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  1. Starting at a first and prospect/second rounder What would you accept as payment for taking on a contract like that to your team? And history shows that type of dump costs a first plus
  2. You're right, but it doesn't allow for any forward upgrades save for guys in the system stepping up is all.
  3. He very well is the player we will lose. Only a NTC doesn't need protection
  4. I'd do that trade aswell Only thing is clearing Eriksson allows for money to be thrown at a dman or Edler is brought back
  5. You probably wouldn't have done the Miller trade either. I would say that Reinhardt has a better history And if Seattle goes for it for Eriksson dump absolutely you take that, but why would they? Looking at how well Vegas did it would be very bad move for them to take on 6 mil in extra cap, and it would be a really bad move for one of their first moves to be undercutting the value of cap dumps. I could debate you further but we disagree
  6. Patrick Marleau cost a first to dump. In a raising cap world. Now that capspace is at a premium it will cost more to get rid of Erikssons contract is also not favourable to buy out and would likely remain on books First year cap hit is 4,000,000 Second year is 1,000,000
  7. And that's why the price was so high. Unfortunately the Canucks are going no where with the 9 million they have tied up in Lou and Eriksson At least beagle is said to done for his career, same as Ferland so there's LTIR relief
  8. I wouldn't do what you said. You forgot to include them taking Eriksson
  9. He's been on the worst team in the league his whole career and still puts up solid numbers The way I see it is a first and second for him The rest is to unload Eriksson which moves this team closer to contention. Imagine having the cap space to get potentially Larsson to play along side Hughes and make a top 6 acquisition
  10. With the team having a solid core I would actually be ok with this 2021 first unprotected with conditions 2021 second 2022 first, if 2021 first is top 3 then it becomes 2023 second 2022 second Basically 2 firsts and 2 seconds or a top 3 and three seconds They take Eriksson to make cap work We get Reinhardt An offer sheet to get him would be in the 6.5 to 8 range and would cost a first, second and third, but we would need to unload cap and don't have a 2022 third. This could potentially set up forward gr
  11. Last hockey night in Canada, McLean was praising Burrows for his coaching success. Bieksa pipes in, "good to see you finally giving But the respect he deserves, Ron". I damn near choked on my beer laughing so hard I clicked on this thread thinking it was suggesting Bieksa should be looked at for some sort of coaching role. He has shown excellent breakdowns of plays, is a great communicator and would command everyone's respect and attention. I know he has no experience in coaching but look at Malholtra
  12. A quick internet search will show that it's the fourth most popular sport, this also includes field hockey. However, revenue generated from hockey isn't in the top. When you take into account Europe and how many pro leagues there are it starts to make sense, and even China and some middle East countries are getting in on hockey. Football, while generating a ton of revenue isn't even as popular as table tennis. Heres the website if you would care to do some research https://www.ballerstatus.com/2021/01/06/top-10-most-watched-sports-in-
  13. Ha ha ha You must not know how hockey works. You're cute
  14. At the trade deadline teams don't need 2 mil in space to fit in a 2 mil player. They need to have enough space to fit the remainder of the years cap. So say the deadline is 2/3s of the way through the season they only need space for 1/3 of the contract or in the case of the 2 million dollar player it would be 666,666 in space. So finding a team that can fit Sutter and Benn shouldn't be hard, it's finding a team that wants them
  15. I don't get why you got off topic here and talking about system and game structure. That's coaching and obviously something needs to be done, can't be losing the shot differential every game But you started a thread suggesting moving motte onto horvats line. I'm simply saying don't change a good thing, Mottes line is contributing so keep it.
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