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  1. They deserve to lose because they are trash human beings with zero respect for their opponents.
  2. I have never been more proud of this team. And just a likeable group of guys too.
  3. Wow! Great insight and very worthy of it's own thread. Sarcasm intended.
  4. What the actual F is that Red Bull doing on the table? Do the players actually drink that garbage before hitting the ice?
  5. Great win and I am so happy that outside of game 2 the reffing wasn't a talking point.
  6. Kevin Bieksa is someone you don't want to get into a fight with- he can beat you with his fists and his words.
  7. So your "proof" their is no anti-Canuck bias is that you claim you spent 50 years in the game? Also, anyone who thinks the refs are biased is apparently an idiot? I thought personal attacks weren't allowed on these boards? *there
  8. You're basing this on what exactly? If you have any special insider knowledge on this issue then please share it. Otherwise that's just your opinion. Which of course you are entitled to. However, 3 of what you label "missed calls" actually happened in full view of the ref, meaning they did not miss them so much as chose not to call what was obviously an egregious infraction. That is at best game (mis)management and at worse more proof of incompetency and/or bias.
  9. Honestly, same. I like other teams but if I didn't love the Canucks I'd drop the NHL like a hot potato. I absolutely loathe in game management. As in, to the point where it's not good for my blood pressure,
  10. This exactly. Do we call it incompetency or bias when the ref who is standing right there refuses to call a penalty on a crosscheck that sends Sutter into the boards but penalizes Beagle for doing the refs job and punishing dirty plays? Is it really whining to expect a level playing field? Anyway, the boys played great, showed a lot of resilience. They're going to have to be ready next game because the St. Louis Refs, err, Blues, are going to use every dirty tactic that they know.
  11. So because it's "always been that way" we should all just accept sub-par reffing. Even is there is no anti-Canuck bias from the refs, their non-calls/weak calls impacted the game and weighted it in favour of the Blues. There is only ONE NHL rulebook, and those rules should be applied as consistently as possible to both teams. Yes, it's a fast game and refs miss high sticks and trips all the time, for both teams. But blatant high sticks in front of the ref that leads to a goal should never be acceptable. Also, for people who don't think certain refs hate the Canucks, or at least certain players on our team, I'd ask them to explain the curious case of Stephane Auger.