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  1. It's great but too bad they won't use it to they run out of the current jerseys to sell
  2. I'm on the boat that he will show people that he's the real deal
  3. How about we make the name when more generic like in European football? Abbotsford HC. Save on cost per letter
  4. I think it will be more $$$ retained to get him here. I hope it's close to 50% if true and i would be fine with that
  5. Signing toffoli was very important
  6. I think he should be seasoned a little bit more in the ahl before stepping up to the main club. The issue that you and most people (including myself) had with the Holtby signing was the cost. I know that Benning was trying to be fair to him but if it was in the neighborhood of 3M, then not a lot will be against it.
  7. I had fun. Thanks a lot for this. I played like a hedge fund manager and almost always best against the team.
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