G.
  16. The Canucks needing to acquire a guy to be used in the expansion draft was something I was suggesting some time ago. I even suggested Chicago/Bowey as an example of a team/player who could be trade partners. Other posters remarked (and rightly so) that Bowey was probably Chicago's sacrificial lamb for the draft (so they wouldn't need to expose one of Keith De Haan or Murphy - assuming the Hawks wanted to protect all three of these guys), and I agreed with their point, but I figured a trade along these lines was something which the Canucks would investigate. So, what the heck happen
  17. I WILL BET ANYONE ON THIS FORUM ANY ANOUNT OF MONEY THAT very few to no one who makes that bet hasn't got any amount of money to bet. regards, G.
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