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  1. Interesting study out of Israel. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2021/08/having-sars-cov-2-once-confers-much-greater-immunity-vaccine-no-infection-parties Science......More children have died from these vaccines by far due to reactions and suicide from lockdowns than Covid 19 itself. The scientist who literally invented Mrna vaccines has spoken out against them as dangerous and toxic. Just keep posting your New York Times, Reuters and other MSM slants instead of looking at actual peer reviewed scientific studies. Geeze people its not hard to dig a little bit
  2. Why quote an article from "The Independent"? Its owned by a Russian Oligarchy ( Evgeny Lebedev and the Saudi state, Sultan Muhammad Abuljadeyel....along with Justin Byam Shaw who was an employee of Lebedev and was sold 26% stake.) Sound a little fishy? If you honestly think that "The Independent" is truly independent then you should probably dig a little bit deeper. Lebedev and Boris Johnson the British prime Minister happen to be extremely chummy so if you don't think that paper has political leanings and agendas...... The truth is in the science and data studies and these have to
  3. When I lived up there I had a 45-70 behind the seat and 430 grain bear load in my console. Good luck to the hatchet murderers. And I went through plenty of road blocks with an unloaded rifle next to my leg. RCMP would just look and nod....its perfectly legal if it isnt loaded and the action is open......if the action is closed then its a problem. Ever know when a moose will step out on a back road or onto a cut line.
  4. Great pub, lots of oil and gas traffic around there. Head straight north towards Goodlowe across the Peace river then head back west towards Cecil lake for some great deer, moose and elk hunting. Beautiful country. I used to drive through there all the time from FSJ. Nice drive up towards Peace River if you cross the border towards the east once you cross the bridge. Then you can make your way up to high level and even head into NWT towards Hay river. Then Yellowknife isnt far.....one of the nicest drives if you want to see wildlife. Fully recommend that entire part of the province and the who
  5. Yes sir. If anyone believes ( including warhippy) that this planet wasnt designed by a superior intellegence (God), I honestly dont know. Water, perfect air mixture, color, taste buds, appreciation of art, music? Why is there such a great abundance? This is intelligent design and well.....love. We could be eating grey slop lol. Nope......we have abundant color, wildlife and tasty food. Not to mention we can use the earths precious materials to build. Yeah......this is all a fluke. We should all be feeling fortunate to have fallen into this abundance of chance hahahhaja.......Our creator will n
  6. Haha.....super hornet, or Satan 2...... None will be set off.
  7. We will both witness this as it will be known as Armageddon. Or the Great tribulation. It will happen in our life time.......the world is at a breaking point.
  8. This has already begun in Russia, China, North Korea , Singapore......I could go on.
  9. The world countries will in fact call an end to religious freedoms soon. This will be instigated by as the beast(UN). They will blame the prostitute known as the world wide religious institutions, Catholism, Muslim and various other religious institutions. The world will then act in harmony and put a clamp on free religion. This will spark events that have never been precedented. Sit back and relax my friend.
  10. Apparently you havent read the bible Ryan?
  11. The king of the north has been determined. Russia, North Korea, China and various other countries make up this symbolic king. It is prophesy.......the King of the North will dominate the King of the South......lets watch this unfold gentlemen.
  12. Human rights violations seem like a different topic to me. This is a tit for tat based on tech stealing and IMO you dont have to look far to find MAJOR players involved in almost every country in the entire world. What a ridiculous world we live in now. The US ex presidents are guilty of this very same thing in spades. What a can of worms. The USA is screwing themselves internationally. When a top official or company head gets arrested in some third world country or for that matter in europe we wont hear the end of the whining.
  13. Smoke of any kind is really bad for the lungs.....period. No discussion needed. I grew up in east van and my neighbor was HA. I am approaching 50 and dont need a lesson from a millenial. Thanks though. I was smoking pot in elementary school at 12...... This next generation is in trouble.......entitled and no work ethic. Good luck. I have never met a generation as lazy as the current one. Good luck. We cant get anyone to work for us for under 30 an hour....wtf? Entitled......I am done with this generation good luck. I will gladly hire immigrants but its the USA all over.
  14. Anyone who has travelled or lived North of Prince George know's that in fact BC does in fact get fridgid temperatures and loads of powder. Powder King Mountain in the Pine pass has the most snow fall out of all resorts in BC last I checked. To say that all of BC has wet snow is just simply not true. I lived in Charlie lake community just North of Fort St. John for 8 years. The whole entire Northeast Corner of the province has light fluffy powder. The roads are pure ice for 6 months of the year.
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