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  1. They did, a few teams have, but not for cap reasons. The famed zamboni driver and accountant goalies were due to logistical reasons as the emergency back up position. I imagine every team has this guy for either the home team or visiting team to use. The leafs here just simply didnt manage their cap space properly and had to do this, that is what people are up in arms about
  2. Definitely some areas to work on but the potential this group has shown has me very excited
  3. As much as i want to see him back, i kinda wanna see how podz does with petey and miller
  4. I think its coaching more than anything ive noticed that since tanev has played for calgary he takes the body more. I dont think that he just decided to hit more. This to me says the coaching staff is asking this of him
  5. Ive noticed that the canucks players get beat to the puck, then they dont lead into the battle with a hit, its like they gently pin the player instead of really knocking them off the play. Constantly chasing possession instead of taking it
  6. Well when benning took over it was a retool, and as far as we know this was owners orders. This was a time of using second rounders to fill holes, benning took a lot of heat for this. However he was building the current core with the Boeser Demko and Petterson picks after the sedins retired there needed to be some NHL guys who could help insulate the new core for development reasons, beagle and rooster. And they did what they needed to but unfortunately both got injured and werent as effective anymore So since the sedins retired it was small steps 31-40-0-11 sedins last year 35-36-0-11 pettersons first year 36-27-0-6 bubble hockey 23-29-0-4 regressed, however down first and fourth line centers for half of season, team decimated by covid, extremely tough schedule in first two weeks with no practice days like i said, last year was an anomaly and there are legit reasons that can attribute to the lack of success beyond bennings control. the way i see it the team has been improving every year but it will still be 2 years from now when they become a true contender It is unrealistic to expect benning to be able to address every need in one off-season, and after this off-season, if the canucks make the playoffs he will be in discussion for GM of the year, especially for the contracts he handed out to all the RFAs As for purging the bad contracts Player Name came from the retool time with the sedins so you cant include that in your argument Beagle and Rooster both suffered career ending type injuries. Is Beagle even playing this year? Before their injuries they actually had positive impacts with their play. There has been lots of discussion about how having beagle in the lineup is better than not As for rooster he had 31 points in 65 games and 13 points in 41 games while managing to be a positive player in the time he played before his knee injury. He was a very effective player that got injured Virtanen was being accused for rape, so... Holtby, Ill give you that, bad signing
  7. Youre a brave man Unfortunately there are people in here that think every pick should be a roster player, and every player we trade away or waive are the next version of cam neely, or that he has to fix everything all at once. Benning has done well bringing in talent to the team for sure through the draft and trades This season should see an improvement in offence and hopefully not a decline in defence next offseason i could see the team making a big hockey trade from one of the strengths shown this year to shore up the d group a bit better Steps towards success each year, building piece by piece
  8. Shaw for starters
  9. Dont open thread?
  10. We could have a St. Louis situation brewing i know it was just preseason, but i was disappointed with the team play and structure Ive never liked green as a coach no matter what anyone says i just dont see it. His structure and systems look juvenile
  11. Theres 29 teams to choose a player from and only 23 stay with the big club they also need players who can play in the AHL and step up
  12. The other team would have to add with those guys I would be looking at guys with 1-2 potential, guys a d corps can be built around
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