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  1. 2 hours ago, Art Vandelay said:

    So WWE wants to sell a video game so bad, that they are having another Goldberg v Lesnar match to promote it. Saw their Wrestlemania match live, and never I want to see those two again. 


    Just a complete lack of interest. Anyone else too?

    I hate Lesnar's current run in general. Against Goldberg though? Should be the worst match of the year.

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  2. Many sacrifices have been made to avoid a future cap crunch. Probably won't contend again this year but should be a solid playoff team for years to come. Still looking to get younger and add picks.



    Justin Schultz: 40+ points on the 2nd pairing last year, cheap cap hit of 3.250 for 1 year.

    Devante Smith-Pelly: Good player, perfect middle 6 guy if you have extra cap for the next couple years.


    You can try for the likes of Fowler and Burakovsky if you want but my demands will be astronomical.


    André Burakovsky - Teuvo Teräväinen - Max Jones

    Tobias Rieder - Leon Draisaitl - Travis Barron

    Devante Smith-Pelly [A] - Nick Merkley - Niclas Bergfors

    xxx - Jacob Josefson [A] - Rocco Grimaldi


    Krister Andersson - Adam Larsson [C]

    Cam Fowler - Justin Schultz

    Jonas Müller - Steven Santini


    Malcolm Subban



    Bold = OTB

    Red = Untouchable

  3. 15 minutes ago, Zfetch said:

    I don't know if this is allowed, but I'd like to request my first PP defense pairing consist of Rasmus and Rasmus.


    Subsequently I would enjoy a 1PK defensive unit of Rasmus and Rasmus as well for this upcoming season.


    good example of Rasmus

  4. Got younger and cheaper. Still expect to make playoffs. Window was open and we flew in to the wall.


    Projected roster:

    André Burakovsky - Teuvo Teräväinen - Max Jones

    Tobias Rieder - Leon Draisaitl - Brendan Gallagher

    Devante Smith-Pelly [A] - Travis Barron - Christoffer Karlsen

    Jacob Josefson [A] - Artem Anisimov - Rocco Grimaldi


    Cam Fowler - Adam Larsson [C]

    Jake Muzzin - Justin Schultz

    Jonas Müller - Steven Santini


    Malcolm Subban


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  5. On 9/27/2016 at 9:42 PM, Kazmanian Devil said:

    League Announcements - Major Changes for Next Season


    Perks will be removed due to the board of governors collectively deciding they are too influential.

    In place of perks:

    -Each team will be given 5 scouting reports to be used at any point during the season. These reports can be used on any player, drafted or undrafted. Reports will be reset to 5 at the conclusion of every entry draft. Undrafted prospects can still only be scouted prior to the completion of the first round of the entry draft.

    -We will be implementing real life NHL buyout rules. Please familiarize yourself with these rules. Each team will also be given 1 compliance buyout (drawback free buyout) that can be used during the first 2 buyout windows. If it is not used during this period, it can never be used. You will never gain another compliance buyout.

    -any player with a cap hit of 1.5M or less can be released from their contract with no cap penalty.


    Buyout rules courtesy of @Patrick Kane



    Scouting reports will be revamped slightly.

    Scouting reports will now be presented in the following format:

    Player Name: Prospect Grade [0.0-10.0, F-S]

    Player Type: Will give a rough indication of this player's playstyle. [SNP/PLY/PWF/TWF/GRN/TGH, DFD/OFD/TWD, BUT/HYB/STN]

    +Player's strengths

    -Player's weaknesses

    Comparable: Will name a player who plays/played a similar style and is/was of a similar peak skill level.

    Player Level: This player's current role in the NHL. [Franchise/Top Line/Second Line/Middle 6/Bottom 6/Fourth Line/AHL, Franchise/Number 2/Second Pairing/Bottom Pairing/AHL, Franchise, Elite Starter, Starter, 1B Starter, Backup, AHL]

    Blue = Only included with actual prospects


    Waiver eligibility will be changed.

    New waiver rules:

    -Players 24 or younger with less than 100 career GP do not require waivers.

    -Players with a cap hit of 1.5 or lower can be waived. Higher cap hits cannot be waived.


    This goes in to effect after draft.

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  6. 3fd5dc1a242339feccebd2f859efcd55.png


    1st Round Draft Order:


    1. Philadelphia Flyers

    2. Winnipeg Jets

    3. San Jose Sharks

    4. Ottawa Senators

    5. St. Louis Blues

    6. Nashville Predators

    7. Arizona Coyotes

    8. Winnipeg Jets (via DAL)

    9. Florida Panthers

    10. Columbus Blue Jackets

    11. Hartford Whalers

    12. Minnesota Wild (via TOR)

    13. St. Louis Blues (via DET)

    14. New York Islanders

    15. Anaheim Ducks

    16. Los Angeles Kings

    17. Nashville Predators (via BUF)

    18. Calgary Flames (via NYR)

    19. Minnesota Wild

    20. Pittsburgh Penguins

    21. Colorado Avalanche

    22. Dallas Stars (via BOS)

    23. Detroit Red Wings (via TBL)

    24. St. Louis Blues (via VAN)

    25. Washington Capitals

    26. Detroit Red Wings (via CGY)

    27. Edmonton Oilers (via MTL)

    28. Edmonton Oilers

    29. Nashville Predators (via NJD)

    30. Chicago Blackhawks


    @Spoderman will launch the draft thread when he sees fit.

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  7. GM of the Year: @Patrick Kane

    -Revamped defense and got amazing contributions from acquisitions Pysyk, Smith, and Rundblad

    -Signed solid depth pieces such as Backlund, Brouwer, Jaskin, Garrison, and Darling in UFA

    -Acquired Carter, who's experience and two-way game payed dividends

    -Got great contributors in Perron and Arvidsson for cheap/free

    -Expanded role for future core piece Asplund


    Runner-up: @MikeyBoy44


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  8. Stanley Cup Final

    medium.png vs. medium.png

    Game 1




    Chicago Blackhawks lead series 1-0


    Game 2




    Chicago Blackhawks lead series 2-0


    Game 3




    Chicago Blackhawks lead series 2-1


    Game 4




    Series tied 2-2


    Game 5***




    Chicago Blackhawks lead series 3-2


    Game 6***




    Chicago Blackhawks win series 4-2


    Game 7***






    *** = If Required

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