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  1. We sure as hell needed him! Was there a player that had more bigger moments in a canuck jersey then Burrows? The guy was the definition of hard work and determination. Gunna miss Burr. Good luck in Ottawa.
  2. A healthy Lulay, is a very dangerous Lulay. He's one of the best when hes got his full health. Over 100 yards rushing yesterday, That was very impressive. Great win for the Lions yesterday.
  3. Incredible comeback by the Lions tonight. Can't believe all of the fans that left. It ain't over till it's over. It got so loud towards the end. What an awesome game to be at.
  4. That was So unexpected . Sucks gotta wait 9 months now till next season.
  5. Shook Ones (part ll) Mob Deep. Such a sick beat
  6. That would certainly be refreshing too see happen. Even if we got half of what the attitude era was I'd be happy. It sure as hell would make it watchable every week again.
  7. Been drinking The English Bay Pale Ale as of late, gotta say it's a pretty good one.
  8. Man that's gunna be one hell of a superbowl.
  9. Same here, Can't wait! Should be a good one!
  10. Can't go wrong with Jack Daniels. Although Canadian Club or even crown royal is just as good.
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