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  1. But dreaming about our prospects/players succeeding doesn't cost a penny. And in fact, I would say it increases a fan's happiness and stoke level.
  2. Better a dreamer than a cynic.
  3. Gods, man, it sounds like you can't wait for these guys to be shipped out! Why be so depressingly negative about next season when the puck hasn't even dropped yet? Especially when, on paper at least, we are a better team than last year.
  4. WTF?! What kind of creep lists Luc Bourdon (RIP) who died in an accident before he could realize his potential with players who didn't work out? Give your head a shake man.
  5. You know these are 18 tear old kids being scouted. If scouting was a sure thing there would be no Nail Yakupovs, or Alexei Yashins drafted. Love how you have to turn everything into a dig against Benning. Please just go cheer for some other team. So sick of your pointless negativity for the sake of being negative.
  6. I don't know? Do you? Do you have a crystal ball? Improvement is rarely a linear progression. Certain posters like to cry about holding onto assets too long, bringing up the Sedins and Edler as players who should have been traded, conveniently forgetting many had NTCs (thanks to Gillis, not Benning) and would not waive. Yes there were mistakes made along the way. Benning was learning on the job. Get over it already and quit crying about the past already. There's a new franchise down the I-5 you may want to cheer for instead.
  7. I think OEL just doesn't have to suck for the next 4 years for this to be a win. And really if you look at it, it's the 9OA and a 2nd round pick for OEL AND Garland. As much as I like Beagle and his work ethic we all knew he wasn't in our plans long-term. Looking forward to puck drop.
  8. Not gonna panic. Hopefully we're a better team next year. Arizona is atrocious so maybe OEL is better when he gets here. If we can move Schmidt for a 2nd, Holtby for a 3rd, resign Hamonic for cheap and suddenly things aren't looking too badly.
  9. You forgot to add crap fans like you and scotty and all the other whiners without a clue how the real world operates. I come on here to read other people's takes, good and bad, as long as they're reasonably intelligent and insightful but then there are the aforementioned crybabies who just bring down the discussion to the level of idiocy. So glad there's that ignore button.
  10. You're wasting your time. Some people just wanna cry and bash everything and anything that Benning does, even, and honestly probably especially, if it's out of Jim's control.
  11. As a hetero male, his sexuality matters not at all to me. However, to those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community I think this represents a big step forward. To the best of my knowledge, Rob Halford was one of the first metal artists to come out as gay. And I think that allowed others to be more comfortable with their sexuality, whether they are open about it or not. That's part of why this is important.
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