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  1. 70 shots for Jamie Benn but only 5 goals This game hates me
  2. I'm in the process of signing my prospect. Relax
  3. Only missing a center in my lineup in the AHL doe
  4. you were that kid that couldn't let go of the your mom jokes weren't you?
  5. the day i stock up the lineup pominville gets hurt and is at 39CON goodness
  6. Finally miller stole a win for us from Montreal! Also Tyler Ennis should return in today or tomorrow's sims from his preseason torn MCL. Will be a big boost for this offense
  7. i'll let VC decide...the rule was made before he found out about draftees being able to sign with teams after being passed fine either way, but it would suck because of the diamond in the rough!
  8. just presenting my case as always it was VC that gave me the nod signing both of these guys, as he had no idea of the rule being any draftee passed over can sign with any team and im just saying Euros shouldn't be any different in a sim league especially given the fact anyone can play in the AHL here
  9. Lispsbergs played in the CHL in his draft year and we won't know about Lyamkin until it's actually 2014 since he might get drafted in the import draft this year meh whatever, i don't see the harm in signing a passed over draftee in a fricking sim league..... meaning if we can do it for the North Americans, what difference does it make for Euros when they both have to play for the AHL anyways in this sim league....
  10. he's also been passed over once so it's not like he wasn't available before one player will not make/break a draft that will have way more EHM players regardless
  11. Lyamkin isn't in the professional leagues but he's an euro so you might be right, but for all we know he can be drafted into the CHL this year
  12. the rule is you can sign anyone that has been passed over in a draft not sure why it'd be any different for here
  13. very glad to bring in Greg and Nikita, as well as Jon Gillies. Chase is a 2way forward that has intriguing potential, while Lyamkin, who was named on the tourney MVP team along with Canada's own Connor McDavid in the most recent U-17 championship, has the potential to be a top pick in the 2014 draft. We now also have Gillies and Hellebyuk who were both standout rookies in the Hockey East last year.
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