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  1. It's a dicey move because if it doesn't work, it may be very difficult for Petey. We can't afford to potentially create a drama for Petey when it can be avoided. Pros do not outweigh the cons.
  3. "Dank.sinatra's so hot right now" Dank... You stank.
  4. Juolevi is like found money... Hogs is better than any of us expected (even myself ). And yes... He's almost here folks. Just in time for the last push to make the playoffs. Podz will step right in to bottom 6 and really deepen our roster. We'll be a dark horse like last year if we can make playoffs!
  5. Yah that's what the best do. Yes he he needed to... If he had, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now and he would probably be in the hall of fame flying canucks colors. Luongo was an elite goaltender for sure... Numbers wise, he was the best tender the nucks have had... That we can agree. But his ego was hall of fame level and his attitude showed this. Patrick Roy is a jerk too but hey... He backed it up at least. We'll agree to disagree.
  6. I suppose you're a Virtanen apologist too. Of course it wasn't just on Luongo, I didn't say it was BUT... In game 7 he needed to steal that game and he didn't. That's why McLean is revered in this market more... Because he took his game to another level during the post season. Luongo is not in the hall of fame but he sure feels like he should be. It is common knowledge that when here, he was a control freak with a big ego, that a number if his teammates didn't appreciate. As far as the cap penalty... And the main reason I dislike the guy so much is when the management was trying to move him, he himself said "my contract sucks!". Now we all know that it did and he was stating the obvious but WOW... The guy is getting that much money and he has the audacity to tell the world that he's upset that he's overpaid!!! Seriously, he should have been the last person to go public with that. He's a me first guy period. We don't need him. You can make your own fantasy country club full of jerks like him if you wish.
  7. Hell no! Unless he gives back the cap recapture money or un-retires and goes to LTIR! Premadonna... The best goalie we've ever had but excluding the Dallas series, he was average during post season. When it mattered most he crumbled... beat out by Tim Thomas... Nuff said.
  8. Unfortunately they will probably be fine.... I just can't stand the make-up of that team. They lack character... As a result, I don't think they will win the cup with the current make-up (which makes me very happy!). Teams like St.Louis and Winnipeg are built around drafting character players that play hard not dirty (for the most part). They beat you with effort and toughness. The Canucks are built that way now too... Couldn't be prouder! Ottawa yah... I feel for them. I actually like them. Just a long ways to go. But you can see the potential. Hopefully they get a chance to develop together while adding some quality vets to help them along.... Sound familiar?
  9. Oh can I play too!!!! 1) Flames 2) Lames 3) Tames 4) flaming snot donkeys!
  10. Demko looked solid in net... Not over committing, great angles. Love his lateral movement when he was playing deep in net during the pk. Keep it up Demmer!!
  11. I came on here to ask if y'all think Höglander will stick with #36? I thought he would try to get #21 from Eriksson. Just don't want to get a jersey with the wrong #. I think #21 would look best on him but can't complain what #36 represents to this franchise. He can take the honey badger legend to another level. Best to wait?
  12. I am of mixed race like Evander. Both he and I grew up on the southern west coast of Canada. I don't know about Evander but I grew up either in poverty or on the edge of it. I spent a couple years living in Seattle(central district mid to late 80's before tech boom), it was a harsh environment then. Would be described as a ghetto. Lots of crack houses in the area. When I moved back to Canada (B.C.), I called a trailer park my home until I graduated... Humble beginnings for sure. Having and managing money was the furthest thing from my parents mind. It was hand to mouth. That was the norm. All I know, is that if I'd been given that amount of money in my late teens and early twenties, I probably would have made the same dumb moves. I'm in my late 40's now. I have a modest income but I manage my money well... This as a result of learning from my mistakes. My parents were both poor role models in relation to finances. Also, I was way to cocky and arrogant to listen to sound advice. The key is, having the right roll models. Though I don't know, I wouldn't be surprised if Evander had very little solid advisers to help him (especially early in his career)... And like myself, he very well could have been to arrogant to take the good advice he was offered. This is all pure speculation but really people... Don't go hatin' on the guy. I'm sure he's doing enough of that himself. Life has a way of humbling us. He's a dad now... I hope he finally sees what's important. I hope he has a turn around like Tyson... I rooting for him.
  13. Welcome back Phats. I'm very happy to know you got your health back. Sorry to hear about the separation but sounds like it was for the best. Welcome back to CDC crazy town!
  14. Remember when all our future hopes laid on the shoulders of first round prospects like Horvat, Virtanen, Boeser, Juolevi... Then we drafted Pettersson and Hughes. Everything changed. It hasn't been essential to the success for the Canucks for all these guys to become guarantee first line/pairing stars. What matters is they are high end reliable talent in whatever role or place they are put in on the team. Horvat is that and more... Our captain. Boeser is that and more... 1st line sniper and developing his defensive game. Juolevi though later than expected, looks like he is turning into (his floor) a solid #3 or high end #4 defenceman. That leaves Virtanen... Who cares if he doesn't live up to our original expectations. That no longer matters. All we need is for him to play on a line that get the most out of his skill sets. No management is going to hit a home run every first round. It just happens that canucks management hit two grand slam home runs in consecutive years... And a steal in the later part of the first in Boeser. I haven't even discussed Podkolzin, Höglander and all the other later round picks that are looking like not to distant nhl players.... Herb, I know it's tiresome... Seriously, even if we win the cup with this team and current management, there will still be posters here (we all know who you are) that will say its in spite of Benning and co... Bla, bla, bla... I don't know about you but I have kept track of the chronic negative posters and am very much looking forward to digging up some of their most 'flattering' post and throwing them back in their faces. Seriously, I get why fans of other teams can't stand Vancouver fans (the reputation)... Bandwagon, cancel culture, whiny, overly sensitive bunch of 'karens'. If I wasn't a die hard fan of the Canucks (since 89'), I'd have switched elegances back in 2011. Though not perfect, this is the best drafting management in canucks history hands down. Trades middle of the road but improving. FA signings were and is still the weakest link within this management, but has gotten better over the last couple years. Ultimately... We as canucks fans should be super excited and proud of the team that's being assembled. Doesn't mean that we have to be positive all the time but really.... The pros way outweigh the cons... What's not to like? I digress, Podkolzin is here in April just in time for us to make a good run in the playoffs. This year is going to be a lot of fun!!!
  15. I agree, Petey and Brock have become half decent 200ft players and still developing. They're no Bo defensively but aren't a big liability. Plus they have JT to lean on. I think Green is grooming Petey to play second line pk... Like Aho.
  16. I know, I know... It was just one scrimmage. ... But, I said a few years... Boy was I wrong!!. Talk of Podz showing up around April?! ... Way Over the moon!!!!
  17. Oh yes.... The Hogs has arrived
  18. Kunitz, Landeskog, or winger version of Pavaski... What amazing comparisons! He'll make his own name and will be used as a comparison to some up and coming gritty skilled prospect in the not to distant future. The Hogs & Podz era is about to begin... Buckle up canuck fans... The next generation of Vancouver Canuck hockey has arrived!!!!!!!!
  19. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see, but watching Virtanen and Petey answering questions... I observed a connection between the two. There was a couple glances at each other with smiles. And Virt defended Petey a couple times. May be nothing but that looks like a chemistry between them that I hadn't noticed before. Also, Jake just seems to be holding himself different... More sure, more mature? Anyway, probably read to much into it... Looks great so far! Really rooting for Jake.
  20. I figure a winger version of Pavaski (skill, grit and leadership).
  21. We drafted him to be exactly what he's turning into. An elite 200 ft forward... Think Pavaski... A player any team would love to have. This tournament has only made me more excited for Podkolzin. He's shown mature beyond his years because he exhibits and understands how to help the team win. He sees the bigger picture and does all the dirty work, all the work that isn't glamorous in order to win (the little things as you put it). He sacrifices points to be a stronger support to the rest if his teammates. Willingly eats the puck to save a high danger scoring chance. As a result, he makes everyone around him better. He is the unquestioned leader of this team. He's earned that. That is why Igor chose him for captain. Once his skating and shot are worked on he'll truly be a complete player... He's already 3/4 of the way there and only what 19?
  22. Haters gonna hate... I'm going to leave you behind with 2020.
  23. I agree... That number rocks... Plus that Russian name plate. I've been trying to get the black flying V jersey. Just think it would look so menacing!! Unfortunately, because of covid the team store and other outlets are out of stock for both flying V jerseys. Hope that changes soon!