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  1. For what happened in the 2011 finals I feel like the Canucks are the blacks of America and Bettman is Trump.
  2. Guys a joke. Never in his career wanted to play for a Canadian team.
  3. Told all of u that Benning is great. His drafting is second to none.
  4. Best prospect pool we’ve ever had. Benning keeps finding gems through the draft.
  5. Actually playing Canadian teams all the time I found the officiating not bad. It’s when we play American teams the officiating is bad. It all comes down to who’s in charge of them. And u know who that is...
  6. It’s the god dam aquiline family that’s ruining this team. God dammit they’re cheap. Fire Green now.
  7. They can’t can Green. The owners are to cheap to hire a new coach during the season
  8. I thought benning wanted to win now with Miller trade. What the hell was he thinking not signing Markstrom.
  9. And that’s what a good goaltender will do. Hold u in it. Look at the shots in goal?
  10. How about we get rid of the Aquillini family? There the ones that didn’t buy out anyone like..Luongo, Ericsson. They have there hands in way to deep and get in the way of GM.
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