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  1. Agreed, MAF & Lehner are both beauties in their own right. The rest of VGK can just #&%$ off.
  2. I'd do that in a heartbeat. If we can acquire OEL & dump Loui, it's a steal in my books.
  3. I actually like Minny as a team. They took Vegas to 7 and have some great pieces. Unfortunately for them retaining those pieces (Fiala, Kaprizov, Kahkonen) will be a massive undertaking. Retaining what they've built will be next to impossible with some of those albatrosses. They did almost get rid of Parise at the TDL, but the paperwork didn't go through in time. It will be interesting to see if the Isles pursue him in the off season. Especially if they lose to Tampa again.
  4. I agree the North division is weaker than the rest, But it's been 1 game. Lots of hockey left to go and I don't think Montreal will simply get steamrolled.
  5. Fleury had a large contract & Matt Murray won them x2 cups. Fleury was their backup at that point. Fleury is a hell of a goalie and keeps showing his resilience. He had some tough years in Pittsburgh at the start of his career - but went on to win a cup in '09. Then Matt Murray stole the spotlight from him & he wound up going to Vegas - but he evolved and became a great goalie for Vegas. Then last season Robin Lehner comes in via trade and steals the starting role - but Fleury has stolen it back this year. He's definitely had his lapses, but Fleury has strong me
  6. Agreed @squamfan , Not in the eyes of Seattlites. Dallas, Nashville maybe. Seattle no.
  7. I cant wait for the rest of this off-season. I'm optimistic for once!
  8. Pass. We could use a top6 player that puts up points, but RNH is not the one.
  9. I think he was out of line. Should he be fired? No. Held accountable for his actions? Yes. I dont love his apology and how he, I believe, constantly makes excuses for his actions when he gets called out. Always getting the last word on National television. If I put myself in the shoes of a gay person, it hurts. What Ron insinuates by his comments is that being gay is this frightening and forbidden thing.. like "oO0oOuuuUUuu yOu'Re posiTiVe foR somEThiNg". So what if the man likes men, Ron. You can do all the damn charity work you want for the LGB
  10. With that cap hit, and what they'll be asking back... it's a hard no for me. I like Kuzy, but the price would be way to steep. Not to mention hes overpaid. I can see him putting up lots of points with a fresh start somewhere else though.
  11. This is going to a game 7 for sure. I would be giddy to see the Isles beat the B's. Yes we lost in 2011, but atleast its satisfying that the Bruins haven't won since. It makes me happy knowing Marchand only has 1 cup, but has lost twice in the finals since.
  12. Edmonton & Calgary have both been goalie graveyards since Roloson & Kiprusoff. Love it hahahaha.
  13. If you live in Canada... CBC should be airing all the Leafs games on national television. If you have a TV, hook it up to your household cable and you should get CBC. It's a free station that doesnt require any cable subscription. Hope this helps. And if you dont have a cable chord, use a paperclip as an antenna! (Seriously it works)
  14. 1 more year. Either Jim & Travis show us their worth, or they are good as gone.
  15. Are Baumer & Brown's contacts expiring? If I'm not mistaken they were re-signed last off-season, no? If they are still under contract I don't think there is any way they are leaving.
  16. Wow, Pretty surreal seeing people amped up for a series containing two Southern state teams! Should be a gooder. I'll be tuning in. Let's the swamp battle commence!
  17. Seriously, 75% of those plugs will be gone by next season (please God), so play the freakin' kids!!!
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