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  1. Yay a win! I hope this means we can have 5 free minutes from the "fire everyone" crowd. Probably not.
  2. I'm pretty sure you and others like you would be ripping on Benning if he had resigned Tanev to that deal, because I am assuming that is what you are hinting at.
  3. McD's spent millions I believe slandering this poor women too. Funny how they had the money for that but not to pay for her skin grafts.
  4. That still gives me goosebumps. That team was awesome.
  5. I'm guessing with how well Demmer has been playing Green wanted him in net to potentially bail the team out in the event they're sluggish in game 2.
  6. Sutter actually showed some offensive instincts in the playoffs last year, but I am ready to move on when his contract expires.
  7. Hoping tonight is the night they turn it around. It's not the losing but how they are losing that's disheartening. But that's something all young teams go through.
  8. We're not going to trade him when he's slumping like this. What would we get for him? A bag of pucks?
  9. Hey y'all ever wonder if there's a Vintage Calgary, Vintage Oiler, etc and are they all as cool as our Vintage?
  10. Thanks but I don't get in from work until the game is over. I wonder if whoever is in charge of these threads might put it in the... I was going to say title when I looked up at the title and saw it right there. I'd say it was a long day but really I'm just dumb. Cheers.
  11. Anyone else think the combined GDT-PGT is garbage? I don't have any desire to scroll through endless pages to figure out when the PGT begins.