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    sidney crosby, school, hockey and canucks :)

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  1. ....pure epicness.
  2. thanks! :) ..made my day, raffi knew it was coming the whole time ;)

  3. Got to CANUCKSTV>Quick Clips>Page 2.

    You will see a clip with a pic of Torrwes titled: Quick Clip: PreGame In the DR Mar.08.11.

    You will see it there. :)

  4. hey there, i just saw your sig and i was wondering if there was a video where that is from, made me LOL :)

  5. yay! mine's sidsational_87

  6. heey, ahah that's okay!

    and yes i do have twitter :) ..it's CanuckGirl87

  7. haha heyyy sorry for the late reply, i barely use this site anymore. btw, do you have twitter?

  8. hey! how's it going.. haven't talked in forever! how about that point streak eh? <3 ....or that gold medal game. -_-

  9. your sig is the most epic thing i've ever seen. :P

  10. Nice to see another Canucks fan who recognises Sid's brilliance on the ice! :)

  11. i know right =D

    awesome, eh?

  12. OMG, i know <3

    i don't understand how you can improve anymore? but yet somehow he finds a way!

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