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  1. Round 1 vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.
  2. Wanyama Alderweireld Eriksen Entertaining match. Eriksen needs to be dropped. Stop trying to sell Son and get him in there. Need Dembele back A$AP.
  3. About as good a group as I could've hoped for. Just 4 good sides, no real favourite. That being said, I'll be upset if we don't progress.
  4. Predictions: EDM 4 - 3 CGY LAK 2 - 4 VAN COL 4 - 1 DAL MIN 4 - 3 NSH WSH 4 -1 FLA PIT 4 - 2 NJD BUF 4 - 2 TBL DET 3 - 4 TOR
  5. Interesting season. Gallagher and Hamonic were acquired mid-season, not only to bolster the team, but to be long-term core pieces. Zacha and Teräväinen dropped off a bit as expected, but should produce like legit first liners next year with Gallagher playing the full year with them.. Fowler, Larsson, Bärtschi, and Josefson were their consistent selves. Smith-Pelly at least somewhat lived up to his contract. Andersen continues to frustrate. Promising rookie performances from Keller, Santini, and Mikhailis. As expected, Rocco Grimaldi stepped up with 3 points on the final day to get
  6. @BM24 @Vrienzy @Alain Vigneault @Kazmanian Devil @Zfetch @TheRussianRocket. @Tanev @Caboose @Nail @ThaManbeast @AntonRodin @JE14 @Time Lord @Tigs @DoughtysCheck @Go Faulk Yourself Send me line changes and/or conditionals. First sims likely tomorrow, around noon/1.
  7. Round 1 Playoff Matchups vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs.
  8. Day 171 Day 172 Day 173 Day 174 Day 175 Day 176 Day 177 Day 178 Standings
  9. lol @ mad old people who can't detect trolling
  10. Will finish regular season tonight.
  11. Day 166 Day 167 Day 168 Day 169 Day 170 Standings
  12. Old people Old people driving Old people on CDC
  13. Day 161 Day 162 Day 163 Day 164 Day 165 Standings
  14. Day 156 Day 157 Day 158 Day 159 Day 160 Standings
  15. Vilardi will be stuck in Juniors for the rest of the season if you do this. Let me know if this is acceptable.
  16. The vast majority of Canucks Talk posters
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