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  1. Society has become so divisive- just check out the Covid thread for proof. I believe this is an intentional plan on behalf of the Elite. Much like how they sponsored Occupy Wall Street, how they have fake protesters at G20 meetings destroying property, or how the CIA had (and probably still does) their operatives posing as journalists. So much easier to control society if they're bickering among themselves. I think Orwell's words will prove to be prophetic- If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.
  2. I believe this is censorship, and worse, it will lead to a form of self-censorship. We won't ever say anything meaningful to each other for fear of how some people will interpret our words. Those words will then fall out of use, and when we limit words, we limit the number of experiences and ideas we can discuss.
  3. Just finished an 80 minute Zoom meeting with the doctors at the UBC Sleep Disorder Clinic. I. Am. Exhausted. I think I need a nap now.

    1. -AJ-


      Hope you get somewhere in dealing with your insomnia.

    2. buddhahoodlum


      They recommended trying a CPAP machine again in addition to cognitive behaviour therapy and sleep restriction therapy. Figured I'd start last night- turned the electronics off at 11:15, in bed by 11:30, and no late night coffee. The result? No sleep. Go figure. FML. 

  4. The problem is the "fire Dave" mob are a hell of a lot louder (read: more obnoxious) then the "free Dave" crowd. I guess that's on us the moderate group, but I'm just not a stand up and shout kind of guy. Unless I'm singing along to Dio's Stand Up and Shout.
  5. Cancel culture will never go away. These people have too much power and they love playing god. The people who want to cancel Chapelle and everyone else have a right to voice their displeasure of course. The problem is that their "voice" ruins people's lives. Look at Johnny Depp. His show was canceled while Amber Heard gets a free pass to keep working.
  6. I remember their second year fans were demanding they be traded. It was ludicrous and proves most fans of this team are idiots.
  7. So many Canucks "fans" show their true colours after a (admittedly bad) loss.
  8. I hope Zadina gets the Meyers treatment next time they meet. And then the Garland treatment again.
  9. It's just virtue signaling from someone who loves getting on their high horse.
  10. Why are so many people jumping the gun and assuming it was a targeted attack because of who their dad is? Y'all do know random attacks happen all the time right? For all we know they were all in the club and someone bumped someone and words were exchanged, which escalated outside of the club.
  11. My dislike for Corey started during a game last year or the year before when the Canucks were on the wrong side of a penalty call (now where have I heard that refrain before?) and he said the Canucks weren't a good enough team to get the calls going their way. Then he doubled down on his idiotic comment. Silly me for thinking the rules should be applied fairly and without bias. I guess that's why he's doing colour commentary and I'm just a sad sack complaining on an obscure website with maybe 20 members at 12:30 in the morning.
  12. There's very little in terms of vocals on this album (and very little that can be termed black metal). Normally an album of instrumentals would be a huge turn off for me (I actually prefer silence to instrumentals) but these songs are enthralling, enchanting, captivating, and uplifting. Lots of strings, choral arrangements, and folk embellishments. And the songs are long but they don't wear out their welcome.
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