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  1. Three d lines that can move the puck and good first pass. Aggressive counter attack hockey. We may not need a defensive defencemen on the team going forward. More like Nashville?
  2. You hit the 'nail on the head' so to speak. Elite compete. That is the #1 want for canuck fans. Heart and soul elite compete. All the ring if honour and retired canucks had elite compete as their base quality.
  3. Well researched, thought out post... The common thread?.... A change of scenery was needed to bring out the potential in the player. This has been the biggest 'elephant in the room' for a couple years now.... Bennings been holding on, hoping he finally breaks out. The fans have angst (PTSD really lol!!) about 'another Neally trade'. He bought Virtanen time because of the 'forced' vacancy on right wing, to give him one final chance. Bennings first draft pick as Canuck GM... Edit: Apologize.... This is a Höglander thread.
  4. That makes sense... by the time he's out of quarantine, the team will be headed to Edmonton... And from what I understand, he won't be part of the group going there. Not sure what the point will be him being here now if that's the case. Hopefully they clear this up so us rabid fans are in the know lol!
  5. Really?.... Why no news in him and how it's going?
  6. .....for Vancouver... Second pairing pp, second pairing left D behind Hughes for many years. Krug type... Yes please!
  7. ^^ Same as above That's what I'm talkin' bout!
  8. There was a TSN article today focused on the highly touted prospects out of Sweden over the past couple years. The title has Broberg in it but most of the love goes to our own Hogs! Unfortunately I can't figure out how to transfer the article here... So not technologically inclined!
  9. I'm already 'a thing'....
  10. Really nice to have you back Sid... Hope you're health challenges are a thing of the past. You're very much appreciated.
  11. Bud... I wasn't attacking you. Relax. (But I will now) 'A safe work environment'... What planet are you on. This is why these guys get paid millions. There is no safe work environment and never will be. You are clueless if you think any player is obligated to practice safe work habits... Bla, bla, bla. We hope they do, and if they don't, they're usually punished for it. It's their job to win... That's all. He protected himself and I'm glad he did... THAT is what he's obliged to do... Let the guy make the team first, see how that goes before you decide if he should be on the team or not... Based on your standards that is. You started this whole tirade already comparing him to Wilson and Marchant... Really? I get it... You want a civilized game, were gentleman respect each other at all times and out work each other with dignity in a safe work environment. Yah dude... I want world peace to... I'm sure there's a men's group, drum circle close by for you. I'd offer my shoulder to cry on but I don't have shoulder pads... I wouldn't want you to get concused.
  12. We'll never get all of the head shots out a 100%. It's simply to fast moving to prevent violent collisions. Same goes for football, rugby etc. I'm glad things have changed for the better but changing things much more and then we don't have hockey. You should seriously consider changing your sporting interests to baseball, tennis, curling, basketball (maybe to much violent contact for you?), soccer, etc. Hoglander, though went across the line for IIHF rules, I see a smaller player doing his best to protect himself from a player bigger then him coming in for a hit at high speed. If Hoglander just let the player hit him, we very well could be talking about his head injury right now. The whole event was unfortunate but if you don't like the 'unneeded' extracurricular activities then you have a right to watch another sport that caters to you sensibilities.
  13. His elite conditioning is really showing. Great quick explosive strides. You can tell how hungry he is. Decisive as well. This guy means business!! Can't wait to have him on our team!!!!
  14. That's what I thought...
  15. Got my hopes up there bud lol! Yah I don't think he will... BUT if he does... I live close to Vic, so I know I'll be seeing him in person if he does.
  16. Is he even coming to camp?
  17. I think the answer is yes. From what I've read, Hogs not to long ago, signed a 3 year contract with his SHL team. If the canucks wanted him over for say... the start of the 20-21 season, they could buy out the final two years of his contract.
  18. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  19. "There can be only one..."
  20. Right?! My favorite movie of all time Bullitt! Love Steve McQueen. You got some great tastes... Well cats aside!
  21. Much appreciated... Like them so much that I changed my name... well I've been wanting to change name for a while... Was just waiting for the right one!
  22. Or load up first line: Hogs-Petey-Podz And/Or 1st PP
  23. Very quick elusive, small burst moves. Edge work is close to elite.