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  1. True wild card. His size makes it all the more appealing. If he works out. Wow a beast. If not, he goes back to khl and we lost out on a 3rd(?) rd pick. Whoppity doo. Great asset management is just starting. I like how benning and linden are working in tandem.
  2. Brian Lawton and nick kyprios as "analysts" makes me laugh. Ladd would be nice here. But if the Jets want a huge return( and they would) we shouldn't touch it. That being said.. When has MG EVER looked at overpaying for a player? Finally with prospects in the system looking good and Lawton/kyper says it's time to buy? Sell the farm for this run? Whatever they smoke before Connected must be epic.
  3. As much as Booth has potential, it has never translated onto the ice for the Canucks. He had one great season in Florida playing a very different system then we do here. Sadly, potential doesn't make a player great and who knows what his mental ability/confidence is at. In my personal opinion he has shown flashes of the form he had in Florida, but it has come few and far between. He has had two different coaches who both have sat him due to lack of production and not following the coaches system. Plus the multiple injuries constantly setting him back have certainly given him no help.
  4. Who is the idiot saying we need to trade Horvat and shinkaruk?
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