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  1. Is Pearson a decent player at 3.25m? Sure. Is there risk with age? Yes. Should the Canucks be making deals like this when they have cheaper alternatives? No. Just because Beagle may be off the books doesn't mean we should be throwing money around the next place we can find. That 6 million space we had just turned into 3. Running Miller, Hoglander, Vesey and Motte is more than enough for a transition year. The cap space should be used for extensions and finding a 3C or Top 4D.
  2. If this is a meritocracy, OJ is miles ahead of both. I do however applaud the effort to somehow lump in the pivot and Sautner in a post about Chatfield playing forward for 2 mins.
  3. Demko may need to be seen with the same importance as Petey and Hughes to this core moving forward.
  4. If the reason for sitting Juolevi isn't to get some value for Benn at the deadline, this team needs a serious overhaul of the whole management and coaching team.
  5. this is gold, I'm stealing it
  6. He had one cinderella season and has been average and regressing since then. Pretty ballsy of the Blues to bank on that.
  7. Fred watching Juolevi play: Everyone else:
  8. If I'm not mistaken, Roussel wasn't even a PKer before this season was he?
  9. This. Jake doesn't have the high hockey IQ to overcome bad games/stretches so he overthinks it which takes away from his natural instincts. When he has his confidence, he's on. Still, think it's best to trade him while he has value.
  10. Jeez, I'm not hater but I can't even make it through that media sesh. How can you make an excuse stating that playing 6 teams verse the whole league is the reason you're losing. If you're teams good, you're team will play well, period.
  11. Don't have to be a Benning hater or lover to know that Jimbo's time should be up as our GM. He's made good and bad moves during his tenure, but his strengths are in developing a core, not the creativity with financials and assets or the ability to surround the core without overpaid players. The point of a rebuild is to build a core. The core is there, now we need a GM who is saavy enough to shed salary, bring in bang for the buck surrounding pieces and flip assets before they devalue.
  12. On a pair with Chatfield for practice today, seems unlikely.
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