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  1. I worry about late blooming goalies and how long they play well for. Marky has a few solid years under his belt but he's 30 now. He really didn't start to pick up his play until he was 27. Demko was 24 this year with a December 8th birthday, he is young. Looking at his regular season numbers they can be improved for sure and getting his GAA down from 3.06 to 2.6 shouldn't be overly difficult. Especially with a bit more playing time Clark will be able to spot the holes in his game. I chose to keep Demko. He is the future goaltender for the team, start the future today.
  2. After these playoffs it has become extremely clear to me that the coaching system is not good enough for the NHL. The fact that they made it to the second round was because of brilliant performances from Petey Miller Horvat Markstrom and Hughes, with steady Eddy showing up. This team was not coached well as shown by the shot differentials the lack of scoring for secondary and depth players. What I see in the players who aren't oozing offensive skills (Virtanen, Beagle, Motte, Sutter, Pearson) is a very repressed game. Just chipping it out, don't take the body play the stick and be reactionary. These are the players that should be the aggressive defenders, forcing the opposition to make moves when it isn't the best time, drive the puck to the net hard and create chaos and basically play to interfere with the opposition's systems. Instead they got hemmed in reacting to passing plays and shots. This is on coaching and the system. I'll say it again and again, but the top players make the coaching staff look better than they are. Great teams have a coaching staff that make the players look better. I've also always used the bottom 6 production and overall game as a measuring stick of a good coach as they rely on coaching more and are expected to follow coaching more strictly. So yes Jake has been mishandled and I'm afraid that once he plays on a team like Carolina Boston Vegas NYI he's going to be an Alex Tuch.
  3. It depends on how bad it is. I separated my should on a hit just like that and it took a week before I could use it, two weeks before playing hockey again and about a month before I could fully rely on it That said I'm not a pro athlete and didn't have physiotherapy. So he could be playing after a week. Edit Just saw an Instagram post of Myers giving fives out by the dressing room last night. Looks like he is favouring his left arm by using his pocket for support. Could be a while still
  4. I have this feeling that Horvat will show a bit of a nasty side tonight and start taking matters into his own hands.
  5. I think with Ferlands career being done and on LTIR all the players can be re-signed if a couple players are buried in the AHL to make the cap at the beginning of the year and the caps are reasonable. It's also possible to move baertschi, might need to attach a pick. But that's clearing 5 mil between the 2
  6. Philly vs Montreal - Philly in 6 Tampa Bay vs Columbus - Columbus in 6 Washington vs NY Islanders - Islanders in 7 Boston vs Carolina - Carolina in 6 Vegas vs Chicago - Vegas in 5 Colorado vs Arizona - Colorado in 5 St. Louis vs Vancouver - Vancouver in 7 Dallas vs Calgary - Dallas in 7
  7. Are you a fisherperson Deb? That recipe sounds nice for salmon. I'm a big fan of smoked paprika and S+P on mine I'll be ordering pizza though and driftwood pale ale to drink
  8. Trading Rathbone would make the organizing look awful. As he said FA was an option but he wanted Vancouver. Now van entices him to sign and it was just deceiving him if he's traded. Louis is going to be a very hard contract to move. But in the mean time you don't give away the players that cost little to get into the lineup. Those players are the ones that will help ease the pain of the bad contracts
  9. Without the heat the fans give off the ice will be much easier to maintain
  10. I agree Last summer I suggested Boeser in a deal for Draisaitl and people lost their $&!#. Boeser is good but because he was also the first really bright spot offensively fans got too attached to him. I believe his best value to the team is in a trade
  11. Let me be clear. Trade him for a top pair right side two way defender who can put up 30-40 points But you think that Boeser can get more?