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  1. Hughes isn't the new whipping boy. Just a good hockey trade, less raw offensive talent than Hughes but a better all around game. And come DeNiro, you know just how good werenski is and also the cap implications. And of course this is all done on the basis of Zach resigning with the Canucks at around 8 per. Although Blackhawks might have propped up Zach's value to the 9-10 rang
  2. If he signs an extension, trading Hughes for him would be a great move. Thus would allow the Canucks to focus on just Pettersson as the other big contract is dealt with, then next year more loungos cap can be used for werenski. This would give the Canucks a top four that has weight behind it Also there is the Shaw connection. I would absolutely trade Hughes for werenski
  3. Right!?! At the very least first line numbers. I'm seeing people don't recognize that he's a fringe first line player on a good team that competes. The fact that we now have a center and a right winger on our second line who are fringe first liners is huge. There was a day not too long ago when those same spots were occupied by fringe second liners and third liners
  4. Hughes' only negotiation tactic is to not sign. The contract will likely favour the team on the short term. I could honestly see a 3 year 5 mil per Structure Year 1 - 2 mil signing bonus 2 mil salary Year 2 - 2 mil bonus 2 mil salary Year 3 - 2 mil bonus 5 mil salary Structuring the contract like this definitely takes advantage of Hughes not having negotiation rights and having it be team friendly, but then leaves the qualifying offer for his next contract at 7/year saying that he will get paid.
  5. Thanks for the follow.

  6. Haha, only downside to that is I wouldnt get to be a part of the John and John show
  7. I hope they choke though, but of course it will all be swept under the rug and the Tavares injury will be the excuse, and a good one at that. But the reality is the leafs aren't a hard working team like the Canadians, Jets, Islanders, Bruins, Hurricanes, and they don't have the depth of teams like Vegas, Avalanche and Lightning and even with Tavares in the line up they are out matched in defensive systems and structure by all the teams left in the playoffs
  8. Seeing some of the options other posters have put up and I think this is the Canucks only option if they want to continue to get better. I think Columbus would ask for horvat or boeser or our first and promising player as a starting point and fill in the gap. That's too much. I'd rather throw money at Larsson this year
  9. Dave Lowry is an excellent coach. I got to see his systems while was coaching the Victoria Royals. Plays a hard on the puck checking game with a great counter transition It's only a matter of time before he is scooped up as a head coach
  10. I seem to recall that buyout savings vs burying were fairly similar and then there would have been the extra years. Unfortunately the contract that is really worth buying is Roussel. Virtanen's is ok for a buyout, but if it comes to THAT distraction I'm sure it will be terminated
  11. That's Horvat Just like Toews, Bergeron, O'Reilly At the moment he's not a good as those but that's the kind of center he will be. So the third line center needs to be a 16-18 minute guy who can provide scoring 30-40 points a year
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