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  1. I don't have time to expand on this but I totally agree...these guys are more than ready
  2. That was some skill...just getting a shot off...the puck was way in front of him...! Petey would have sailed that to the upper decks....!
  3. Your going to throw 3 rookies on D.,....! I feel the same way ...but you might get roasted for that opinion...!
  4. Exactly... With it looking like a real mess for the Canucks to try to complete the season and no real chance of making the playoffs even if the do get the games in.... I would be packing my bags already if I were Eddie....
  5. If he goes to a real contender...I think he does it and then just sign's with us in the summer...it is only a matter of playing 16 to maybe 30 games with another team and then he is right back here... Or he likes were he is and we have Juolevi, Rathbone and Tryamkyn to take his place...
  6. I think Edler will waive if it is to the right team and Benn will for sure...Hamonic may not waive...but given the fact he may have to play 19 games in 25 days or so just to complete this wacky season if he stays here.... he just might....
  7. I was reacting to the comments on Rathbone only....it is the Rathbone thread after all... I do not expect more than Podz, OJ and JR to make the team out of the gate next year... I know OJ and JR play the same side ....but JR can play on the right if need be and I also think we will be trading Benn and maybe even Edler at the TDL...there is also Tryamkin to factor in if he comes over...maybe they trade Hamonic as well or instead of Edler... Rathbone should be ready to force his way on to the team next year in any case.
  8. That's just what some said about QH and EP and BH before that... You guys keep up the naysaying and the rest of us will keep telling it like it is....!
  9. How about you let up and I will keep telling it like it is.... Fox ...Jack's old D. partner is ripping it up now and Jake is/will be better...it is not hype if it is the way it is....
  10. Rathbone is going to give us some serious pop on offense...3 puck handling D. and 2 can skate like few others ....
  11. ...They are playing him to trade him...or ...they aren't playing OJ to pay him less on his next contract... OJ is our 2nd best D. right now...and our best break-out passer...and...he should be playing over Benn if they weren't trading Benn in 13 days...
  12. Sutherland should be fired too...it is obvious that if Peel said that to him...he must be doing the same stuff... I am sure those are the only 2.... ...right....U Bett man....?
  13. I have been whinning about the biased reffing for years... Finally one gets caught saying how he is basically fixing the game....but he was going to retire anyway.... U Bett man has to come clean and clean house of these bad actors...or admit that it is at his direction that hey do this stuff...story from TSN below... https://www.tsn.ca/campbell-referee-tim-peel-will-no-longer-will-be-working-nhl-games-now-or-in-the-future-1.1612683 ...Late to the party as usual....
  14. With Podz and Lind coming next year ...we are probably fine without Pearson and Vesey....
  15. I hope your right on Vesey...I think I would rather have Pearson myself....Vesey looks like Lievo "light" to me, lots of talent but no sense of how to play a complete game....
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