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  1. your body makes creatine itself albeit a small amount I have no idea how to keep the water weight though. I have heard two weeks on one week off. Suggestions?
  2. rules should be simple: a salary cap. if a team wants to sign a player, it has to pay him fair market value, or offer a longer term to bring down the dollar value. if they have no cap space, good UFAs will walk.
  3. can you update the league file before sims please vc
  4. get off my back toronto! you're supposed to be rebuilding
  5. lol closing in on our wins from last year Buffalo sabres for cup
  6. holy miller won back to backs against the yotes and winterpeg!
  7. good 1 and 1 with Ottawa but miller sucks in back to backs. Would've started enroth if I was around!
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