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  1. 4-1 Canucks Horvat first goal against the Kraken Hoglander GWG
  2. Systems and coaching needs to change so players like Petey can perform. That's all there is to it. Fire Green.
  3. Wow great number in the K as a defenceman before his NHL stint. Surprised be didn't stick.
  4. Disgusting. I'm going to assume this was targeted. This crap rarely happens for no reason at all. This is when sport goes too far. I hope these 4 get beat themselves when they're locked in a cell.
  5. Thanks for the post, I appreciate your positivity. I'm not one to look into advanced stats or analytics.. I'm more of an eye test guy. However, I don't discredit them - and believe they still hold some weight. I am super pumped for the season. I absolutely agree that we are going to suprise the Pacific this season and either finish first or second. It seems like we've found a diamond in the rough in OEL and this season will commence a resurrection for both him and the team. Super pumped, let's gooooo!
  6. Good pickup for the Hawks. I could see him excelling in the Windy City.
  7. This feels like breaking up with your girlfriend that you know the relationship is going nowhere, but you'll be sleeping alone at the end of the night.
  8. With Gadj claimed I'm hoping Bailey can have enough of an impact to keep the likes of Petan/Chaisson/Mac away from the starting lineup.
  9. If this punk won't accept 8x8 then why would we think about taking him? He probably at least wants 8.5. You are all really open to harming the internal cap we have created? I honestly don't even want a Tkachuk at this point either. Major plugs. No whining here please.
  10. Thank heavens. I feel a literal weight off my shoulders. October 13th can't come soon enough. Now get in shape boys!
  11. These children are really starting to piss me off with their greed. Money has become more important than winning at this point.
  12. I have a bad feeling this drags into the regular season. . .
  13. To be fair, Pettersson proved he can perform in the playoffs while in the bubble. He scored at a PPG during that time & came in clutch when needed. Personally, I saw his game elevate. I agree that the injury history is worrisome. I think he still gets paid somewhere between the 7.5-8.5M range, but I think it'll be a shorter 3 year term due to the question marks. With that being said I still wouldn't be opposed to an 8 year deal @ 8M. I believe that Petey would play to his contract.
  14. Lordy, this re-brand will do nothing. Move this team to Quebec already for heaven's sake. Hopefully these jerseys are only in circulation for another year or two.
  15. Is it just me or do all the Canadian teams swap players from the bottom of the bargain bin? One teams trash becomes another constantly in Canada.
  16. Super pumped to see what this team can do. We look great on paper. I think we will suprise many and be atop the Pacific. Go Canucks! Damn, haven't said that in a while!
  17. Big Z returning to where it all began for him. Great signing by the Isles. One of a few cup favorites for sure.
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