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  1. No, I wish I was on vacation! I just don't go on CDC as often during the summertime, plus I've been working a lot!

  2. You miss me or my Canuck photos?? HUH? Which one??!!! haha I kid =)

  3. Away from CDC, yes...

  4. You're allowed to miss me

  5. changed her status.

  6. Are you talking to yourself? Who said I got banned?!

  7. I guess it's a good thing that my posts don't come off as "girly" haha I'm actually very anti-puckbunny, but not all girls are either =P

  8. Just because you're a creeper, doesn't mean you're being creepy to me. Plus, you aren't the creepiest person I've ever encountered. And I also don't judge a book by its creepy cover haha

  9. But you are a creeper. I admit to being weird, but I'm not a creeper =)

  10. /end creeper conversation.

  11. I have nothing to admit. You, on the other hand, need to admit it.

  12. Excuse me, but I posted in that thread first, way to follow me creeper!

  13. You're a creeper! Who asks people to hook up online? Geez

  14. Well then if you think I am, then I think you are!

  15. Well if you want, you can pretend I didn't say my last comment haha

  16. Maybe I should have specified that I was doing the MSG "celebration" dance, which she did after receiving her silver medal =P I couldn't explain my awesome playoff dance any other way haha

  17. Well what you think is weird and what I think is weird could be very different =)

  18. I can be weird, but not creepy ;)

  19. There's nothing to tell =)

  20. When I watched the movie, he was actually quite creepy =S

  21. You can't see my tears! And I was trying to change the subject! =(

  22. Well then, no Vegas, but have you tried getting Kings tickets??