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  1. At the trade deadline teams don't need 2 mil in space to fit in a 2 mil player. They need to have enough space to fit the remainder of the years cap. So say the deadline is 2/3s of the way through the season they only need space for 1/3 of the contract or in the case of the 2 million dollar player it would be 666,666 in space. So finding a team that can fit Sutter and Benn shouldn't be hard, it's finding a team that wants them
  2. I don't get why you got off topic here and talking about system and game structure. That's coaching and obviously something needs to be done, can't be losing the shot differential every game But you started a thread suggesting moving motte onto horvats line. I'm simply saying don't change a good thing, Mottes line is contributing so keep it.
  3. Taxi squad is basically the AHL. They just aren't playing in the AHL and actually get to practice with the big club. If players are subject to waivers they will still be subject to waivers on taxi squad Quarantine is not necessary when a player is recalled as they are already "with the team" and thus the reason for taxi squads I'm not certain, but it would make sense, but there would be a limited amount of call ups just like with AHL so it can't be treated like a tool to give players multiple looks. Those call ups would need to be used widely as always
  4. It's been quite some time now since goalies haven't worn a mask.
  5. Trading Rathbone would make the organizing look awful. As he said FA was an option but he wanted Vancouver. Now van entices him to sign and it was just deceiving him if he's traded. Louis is going to be a very hard contract to move. But in the mean time you don't give away the players that cost little to get into the lineup. Those players are the ones that will help ease the pain of the bad contracts
  6. I couldn't help but have the image of wiping my butt with one of those trolls
  7. Not picking on you stawns, your just bringing up interesting stuff Turns out, 60% of Italy is 40 and over and is the San Jose Sharks of the world (one of the older countries). Right in the wheel house for the virus
  8. I actually just read you can't get it multiple times. But it can go into a type or remission and come back. Same same but different
  9. It's all over Take a look here https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/specific-groups/high-risk-complications.html I should also say that it is also likely that healthy people can have it, not show symptoms or even know they have it and pass it on. Which given the second paragraph, would effectively lower the mortality rate
  10. I agree the mortality rate is higher. But, healthy people get the flu, whereas healthy people are less likely to get covid. What that means is that the people getting covid are more likely suffering from a weakened immune system leading to more deaths or a higher mortality rate. That is why I say the population samples are not comparable
  11. The Spanish flu killed all age ranges and health conditions And yes the mortality rate is higher in covid than the regular flu, but the samples are greatly different meaning the flu effects all ages and health types, covid effects primarily older people and people with weaker immune systems.
  12. Corona virus likely only affects people who are in an age group. I think it's 60 and over. And who are immune compromiswd The flu affects everyone, but usually the people who are over 60 and immune compromised die. The stats you posted aren't apples to apples. There's also people saying this could be the next Spanish flu, but the Spanish flu affected everyone and killed everyone so they are not similar at all.