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  1. I still have no clue why this management feels Baertschi is not an NHL player. Unless I'm missing something I'm sure he could be a solid 3rd liner for us. Yes I know he declined to be a black ace.
  2. This is interesting to gauge how the Canucks value Boeser. Makes me think the only way we'd part with Boeser is for someone like an Ekblad.
  3. Any business valuation is never based solely off of one set of numbers. There's various quantitative and qualitative factors that are looked at. Every team goes through good and bad times. Canucks have various revenue streams. Chris Gear does not have final say over Jim Benning .
  4. Yep, I've been on the upgrade Gaudette side of things for a while now. Hopefully we can get that figured out sooner than later.
  5. Sorry didn't mean it as a diss to Beagle, just as a way to free up cap and bring in potentially more offence.
  6. Would be really nice for him to make Beagle expendable and add potentially more offensive touch to the bottom 6 and some needed cap space.
  7. Do you know how management teams work generally in businesses? Might be able to answer your own question there. As for your value claims. graph depicts the value,of 740 million U.S. dollars. As for thread title, Chris is probably more in charge of legalities and someone Jim can bounce alternatives and questions off specifically regarding the capology side of things. A GM only has time to do so much, which is why specialized individuals are hired in each aspect, but to suggest Gear is doing anything without Benning's say or knowledge, c'mon lmao.
  8. Yeah sorry I didn't exactly mean it exactly as generational, a top tier franchise level talent. Felt Kane's talents were not being appreciated haha. For me, Crosby is the only one who was truly a generational talent during during the past 2 decades because he's amazing at all facets of the game. McDavid seems like he'll be there soon, if not already, but his defensive game needs to be better.
  9. Very surface way of looking at it. He has a career 1.05 points per game. He's one of the best wingers, if not, the best winger of the last decade and is definitely knocking on that top tier level.
  10. That would be nice for the wing for sure. Maybe a package of all three? Would shore up 3LW 3C and our RD quite nicely. Boeser + Gaudette + Stecher for Severson + Zacha + Woods
  11. Likely not enough. I would try to get Zacha out of NJD as well.
  12. Boeser hasn't played like a star since his rookie season. If you believe in his potential, I'm all for the opinion of keeping him, but let's not stray away from reality. There's a reason he's off PP1 and switched between lines 2-3 since Tofu got here (although smaller sample size). I believe he can be a 30 goal scorer, but top pairing RHD are not easy to acquire and if that deal is presented I would definately go for it. We finally have a core that looks like it's destined for greatness. I would make that deal to give us a Keith-Seabrook type pairing any day.
  13. Source? All I've seen is an Edmonton analyst say he's worth 6 million.
  14. It's a bridge deal for Point and we won't bridge Petey or Hughes. We'd be lucky if we get Petey for anything under 10 mill.