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  1. You claim it's a fact that EP is "pretty fragile" that is what I underlined in your original post ...so no need to ask what I bolded here... As for grammer/spelling police...I think the same of them as I think of Trump...obnoxious bits of hater's... EP has been targeted his whole time in the NHL because we have no tough guy...so he has to reverse hit guys and such.... Just because he got slashed and it is taking some time to heal doesn't mean he is pretty fragile. Your take is BS of the Trumpien kind or Trumpian kind ....take your pick and keep walking....
  2. Your facts are Trumpien Bovin Scatatology....
  3. We got more for Benn than AG...which makes no sense....we even got more for trading our 4th for a 5th rounder...Bowie at 25 years old may be just a late bloomer like many D. men are...seemingly worth way more than a minor upgrade at the draft. AG is likely to enjoy scoring some highlight reel goals against us ...and every one is going to be a reminder or how mistaken Benning was ...!
  4. Benn is the guy there won't be a fit for next year...and he is still here. Gaudette is just getting over a debilitating stomach issue that kept him from gaining weight or even just playing at full throttle... Next year I expect a big jump for him...and Benning will have egg on his face again...!
  5. Mods.... This does need a new topic....same as we need a new GM We got FLEECED....again.... ...and again.... Benning is an idiot...!
  6. I meant the total amount of deals we have been fleeced on...and the elbow to D. Sedins head and the Big Buff Butt in Louie's crease not getting called, etc., etc.
  7. Adam Gaudette is likely worth twice as much as Mathew Highmore....we should have gotten at least a 4th round as well...really a 3rd... Or better yet...sign for a year and watch him grow! Trading down to the bottom again ...JB is just not with it enough to keep this from happening over and over again.... !!!!!
  8. I think the plan might have been to showcase Benn and trade him tomorrow...it might still work out that way...but all this Covidiosy is going to make it difficult. When OJ was in he played better than any D. we have whose initials aren't QH...he was mistake free ( made one error in all that I noted ) ...he still can't pivot to well but another year of working on it should get him to league average at that skill as well. We are going to have a really strong D. by the end of next season and moving forward...!
  9. Jack's going to be great...but so is OJ...they have different skills in some areas but they both will be getting it done better than half our D. right now... Even Edler who has had a better than average season is only better at body checking and the PK....these 2 are much better at the PP and outlet passes and even OJ is a better skater up and down the ice.... OJ needs playing time and another year of working on getting his hips loosened up after those surgeries...his pivots are the only thing holding him back.
  10. I don't have time to expand on this but I totally agree...these guys are more than ready
  11. That was some skill...just getting a shot off...the puck was way in front of him...! Petey would have sailed that to the upper decks....!
  12. Your going to throw 3 rookies on D.,....! I feel the same way ...but you might get roasted for that opinion...!
  13. Exactly... With it looking like a real mess for the Canucks to try to complete the season and no real chance of making the playoffs even if the do get the games in.... I would be packing my bags already if I were Eddie....
  14. If he goes to a real contender...I think he does it and then just sign's with us in the summer...it is only a matter of playing 16 to maybe 30 games with another team and then he is right back here... Or he likes were he is and we have Juolevi, Rathbone and Tryamkyn to take his place...
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