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  1. EJ hurt. Pack it up boys. Season is done.

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    2. Rex425


      Well that sounds like disaster...

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      I would pity you guys except you have all that talent up front and 2 Stanley Cups to boast about.

      Vancouver? Ageing talent and 44 years with no Stanley Cups.

    4. William_Clarkson


      Do you want Sbisa?

  2. Absolutely pathetic. I need about 10 drinks right now.

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    2. Caboose


      Or the 15 shots to 40? Leafs all year last year.

    3. ManUtd


      The sad thing is even when we were a basement team I never saw them play quite this poorly. It's not just the shots. It's the constant turnovers and just general lackadaisical play. No one gives a crap out there.

    4. iLLmAtlc


      nerds win again

  3. Iggy gets the A. Good choice. Wish McLeod would do the right thing and give his up for Duchene. Poor guy can't buy a letter.

  4. United Airlines just pulled off the impossible and managed to be infinitely more incompetent than Air Canada. Quite the feat.

    1. PlayStation


      Trash airline, nice flight attendants, but totally trash other than that.

    2. ManUtd


      True story. Just awful.

  5. Oilers on instead of the Avs... I hate CBC

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    2. Xbox


      huh?? In Ontario CBC is airing Habs vs Avs

    3. AppleJack


      I am happy about watching the coilers lose cause I am also a redwings fan heeheee

    4. canuck_trevor16


      live stream don't work

  6. RIP Granddad

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    2. 22Sedinery33


      Sorry for your loss

    3. Coconuts


      My condolences

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i hear they have better tv reception up there...peace

  7. McGinn! 5-1! Love it!

  8. Really hating thin sections right now.

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    2. ManUtd


      Oh they aren't that hard they're just incredibly boring. It's also a fairly useless skill for engineering.

    3. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Some of the metamorphic stuff is pretty tricky. But yeah, kinda useless for an engineer.

    4. ManUtd


      Ah, okay. It's a strictly igneous course so it's pretty straightforward. It's pretty well the most irrelevant course ever but it's a pre req for a mapping course. I can only assume that's lecture related though since there won't be any thin sections at field school.

  9. 4 midterms in 3 days. I hate my life.

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    2. :D


      White people problems

    3. KoreanHockeyFan


      don't fail all of them like I did.

    4. Xbox


      I had 3 in 3 days, 2 in 1 day

  10. Eugh. If it weren't for reading break I would be done exams before the playoffs started.

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