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  1. Harrison Ford is 70 today

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      is he still flying solo?

  2. Has anyone taken the username Mr. Garrison yet?

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    2. Grape


      Thanks cause I'm takin' it.


    3. Kumquats


      Can't wait for him to score a Mr. Hat Trick.

    4. Xbox


      LoL Mr. Hat ^^^

  3. Can anyone recommend a video conference website/software? Preferably a free one.

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    2. Spoderman


      I think so. I'm not 100% sure. Here's a Skype help page. I'm too lazy to read it. http://about.skype.com/2004/02/skype_launches_free_conference.html

    3. JustJokinen!


      Haha, thanks.

    4. -SN-


      Google hangout

  4. First trade of the day? Dreger says Bobrovsky to Columbus

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    2. NikiShiz


      Philly reallly realllly needs a goalie...hmmmm and we have 2...

    3. NikiShiz


      ...and what an overpayment for Bobrovsky

    4. JustJokinen!


      Bryz's contract is even worse than Lou's. Can't see them spending more cap space in goal.

  5. There it is. Was just typing a post about how unlucky Portugal have been.
  6. Ballotelli making the most of his training sessions prior to Sunday's game.
  7. If Greece wins Germany should call their loans and bankrupt them.
  8. I'm quite pleasantly surprised with a group win. I wasn't even sure they would advance going in.
  9. I don't think it's clear it was a goal, which is probably why that official didn't call it. The solution to this problem is obvious, I don't understand the hold up. Maybe now UEFA/FIFA will smarten up.
  10. The Lampard goal you could easily see was over the line. Can't say with 100% certainty that this goal was across the line. They should just institute goal line technology. So silly to be debating this all the time.
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