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  1. hey apparently I'm the one that needs a life for getting trolled by some insecure Canucks fans. lel y'all are too funny.

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    2. Intoewsables


      dammit man don't get banned again

    3. AriGold


      Baer, can you just delete this mess..

    4. Tearloch7


      Baer is a man of the strongest convictions ..

  2. hey when the Bruins won in '11 I'm sure joy ensued right? hahah pls don't try.
  3. doesn't matter, 1>0 bro I'm here to comment on THIS game yet somehow you want to make it about the Flames lel. I don't know who's a bigger troll or more insecure about the state of their team. Let me remind you your "great" franchise is set to pick 6th overall even though you were "pushing for the cup." You're not winning despite of what you think.
  4. lel okay I'll bite. When's the last time your joke of a franchise won a cup? Pls stop talking like you're the best team in the world. Spoilers: you're not even close.
  5. why you heff to be mad? it's only a game you haven't won anything in yet
  6. guess we'll see come next year. The hype is real my fellow poster. He destroyed the NCAA this year at a pace that hasn't been done since Paul Kariya. Although small he's extremely shifty with excellent edge work, making people miss their hits. Being a fourth round pick is the cherry on top
  7. it looked to be shoulder level but Sobotka also had his head down. but it was a blindsided hit and he did leave his feet. Nothing clean about it.
  8. he got 5 and a game for a check to to head, also left his feet pretty weak call but that's the IIHF rules. Brock Nelson also got a 10 minute misconduct for "snow shower"
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