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  1. Why is the American NHL doing this? It should be Sportsnet.
  2. The Habs are the most storied franchise in the world. Vancouver doesn’t even compare
  3. I can’t believe these &^@#s are gonna win the cup. I can’t stand the NHL and what it’s become.
  4. Wow if only the Nucks complained about the officiating in 11 it would of been a different story
  5. I’ll never let it go. I’ll never forget.Can’t stand that city. All they’re sports teams are disgusting to me.
  6. Just like refs letting The Bruins do whatever they wanted in 2011. Tit for tat.
  7. That was not a weak call buddy. They should get the same penalty’s as the rest of the teams in the league but they don’t.
  8. Wow good read buddy. It’s just to bad all that happened and was allowed to happen. I really wish us Canadians would stick together better and flush these dirty Americans out. But hey it’s a business and the owners will keep these slime balls around.
  9. What I don’t get is why the owners didn’t say anything about the biased reffing in 2011? I thought the owners had all the power in the NHL? Am I missing something? If I was Aquaman I would’ve had Buttmans head.
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