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  1. Only center who was rested - Horvat, Pettersson and Miller had all just been out there.
  2. Podkolzin and Chiasson switching it up. Hopefully Petey and Podz can develop some chemistry!
  3. OEL (24) - Myers (20) Hughes (24) - Poolman (20) Rathbone (16) - Schenn (16)
  4. Lockwood hit Draisaitl. McDavid later tackled him and gave him a few words. Later, someone (think it was MacEwan) collided with Mike Smith and took a two minute interference penalty. I think it happened again later in the game as well. Case of tempers boiling over and MacEwan being someone who would take the offer to fight. Stupid in a mean nothing preseason game for Kassian.
  5. Draisaitl had his head looking down at the puck and Lockwood came full speed in on him. With the size difference, Lockwood definitely went in a little shoulder to chin. Draisaitl immediately sorta slumped over and went to the bench. It wasn’t a blindside hit per se, but I could see why the oilers were a little pissed off at the chippiness of a young rookie hitting someone like Draisaitl
  6. They keep checking whether Miller can be a 3C with Dickinson at 4C; we shall see. The team has more depth on the wings anyways, so having three solid scoring lines and then a 4C checking will create more balance. ___________-Petterson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-____________ ___________-Miller-Podkolzin ___________-Dickinson-_________ Then it's a matter of where does Hoglander and Garland fit (two smaller guys), and will it be Chiasson or Petan in the top 9. 4th line wingers of either DiGiuseppe, Bailey, MacEwan, Dowling, outside chance of Lockwood
  7. I would agree with you, but it's obvious Travis Green wants vets penalty killing. The top-9 is set (Miller, Petterson, Boeser, Pearson, Horvat, Garland, Hoglander, Dickinson, and Podkolzin). I think he's eyeing vets to make up spots 10-11-12-13, and I think that means: DiGiuseppe, Dowling, Petan, Chiasson. I think we see MacEwan waived. I think Lockwood goes down. Green said it himself at a recent press conference, he wants six PKers, well, I think that means: DiGiuseppe-Dickinson (PK1) Petan-Dowling (PK2) Pearson/Horvat/Miller (PK3)
  8. Forward spots 10-11-12-13 are tough to decide on knowing that Motte/Sutter are out. I would guess that it goes: 10- DiGiuseppe (4LW) 11- Dowling (4C) 12 - Chiasson (4RW) 13 - Gadjovich MacEwan gets waived. Petan waived. Lockwood in Utica even though he’s played well. Waiver ineligible.
  9. I wonder…. Hoglander-Petterson-Boeser Gadjovich-Miller-Garland Pearson-Horvat-Chiasson DiGiuseppe-Dickenson-Podkolzin MacEwen Hughes-Schenn OEL-Poolman Juolevi-Myers Hunt-Burroughs Demko Halak *Rathbone in Abbotsford to be 1D and further his development.
  10. Can Sutherland ref other teams please? Cruel and unusual punishment to have this clown ref Canuck games.
  11. Make some cuts after this game. Looking forward to seeing Petan gone soon. Bring in some more of the vets.
  12. DiGiuseppe-Dickenson Pearson-Horvat Podkolzin-Miller With more depth, at least until Motte and Sutter are back, then I would have some of the top-six guys getting legit time. Gadj and Chiasson are weak links in some ways. No PK, decent 5-on-5 options; good net front presence for the PP, but there are so many PP options this year, there are going to be some guys missing out on time there. I think with Lockwood being waivers exempt, I think they send him down to start. We will see how the next week goes, but thinking they keep guys like Gadj/Highmore/MacEwan up to start the year.
  13. Here’s how I hope things play out: Hoglander-Petterson-Boeser Podkolzin-Miller-Garland Pearson-Horvat-Chiasson DiGiuseppe-Dickenson-Gadjovich MacEwan/Highmore
  14. Would everyone be okay with an opening roster of something like this? Trade Schmidt and Holtby, bring in a cheap back-up goalie, bring in a couple right-sided defensemen for depth ----- maybe a better trade (but cap space is limited).
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