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  1. Hoping to see McJesus body slammed to the ice. And since DOPS doesn't care if players get hurt, neither do I. #FreeBertuzzi
  2. Oh look at that will you- fourth straight year of missing the playoffs for the Rangers. Yep that Gorton guy has the Midas touch. SMH.
  3. Actually no. We were hated because of Burrows, Kesler, Torres, Luongo, Lappierre, etc. and all their antics. And something that hasn't changed is the whining toxic fanbase (obviously not all fans). I'm not defending Benning. I just get bored of the constant back and forth between the OMG Fire Benning/Green/Virtanen crowd and the "this is how and why we're here" crowd. Sometimes it feels like being back in school with that one kid who just couldn't stop asking dumb questions. We need to get get back to something we can all agree on- how much we all hate the Leafs. lol.
  4. We've always been mocked by other fanbases. Even when we won back to back President's Trophies. Who cares. Get over it.
  5. Well at least Benning didn't throw in a pick as a sweetener. There's always that.
  6. Worse case is Demko is an overpaid backup for 5 years. Best case he becomes the biggest bargain in the NHL as he leads the Canucks to multiple Stanley Cups.
  7. My gf works Saturdays for Fraser Valley Regional Library and I'm always concerned when she gets a shift in Maple Ridge because they get sketchy people there hoping to do drugs in the bathroom. It seems there is always a police incident there a couple times a week.
  8. So are they going to close this thread at 9? So people who work late can't join the discussion?
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