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  1. Baercheese

    NFL thread

    yeah, thankfully i got Vick as my backup QB late in the draft. I know who im starting next week when philly plays SD....
  2. Jamie Benn put the team on his back...stole a game in Brooklyn!
  3. Hmm the NE adds another potential superstar in #1 pick lol
  4. You're welcome whoever benefitted from me beating the kings in the west
  5. Baercheese

    NFL thread

    Randall Cobb my friend
  6. Baercheese

    NFL thread

    i was in it last year do i get my spot back? pretty sure i won too
  7. Lol Ottawa really wants a high pick huh DAT tank
  8. the NE has the potential to have 4 teams in the playoffs. lol
  9. Looks like Brooklyn and Buffalo will meet in the playoffs.
  10. Lol lost 6-0 to the rangers with messed up lines, but now that we have clincheda playoff spot I can try out different lines
  11. you need our league file which can be downloaded on cdcsimleague.com with the down arrow on the top right of the site lol boston beats me in everything!
  12. Hossa and Staal were great pickups, Bobby Ryan on the other hand...
  13. Lol lost both games sorry gmen. Montreal is always tough with price and Boston just has my numbers this year
  14. Ryan Miller is playing both games, just for you
  15. Petr Mrazek will face his former team Grand Rapids Griffins in the first round of AHL playoffs!
  16. Beat the Pens twice but lost to the sharks.... lolk
  17. You can still trade the players just can't play any playoff games. I'm sure prospects for picks are fine
  18. love horvat's game, too bad he went to van horvat and monahan looked good on the same line today. If Sean gets to go that line with Lazar will be heavily leaned on
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