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  1. Jones, Hyman, and Danault are the big three bad ones IMO. I picked Danault. I think he won't replicate his Montreal magic in LA. I'm in the minority that thinks Nurse's contract is a bit rich, but not as bad as many make it out to be. He's better than many think.
  2. I think a good case could be made for Garland, but I went with Miller. Lots of options though. Petey. Boeser, and Hughes are also all options as well and if things go either poorly for the team or really well for Bo, he could lead the team in scoring too.
  3. IMO, You should add a poll to this. Let me know if you need help! (assuming you want to add one)
  4. Ehhh...there's an asterisk to those stats. The 57% FOW% is on only 14 draws. His career average is exactly 50%. One of his goals was an empty netter, which can't be valued as highly.
  5. Maybe our defensive systems. A counter-example would be Garland, who is a perfect fit in Vancouver.
  6. I suspect the two main reasons would be: 1. Higher expectations. This year, this team is expected to at least be very close to the playoffs. 2. Much recent losing. 2019-20 was very fun, but outside of that, it's been a while since our team has been good and I think fans are very ready to be done with being a non-playoff team and are running out of patience. I think these above things make fans overall less patient and quicker to give knee-jerk reactions to various things.
  7. Cool to watch the first home game. Hope we disappoint the crowd tonight.
  8. I know a lot of posts were archived from the early 2010s and older and thus removed from post counts. I had at least another 5000 posts that aren't on my account. I think VC lost drastically more than that. For older users who hadn't posted in a long time, many of them ended up with very few posts remaining, making them appear like new users or long-time lurkers.
  9. I've heard that takeaways are tracked better, but giveaways aren't very reliable. I don't have any evidence or anything, but just something I heard from another dedicated fan.
  10. If you're on PC, you can hover over a user's name to see when they joined. Alternatively you can visit their profile. I know there are still a good chunk of users from 2003 still around. Our admin, Stealth, joined in early 2003. I believe this iteration of the forums was started in January or February of 2003, but I could be wrong.
  11. I know you followed the WHL Canucks too. Do you like the idea of Johnny Canuck jerseys for that reason as well or no?
  12. I think Burroughs has been especially solid and is a good balance for Rathbone.
  13. Even if Dahlen scores 25 goals with the Sharks this year, I'm not convinced he would've done that if we had kept him. He's obviously improved and likely also matured over the past couple years in Sweden. Good for him, but I don't feel like we made any sort of foolish decision to get rid of him.
  14. Apologies, I used the wrong name--I meant the World Championships. The World Cup is fairly different.
  15. An interesting thing I've noticed is that while many fans from the 90s or late 80s go nuts over the Skate nostalgia, I don't see the same thing from older fans from prior eras, like the Flying V or Sitck 'N Rink era, though there may be some exceptions. I suspect fans who've seen so much change over the years aren't keen on yet another change, but also don't have the nostalgia tied with the Skate, since their nostalgia logo would be the Flying V or Stick 'N Rink. @smithers joe @Rick Blight @RUPERTKBD What are your opinions on the Skate logo and the idea of switching back to it? Genuinely curious to know what older fans think and if my theory holds true.
  16. Why do you think many stars opt out of the World Cup of Hockey, even when they're out of the playoffs? Not only is it a tournament and trophy, but they can even represent their nation with pride and still many decide not to play. I think it's obvious that they're prioritizing regular season and playoff hockey over any other hockey. I think if you somehow had the tournaments as part of the regular season or in some way impact playoff seeding, you'd see fierce competition the whole way, but I think it would have to be linked to the playoffs in some way.
  17. I can simply see some players choosing to opt out in the same way they opt out for the All-Star game. If it's not contributing to their Stanley Cup hopes, they aren't interested in risking injury for it. Maybe some would find motivation, but I suspect some players are more singularly focused on the Stanley Cup and nothing else, going so far as to avoid hockey that doesn't contribute to their Stanley Cup journey. I suspect NHL hockey players are brought up in a different culture than EU footballers and so might be less interested in a variety of tournaments and competitions, as EU players are. As a fan, I'm sure they could be entertaining, so long as the players put in a full effort.
  18. Might be interesting to watch, but I don't think I'd put that much stock into a random draw tournament and even if the Canucks won the trophy, it certainly wouldn't feel like "winning it all" if it isn't Lord Stanley's Cup. Might be interesting, but with most players having the primary goal of winning a Cup, playing games that do little to progress them towards that goal might not be terribly motivating. It's like the World Cup of Hockey except without the motivation that comes from representing your country.
  19. Key words there might be "could" and "potentially".
  20. It really comes down to their offensive depth. That's what killed them in the playoffs last year. If they have depth, they can go very far. As a Canuck fan, I want them to fizzle out and fail. As a hockey fan, I want to see McDavid secure his legacy and have playoff success (at least a strong conference final showing). I expect they'll get at least a few good runs with McDavid and Draisaitl.
  21. I wouldn't mind it as a third, but I do like our current third better. Maybe a fourth jersey? Is that a thing? Definitely don't want it as a main jersey, nor do I want any significant changes to that one. I'm glad we're finally forming an identity with our logo and colour scheme. We've used the same colours for almost 15 years now and roughly the same logo for almost 25 and that makes me happy.
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