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  1. I agree, I was expecting/hoping he came in with improved movement and speed with more time to heal the injury.
  2. Lockwood's outplayed all of them imo. Gadjovich has showed well however. For both situations, I believe the PK will play a major factor.
  3. Olli was our best LD tonight imo. Good to see him progressing after a poor start to training camp.
  4. Juolevi was the best LD tonight over Rathbone and Hunt. Am I wrong?
  5. I'm the biggest Olli guy but he's gotta come in more prepared than that. Shouldn't have vets yelling at you to get up.
  6. Or you know, using a balance of both analytics and the eye test to find the most effective conclusion instead of fully discrediting one method would be more credible. As mentioned above by some, analytics is at an early stage in hockey and is progressing. It isn't perfect, but there are many helpful stats that can give vital information to certain aspects of a players game.
  7. For sure, I think he definitely could be a solid 6/7 on a non-playoff team. Unfortunately for him, we have a lot of depth at LD this year so I doubt he gets any games.
  8. In his Athletic article, Drancer mentioned Benning and Greener both believe in Olli. Internally they hope his play will improve as the impacts of his injuries fade away. But Fred may have better internal connections than the Canucks media does
  9. Olli on 650: - Some parts of his game he wanted to be better last season - Feels he showed he can play in the NHL and is now ready to take the next step - Jim and Travis want Olli to be stronger and faster - Role is more 2 way defender, different from when he was younger and looked at more of an offensive d-man - Wants to be part of the team as it becomes a winning team moving forward - Does a lot of on-ice and off-ice drills to work on speed - Missed a lot of time on the ice when he was injured - Can't wait to play games in front of fans - Not really active on social media, teases Elias that he's a "fashion guy" on IG - Spent the whole year alone in North America last year - Likes how close the city is to the mountains - Wants to stay in Vancouver and stay with the team - Wanted to get the contract done and focus on his play this year - Believes he can bring something else to the team, proved he can play good defence and play against bigger/stronger guys
  10. The difference between his offensive outputs the last two seasons is confusing
  11. I think another cool thing we could do is run two different power play structures and make it more difficult for teams to plan against us. Miller Boeser Petey Hughes OEL Podkolzin Garland Horvat Hoglander Rathbone Pearson can sub in for Podkolzin if he has a difficult time translating his game right away. I would keep Myers away from the power play to better manage his minutes.
  12. Quite a few of those players won't be back by the time everything is set and done. How I see the roster currently: Miller Petey Boeser Hoglander Horvat Garland Pearson Dickinson Podkolzin Motte - 4C - Lockwood Highmore Macewen Hughes - 1RD OEL - 2RD Juolevi/Rathbone - Myers Juolevi/Rathbone Demko Backup G Some more work left to be done via trades and free agency.
  13. Canucks 7 forwards are likely Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Pearson, Dickinson and Motte. Lind, Highmore and Gadjovich will likely all be exposed.
  14. Canucks will be protecting 7-3-1. You cannot switch Myers out for Lind.
  15. If it's not concrete, he doesn't report it that way. Likely what he's hearing from his sources.
  16. It is still a one year plan. Signing Quinn and Petey long-term would likely add 3+ mill to each cap hit, which would close to cancel most of the added cap space and only give room for a middle type player contract. That doesn't seem like an efficient use of dumping a top ten pick. We can do the same thing in the UFA market next season without sacrificing what could be a key piece to put us over the top in a couple of seasons on an ELC. As long as Petey and Quinn are still RFAs after the bridge contract, we're completely fine.
  17. In what world would a top 10 pick with a chance at an elite player be worth a 1 year salary dump.. Not at all.
  18. This is the key imo. Even if it's a small improvement, there will be some sort of expected positive progress that will help him become an everyday NHLer. And for the best case scenario, he has a Horvat like improvement and increases his chances for being an impact player.
  19. I'd do the pairings like: Hughes Hamonic Rathbone Larsson Juolevi Myers Imo: - Hughes will bounce back to his rookie year effectiveness, where he made a bottom pair Schenn play above his weight, thus not necessary to put the best shutdown D we have with him. - Putting Larsson (who I consider to be better than Hamonic defensively atm) with Rathbone ensures the rookie has a solid partner to cover up for his rookie mistakes. - Juolevi and Myers seems like a good pair to me. Juolevi's defensive awareness gave Myers the opportunity to jump up into the play more often.
  20. Awesome analysis, thanks for being so thorough! Hopefully he can become at least a solid bottom 6 forward.
  21. How's the defensive side of McDonough's game?
  22. Rathbone brings the offence we lose and tbh, if you' look at it as a direct comparison, Schmidt didn't put up great numbers with us so the impact of losing him for someone like Larsson wouldn't be a huge offensive loss. As a whole, we may be better off offensively and defensively, which should be the goal.
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