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  1. Maidana had Floyd on the ropes a lot in the early rounds but if you look closely nothing really landed. Marcos got him with one of those overhand rights early (which didn't seem to affect Floyd) and he kept trying that over and over and over again. As the fight went on Floyd figured out Maidana's attempt with that wild overhand right, and dodged it everytime. It wasn't Floyd's best performance and he knew it by the disappointing look on his face post fight, but he definitely won. Marcos is a brawler and him always coming forward made him look like the aggressor, but Floyd landed the bette
  2. smh whoever took Colin White, I WAS SO CLOSE
  3. Baercheese

    NFL thread

    cheering for the Seahawks for an EPIC matchup with the Niners, with the winner going to the Superbowl!!
  4. it's been said that he's staying with the Leafs.... edit: my bad on the random thought but I believe that's the case
  5. just gonna type it out so i know what my team is like lol... Buffalo Sabres pre-FA Vanek / Benn / Hossa Ryan / MacKinnon / Pominville Ruutu / Girgensons / Zykov ? / Catenacci / ? Staal / Myers Ehrhoff / Ekblad Weber / Ceci Miller Enroth
  6. MUST TAKE mutil vitamins and fish oil. It got me the deficiencies that I wasn't getting before, as a result absorbing the food properly, and I generally feel way better.
  7. Girgensons = best 3rd line center 17 even strength goals in 14 mins of icetime Stud in real life as well
  8. Hendricks is fighting gsp I guess! Dope!!!
  9. i wonder how much jamie benn would go for to be back in the west jk jamie you're a sabre fo lyfe
  10. and then a short story about how the players he got back will get him to the playoffs and win the stanley cup
  11. the more i look at that trade the more gross it gets Ari feel free to join another NY team
  12. Malkin AND a first rounder for them glass shoulders #trolling101 #newBKGM #boom crom must have some nakkked pics of niloc or something
  13. Whoever wants to trade their first rounder please let me know
  14. de leo an A skater, Bleackley and Hawryluk B skaters.... where ya haters at
  15. i'll have you know the pieces that went back the other way in the Jamie Benn trade are no longer in Dallas.... #gg
  16. at least the baby sabres are going for the cup! would feel a little better after the beavers bounced us winning 3 straight...
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