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  1. An argument may be made for this position. This being said... Of the three guys we are discussing, MacEwen is the one I will miss the least. In the early part of this season, how many instances would MacEwen have had to go put the beat down on the opposition? To my recollection, not many, and this assumes that he would even have been dressed for that game.. This does not mean that I am happy to see him gone, it's just that his role is kind of situational, so if he isn't in the line up in a particular game, then maybe he has to wait a significant number of games to exact vengeance for the team, and without reminders from several sources (unless we are are talking a significant injury), most fans have probably forgotten the incident, or they no longer really care. I hope he gets lots of playing time with the Flyers, just not against the Canucks. Juolevi is currently on the Panthers' injured reserve list. Perhaps it is due to Juolevi still feeling the effects of Covid, and the Panthers' medical staff decided to sit him down for a while. Or, maybe Juolevi picked up a minor injury in the pre-season, and Florida was still willing to make the trade. Or, maybe they are doing some kind of dodge to circumvent the cap. Or.... In any event, even if Juolevi wasn't in Green's doghouse, or traded, chances are he still wouldn't be in the line up at this point in the season. Also, Lammikko isn't doing so bad, and if Juulsen makes it back to the NHL, then I'll feel somewhat better about this deal. Gadjovich is the guy that I will miss. For whatever reason(s) the team attempted to move him to the AHL, it was a bad idea. Even if there was something going on behind the scenes which made keeping Gadjovich problematic, losing him for nothing shifts my approval needle towards the negative. We'll have an idea of just how bad an idea this was (or wasn't) at the end of the season. Keep in mind that Gadjovich will (likely?) get more ice time with the Sharks than he would here, so his results could be different from what would be expected if he was playing here. However, if he is a significant physical presence for the Sharks, is defensively responsible, and chips in with 20+ points, the question has to be asked, Why couldn't he be doing that here? regards, G.
  2. Yours is a valid opinion and it looks like team management/coaching agrees with you (those jerks :P). I agree that Rathbone hasn't been horrible, but he hasn't really done much to stand out (including no point production). Being in the NHL may be helpful for Rathbone to develop his game, but what about team needs? How does having Rathbone with the big team help the Canucks (in the short term)? I suspect that, where ever possible, Rathbone's minutes are heavily sheltered, more so than a coach might limit where a veteran bottom six d-man may start a shift. This doesn't help the top-4 get points or keep goals from going in. Further, if Rathbone continues to not get points, might that not hurt his confidence, which might hinder his development? To my eye, Rathbone would develop just nicely in the AHL, with a call up here and there. The 3LD position could/should be manned by a veteran who plays well and may be relied upon in defensive situations (eg. PK). One possible reason for having Rathbone in the NHL is perhaps that, (with the departure of Edler and Juolevi) the Canucks don't have anyone better to fill that position. And maybe management wishes to avoid criticism by going out and getting a veteran LD. This is not the same as believing in Rathbone's potential and having a desire to develop him. Anyhoo, I hope he does well, whether in the NHL or the AHL. regards, G. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Hickey_(ice_hockey) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andreas_Borgman
  3. "That guy looks like Bambi out there on the ice" - Mattias Ohlund teasing the new rookie. regards, G.
  4. Yeah, I saw this a bit ago. I assumed it was due to lingering Covid effects. regards, G.
  5. Yeah. I was assuming that the team would send Rathbone to the AHL, and give Juolevi a chance to show his stuff over the first 10 - 20 games, and then move him if they didn't like what they saw. I'm hoping that Juulsen will get some of his form back, so that combined with Lammikko looking not to bad will make the trade a fairly solid win. regards, G.
  6. I mentioned a couple of guys in another post who might meet team needs for a LD on a short contract who has also already cleared waivers. Does Thomas Hickey (NYI) or Andreas Borgman (DAL) make any waves? I barely recall Hickey from a few years ago and it looks like he has had some injury issues. His cap hit ($2.5 million) could be an issue. He also looks to have lost his spot when the Islanders signed Chara. Borgman is completely unknown to me up until a short while ago. regards, G.
  7. Yup. Moving Rathbone to the right side doesn't look to have any value whatsoever. Combined with his waiver exempt status, this says to me that the team should send Rathbone to the AHL for development (which helps him and the team), and then the Canucks find a short term bottom pairing LD via trade (probably using a pick and a contract dump as a return). regards, G.
  8. The shamisen is such a versatile instrument, both in sound and how it is played. A number of Japanese acts have used them in interesting ways. Have you heard of Shamisen Girls? They are solely Japanese instruments playing a variety of songs. Another great band is Wagakki Band who are a Western and Japanese fusion group (with Ninagawa Beni on the shamisen). Other bands use them as accent pieces in some of their songs (eg. Band Maid/Band Maiko). And there's a link for Takahashi Chikuzan attached to this video which is worth listening to... regards, G.
  9. Serious question: what has Rathbone done so far, which makes him so valuable to the team? And I'm not talking about points he scored in college, or in a few games at the AHL level, or in pre-season, or even a handful of NHL games, but what has he done this year? I do think Rathbone has the potential to become a pretty good NHL d-man, but I don't see him being any more than (at best) a second pairing d-man. Should Rathbone show us otherwise, I would be happy to see it, assuming he does this with the Canucks. What he has shown (to my eye) is zero point production, a few commendable defensive plays, and also a greater number of defensive gaffs. I'm not so sure as to the pace of Rathbone's development if he continues to play bottom pairing minutes behind Ekman-Larsson and Hughes. I wouldn't mind seeing him getting top pair minutes this season in the AHL, which would (hopefully) speed his development along. Rathbone is going to continue to be a bottom pairing d-man for Vancouver until one of Ekman-Larsson or Hughes is out of the picture (due to injury or trade or UFA status). True, assuming Rathbone does develop (which he still needs to do) having him as a back up to Ekman-Larsson and Hughes would be a luxury. What does anybody see as Rathbone's future with this team? I see a trade as being likely, not because I dislike the kid, or that I think he's useless. From my perspective, team needs come first, so if moving Rathbone makes sense, then he's gone especially if he is moved to help fill a team need. Keeping a guy around just because a portion of the fanbase adore that player doesn't make a lot sense. The team needs help on the right side of the defense. Assuming Juulsen doesn't pan out in the near future (or ever), then there's no help there. Woo is a couple of years away (assuming he continues to improve), and Bowey is still suspect in the eyes of the coaches, despite an okay showing in the pre-season. What might be an attractive piece of trade bait to get another team to part with a RD? Answer: Jack Rathbone, and assuming he develops the return could be greater. Another angle on this is, what does Rathbone think about his future here, where he will (potentially) be stuck behind Ekman-Larsson and Hughes for the next 6 years (and likely Hughes for additional years beyond those initial six)? Rathbone would be 28+ by that time. I'm going to assume that Rathbone would have his own plans for his future, personal goals in the game, team success, and the chance at a bigger paycheck, which he isn't very likely going to get here, as a bottom pairing d-man. I'm assuming Rathbone will ask for a trade, or choose to sign elsewhere once he has reached UFA status, or perhaps even he will push the matter when he becomes an RFA. So, I've provided a good reason to send Rathbone to the AHL (development), and two possible scenarios as to why he could be traded (team needs and/or player goals). Anyone got any counters? I'm open to changing my mind. regards, G.
  10. So, the question then becomes, who do the Canucks have to fill Rathbone's place should he be sent down? I don't have a lot of confidence in the LD depth guys available to the team. I'm assuming, that without some improvements by Rathbone (which I'd like to see, but I'm note so sure that they will come about in the short term), that the Canucks will make a trade for a veteran defensive LD, perhaps a guy on an expiring contract. I'm assuming a pick will be used as bait, and the Canucks would probably also like to dump a contract in the deal. I couldn't venture a guess as to what level of pick would be needed. What about Thomas Hickey (NYI)? Cap could be a problem, and he has had injury issues in the past. He also couldn't make the Islanders roster with Chara showing up. Andreas Borgman (Dal). Only $750K cap, cleared waivers. Not a lot of offense, but then that wouldn't be why he's here. Probably issues with these guys, but they show aspects of the type of player who might be a good, short term pick up. regards, G.
  11. Well, while I believe that Rathbone would benefit from more playing time (in the AHL), who is available to replace him at the NHL level? Hunt is perhaps good for a short term experiment, but I'm not so sure about him as a long term replacement. And I'm not so sure about anyone who the Canucks have available from Abbotsford. Suggestions from anyone? regards, G.
  12. In other news, the Dodgers have been eliminated. All is right with the world. regards, G.
  13. I would also like to pass along a special greeting to the Kraken from Saiki, the lead singer of my favorite band in the whole wide world: regards, G.
  14. Yeah, what a bunch of A-holes they are for making us wait for the game to start... regards, G.
  15. I've always thought of you as someone with great taste and a high IQ. Yeah, when the Giants were put out, I was resting my hopes on Boston and Atlanta. I'd feel unclean supporting either LA or Houston. regards, G.
  16. <----- Giants fan. I have concerns that I will have to cheer for Houston in the World Serious. regards, G.
  17. In other news, the Braves have just gone up 4 - 1 in the bottom of the 4th. regards, G.
  18. True enough. On the Lions last possession they should just kick the ball to the end zone for a single... regards, G.
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